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Tears had dried up and replaced with dampness on my cheeks. I hadn't slept much for the past few days, the pain in my back had kept me up all night. I could still hear the sounds of the whipping belt across my back. It had echoed in my ears, then I'd become numb. I'd become immobile. I remembered his hands massaging my back as he made the pain go away, as he comforted me. He was a monster, that much I was positive about, but who was the man that sympathised with me? Who was the man who comforted me and stroked away the misery in my aching soul? I swallowed down my thoughts and forced myself off the bed, getting on my knees at the door, I waited for him to come in. I'd lost count of how long I'd been kidnapped for. It felt like a decade, every second ticked by slowly. I never knew when it was night or day, I didn't know if it was raining outside or sunny. I didn't know anything except that I was his. That I was trapped. I had become what he wanted. A pathetic excuse of a human being.

I missed him when he wasn't around. I anticipated his arrival. I watched the door, hoping he'd walk in. I was losing my mind in this prison of mine. The only companion I had was the man who stripped away everything from me. I wanted to hate him. I did hate him but I needed him, I needed him to talk to me even if it was just words like 'pet' or 'slave'. I needed communication, something to distract me from the crazy in my head. I felt myself fading away a little bit more everyday. How long before I completely lost myself? How long before I became an empty body and soul?

My heart rate increased as he walked into the room. My eyes locked onto the floor, I waited for him to say something, do something. He stood there silently. The quiet between us was unsettling. I felt uncomfortable beneath his gaze. I knew he was watching me. I knew he was thinking things that I'd never understand. I accidentally lifted my eyes up. I thought he was going to punish me for breaking a rule but he stood there watching me, he was leaning against the door with his arms folded over his hard muscled chest. His usual black jumper had been replaced with a t shirt, his biceps bulging out of the short sleeves, veins scattered around his manly arms. I wanted to run my fingers over his skin. My eyes fell onto a cut on the side of his arm. Flashbacks hit me of the night he captured me. I had cut him with his own knife. I swallowed the guilt and looked away from him. He was too beautiful to look at. It hurt. It hurt to look at him. His looks were deceiving. Maybe if he looked like an old crippled man I wouldn't be so conflicted, so confused about my role in this. Maybe I'd find it in me to fight him at every turn yet here I was, kneeling down before this godlike devil, waiting for his next instructions. Waiting for his next torture.

He lifted me up off the floor and pressed me against the wall. I wasn't sure where this was going to go, all I could think of was the excruciating pain in my back as my wounds came into contact with the surface behind me.

'You're going to cum for me everyday, got it?' He spoke against my ear. I shivered at his statement. I didn't get to respond as his fingers made their way in between my thighs.
I was already trembling at his touch. I wanted to scream but I kept my mouth shut. No one was going to hear me, no one was going to help me. I felt his fingers touching my sensitive spot, a single tear broke free and rolled down my face as he rubbed circles on me. His thumb at my clit while his middle finger entered me. I gasped at the sudden intrusion. 'Your tight little pussy is dripping' he breathed hard against me, embarrassment smacked me right in the forehead, I hated when he spoke like that. I felt vulnerable and small with every word he said. I wasn't used to having men be so open about their thoughts. I buried my face in his chest as he pounded into me. Lifting one of my legs, he wrapped it around his waist as he added a second finger inside me, I groaned as I felt pain that approached me with the added finger.
'So tight, pet.' He growled in my ear. I fisted the back of his shirt in my hands as he pushed and pushed, I could feel his fingers working their magic inside me, the pain had subsided into pleasure and I shunned myself for it. I bit down my bottom lip, preventing a moan from slipping out as he thrusted his fingers in and out of me. Pleasure built up within my insides, I clutched onto him as I let out a whimper.
'Cum for me' he roughly thrusted his fingers, I could feel myself clenching around him as my entire body crashed down onto him. I wanted to melt as I watched him suck on his fingers, tasting me. He brushed away a tear before it slid down my face.
'Don't be ashamed of feeling pleasure. It's human instinct to act upon it. You came for your master, you did nothing wrong.' He stroked my face then kissed my forehead. My breath caught in my throat at his gesture. I stood there holding him, him, holding me. I didn't want him to let go just yet. I didn't want to be alone.

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