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Three weeks had already passed by. Everyday I got a little closer to what I wanted and Eva got closer to where I needed her to be. I knew she wasn't completely ok with all of this but she had adjusted to her new life which was good enough for now. I turned over and checked the time, 3:39am. I couldn't sleep, everything felt too intense. I thought about Eva. She still didn't know she wasn't mine to keep. She was going to belong to someone else soon enough. The thought of that irritated me. Balling my hands into fists I stood up from the bed and made my way over to Eva's room. Her beauty always caught me off guard. I stood next to her bed, watching her sleep. My eyes fell onto her exposed breasts and my cock pressed against my sweatpants. I had no shirt on, if she woke up she was going to see the scars that marked me. I didn't care, I didn't care if anyone saw them. I just didn't like the questions that came with it. Absentmindedly my hand touched her face, my fingers ran down her neck to her breasts and stopped at her thighs. I lifted myself onto the bed and got in between her legs. Spreading them apart I looked at her exposed body. She was so pink, so tight. My balls ached for release. I could take her right now, I could take her and no one would know but I couldn't. We needed a virgin. I needed her. I closed my eyes and clenched my jaw at my struggle. Taking a deep breath I placed my mouth against her pussy. She moved a little, that didn't stop me. I needed to taste her. I've been waiting to do this, I've been holding back for long enough. I slid my tongue up her slit, stopping at her clit, my tongue played with her before I moved my tongue towards her opening, I slid in the tip and I heard her let out a small moan. When I inserted my entire tongue inside her, her eyes shot wide open. A scream approached my ears but I kept going, I held onto her thighs, gripping them in my hands as she tried to shut them close. I thrusted my tongue in and out of her so fast, so good until she gave up and lay flat on her back, she wasn't fighting it anymore, she lay there and took it. Her pussy was dripping with juice, I could taste her sweetness on my tongue. I fucked her with my tongue over and over again until I felt her legs go stiff, her back arched and she clenched her walls around my tongue as she came into my mouth. I wasn't done yet. I continued to mouth fuck her dripping pussy. She begged me to stop but I kept going until I heard her moan out in pleasure, by the time I was done, I had made her cum three times. I knew she was sensitive but I couldn't help but to spank her pink little pussy, earning myself a shriek from her.

'Remember how good this felt for when you beg for it' I got off her and went to leave, to my surprise she grabbed my arm. I looked at her, waiting for her to speak up.
'Let me take care of you master.' She whispered, her cheeks flushed under the dim light of the room. I tilted my head at her. She wanted to make me cum now huh? I stood back and watched her. When she got a clear image of my body her eyes fell onto my scars. I expected that but she didn't question me, for that I was grateful. She pulled herself together then moved off the bed and slid to the floor. Her fingers fiddled with the waistband of my pants before she pulled it down, sliding my boxer briefs down with it. My cock stood tall, being freed from its struggle beneath the material that kept it hidden. Her jaw opened slightly at the sight of me. Veins had scattered along my length, I was both large and thick in size. She looked up at me then looked back at my cock. I could tell she was inexperienced, she was scared, she wasn't sure what to do so I guided her, grabbing her hand I wrapped her fingers around my length, guiding her hand up and down. A groan got stuck in my throat at the feel of her touch on my cock. I grew harder against the palm of her hand. Letting go of her hand I let her take it from there, she picked up pace, going faster, almost squeezing my cock which felt out of this world. 'Look up at me' I ordered her, I wanted her to look at me while she made me cum, I wanted to see her pretty little face. She stroked me harder now, spitting down on my cock and wetting it with her saliva. I grunted at how good it felt. Grabbing a fistful of her hair I held my cock in my hand and tapped it around her mouth and chin, waiting for her to open her mouth so I could invade the privacy of her mouth. She hesitated but opened up, I slid the tip in, her tongue twirled around the tip then she took in the rest of me, gagging and choking as I hit the back of her throat. I held her hair in my hand and thrusted deeper into her mouth, pulled out and pushed back in, she stared up at me, not breaking contact. She was building something wild inside of me. I growled as I felt her teeth scrape my skin but it felt nice, it felt different. My cock raged inside the heat of her wet mouth, her saliva had started to drip down her chin all the while her eyes watered from the force of my cock being shoved down her thin throat. I could feel myself coming as I pushed and pushed further into her mouth, she gagged around my length, I could hear her struggle but she didn't stop, she kept going until I heard myself groaning in pleasure, I thrusted and thrusted until I exploded into her mouth, releasing my load down her throat. Pulling out I watched her ruined face.
'Swallow masters cum.' I gazed at her, watching her intently, hypnotising her with my stare as she swallowed down what was left of me. Her heavy breathing matched with mine while I stood there taking in what had just happened. I'd let her suck my cock. I'd let her make me cum even though that was forbidden. I knew that. I knew that, that much intimacy was not allowed between a master and a slave for she was not mine. She was not mine to do whatever with. I swallowed down the dryness in my throat, pulled my pants and boxer back up and left for I had become someone I didn't recognise, for I had just risked the entire plan just for a simple girl, a pet, a slave.
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