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Pain, pleasure, torture. I felt like I was going to be ripped apart. My insides churned with every wave of vibration. God knows how many times I came. I wanted to throw up, I felt like I was going to pass out with each rush of pleasure that hit me. My body ached from the whipping and the wax that burned my skin. I could barely breathe with the gag in my mouth, it made me feel sick. My own saliva was disgusting me but I couldn't focus on that, all my focus had went to the sensitivity of my insides. I felt like I was going to burst. It felt like he'd left me like this for hours. I couldn't take it anymore. Every climax was more intense than the one before, I was sweating like a dog in heat.

My body froze at the sound of moaning and banging, it wasn't my voice and it wasn't my masters, it belonged to a woman as she moaned out in pleasure. I could feel the bile threatening to spill out my throat as I listened to the sound of a groaning woman. She had gotten louder, screaming something into the quiet of the night. A name. His name. Kaleb. Kaleb she screamed. Kaleb she moaned. Rage washed over me as I lay here uncomfortable, the vibration ringing into my skin as she screamed his name in pleasure. How could he leave me here like this while he enjoyed the company of another woman? I didn't know if what I felt was jealousy or pure hatred towards the man who ruined me, broke me down, made me into a pathetic little girl who called him Master while another woman freely screamed out his name. I was shaking with anger. Every moan was like a blade to my ears. I wiped my face at the mattress under me, I pushed at the gag in my mouth, struggling to remove it as I put pressure onto it from the mattress, pushing and pushing until I felt it lift further up from my mouth. I was going to throw up. My insides were burning with unwanted pleasure as the vibrator brought me close to yet another orgasm. I tried harder, pulled harder at the gag in my mouth, trapping it between my lips and the mattress, pulling my face downwards as the mattress held it in place, I pulled my head downwards again with all of the strength left in me and the gag lifted out of my mouth and stayed above my lips, I didn't care at how ridiculous I must've looked, I wanted to break free from these restrains and run away, far away from this torture I was swimming in. My eyes rolled back as the vibrator roared into my senses, a moan escaped my lips, mixing in with the moaning of the unknown woman. A few minutes passed by and I could hear Kaleb grunting. I moaned out to the next wave of pleasure that hit me, I knew I was close. Kaleb she screamed. Kaleb I moaned. I was sick in the head. Moaning out the name of the man who deserved nothing but my hatred. He grunted, she screamed and I moaned. Kalebbbb our voices mixed in one as we screamed out his name. I couldn't take it anymore, I was burning, my body was on fire as I came close to exploding. Kalebbbbbbbbbbb another loud piercing scream emptied itself into the atmosphere as mine and the woman's howls clashed into one, I came and I came hard. My body trembled with the orgasm that I had just set free. My eyes rolled back and I'm not sure how long it took before I passed out.

I was awoken by the sound of a door slamming shut, my eyes flipped up, turning my head slightly in the direction of the door, I could see master striding towards me. My heart did a three sixty in my chest as I remembered the episode of what happened before I passed out, the vibrator was still vibrating, I didn't know how I fell asleep with that happening. I was so sensitive between my legs that I didn't even want to move. I groaned in displeasure as master pulled out the vibrator from inside me. I'm pretty sure there was an imprint of the gag above my lips as I had slept on my face and put pressure onto the gag but I didn't care, I was too ashamed, too afraid of what trouble I had got myself in.
'Kaleb huh?' He stroked my hair gently, I leaned into his touch only to have my hair roughly grabbed and yanked back. I yelped as my head lifted upwards, my neck contorted in a horrible position, he brought his face closer to mine, his eyes held no remorse.
'Since when, pet?' He questioned me, questions that I didn't know the answers to.
'Since when have we become friends, lovers perhaps?' His voice was filled with venom as he mocked me. I bit into my lower lip, chewing at my shame.
'Answer me!' He bellowed into my face, his grip tightening in my hair.
'What made you think you are allowed to call me by my name? Did you think just because I make you cum every night that we are now a thing?' He was taunting me and I couldn't stand it, tears welled up in my eyes as a part of me was ripped away with every word he said. He was right. I was nothing to him but a pitiful pet so why had I thought that he felt something for me? Even if it was a small fraction of a something.
'Don't cry, pet. No crying.' He eased his grip on my hair and clenched his jaw in annoyance.
'You know what lovers do? They fuck, they become one. Is that what you want me to do to you, Eva?' He spoke my name for the first time and my body went numb. I didn't know what to think or what to say, I opened my mouth to speak, to say something, anything but my words came out empty, my voice rushed out silent. He pushed the gag back in my mouth and stepped away from me. Tears rolled down my face as I watched him watch me, my mind went blank as I stared at him lift his shirt up and over his head, exposing his perfect masculine body to my sight. Every ripple of muscle was bulging out beneath his thick skin, I wanted to run my fingers over his body, over his scars but I pushed back the thought as I remembered, I was nothing more than a worthless slave to him. I almost choked on the gag as my eyes centred on his actions, he was undoing his button, a moment later he stood there naked, bare. My heart accelerated as my mind put two and two together, he was going to fuck me. No I screamed into the gag, my pleas came out mumbled and broken as he disappeared from my sight and a second later appeared behind me. I felt the mattress dip down beneath his weight and my heart sunk with it. He grabbed my waist and lifted my ass into the air. I cried out, my lips trembled against the gag. My heart thundered in my chest. I felt him spit on my backside. It took me a minute to realise where the tip of his manhood was placed at. My breath came out short as I felt him squeezing his length into my ass. I screamed out in pain, my body was a trembling mess as he pushed further and further inside me. Grabbing my hair and yanking my head back as he filled me with his size. 'Kaleb, right now, you get to call me Kaleb.' He growled as he thrusted himself into me. I screamed out in pain, I was going throw up. I hoped that I'd swallow the gag and suffocate to my death. He pounded me into me. Moaning and grunting away his pleasure. 'Fuckk' he groaned out. I felt him expand inside my backside as he pushed in deeper. I felt full, full of him. I closed my eyes and let my tears breathe down my face. I moaned out in pain while he breathed in pleasure. Leaning over me, he took the gag out of my mouth and threw it on the bed. 'Say my name, Eva.' He spoke through panted breaths. I couldn't follow his instructions for I was drowning in pain. 'Say it' he growled as his hand slapped at my bare ass. I yelped at the stinging sensation. It was good enough to distract me from the real pain. He spanked me again and again, his length never emptying out of me. His hand reached around my waist and found it's way to my sensitive spot, he rubbed me and I felt myself growing wet. I hated how my body reacted to him. How weak he made me feel. 'Call out my name little girl.' He was punishing me for the mistake I made. I wanted to beg him to stop, beg him to forgive me, instead I kept my mouth shut and bided my time. His fingers worked relentlessly at my core, I was going to come if he kept going on like this. My breathing had picked up, mixing with his. He shoved and shoved and shoved into me as his fingers brought me to the edge. I could feel my legs shaking, my stomach tightening, I was close. He was close. Another few violent strokes, he pinched my clit and I was done for. He came inside me just as I came with him, 'Kaleb' I moaned out. His body tensed up at the sound of his name. He froze inside me. 'Fuck.' He cursed under his breath as he pulled out. I bit down on my lip, holding back the pain I felt in my backside. In some ways, I was happy that instead of taking my virginity, he did that instead. I had turned into someone sicker than him.

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