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Rage thundered in my veins as I searched for my little pet, she was no where to be found. I knew exactly what had happened here yet I kept looking, I kept searching the house, feeding myself lies that she wouldn't leave, she wouldn't walk out. My fist greeted the wall as a loud growl erupt from deep within my throat. Why had I been so careless? Why had I let her into my room, in my bed and more stupidly untied her. She looked so innocent while she slept, I couldn't see it in her that she'd break my trust. I didn't see it in her to run away, to escape me. I clenched my hands into fists as I thought about her safety, even now that she had run from me, disobeyed me, I couldn't help wonder if she was safe or not. If she was alive and breathing. I noticed my shirt was missing, assuming she wore that to leave, it still wasn't enough. She was still almost naked, my rage grew as I thought of another man finding her and ripping what was left of her soul. I had already broke almost every piece of furniture in this house, I was fuming with anger, she really had left. She played mind games with me, pulling me into her trap and then escaped as I let my guard down, I laughed at the irony. I, Kaleb, had been played in my own game.

'I'll search east. You got south, the rest of the guys can go west and north.' I hit send, texting Mustafa. I didn't trust Viktor's dog but I needed him to look for Eva if I wanted to find her before she got too far from me. My muscles twitched with fury as I wandered into the woods, searching every inch I could search at. I had to find her, I was going to find her. You better hope I never catch you. I thought to myself, I don't know what I'd do to her. She definitely didn't want to taste my wrath. If I hadn't beat her before, I was going to beat the disobedience out of her now.

'I'll find her Viktor.' I spoke into the phone, word got around fast when you worked with untrustworthy dogs like Mustafa.
'Yeah I'm sure you will.' He wasn't happy. He definitely wasn't expecting this either. I'd never slipped up with the past slaves. I worked too hard to get here and now, all my hard work was running on thin ice because of one stupid mistake, one stupid error.

'Where are you, pet? Don't let me find you.' My voice low, my threat clear. I'd teach her exactly what I was capable of when I got my hands on her. Game over, pet. You're going to wish you never did that.


Not sure when I fell asleep against a tree, I hadn't realised how tired I was until my eyes no longer co-operated with me and my body began on shut down procedures. I wish I hadn't slept because now I was wide awake, facing a very angry Mustafa. My freedom lasted a minute. A minute is all it felt. My heart sank in my chest, my mind blank.
'Well well well, what do we have here?' He smirked as his hand roughly grabbed my hair and dragged me across the rough ground. Sticks scraping my tender skin as I thrashed my body about under his hold, hoping to find my way out of this. Deep down I knew there was no hope but a part of me wanted to believe that I could take him on, to outdo him and run away, run far away.
'There's no use in struggling little whore, Kaleb is already on his way and he's not happy with you.' He chuckled, my fear being a joke to him. He was just another monster that I had stumbled across. Tears had already formed into clogs of rain that raced down my muddy cheeks as he dug my face into the ruthless ground. I kicked my legs out, hoping to connect it with something, anything that would buy me time to put my legs to work and run. I wasn't stupid, I knew I couldn't outrun him but if I could injure him somehow, outsmart him, maybe I could hide until he lost me.
'Feisty little bitch.' He smacked my face into the floor again, his fingers holding my hair captive as I dragged my strength across the floor with me and pushed against his hands, I managed to let out a banshee scream into the contaminated air that I breathed in. I fought with everything that I had. I didn't want Kaleb to take me back, I knew he'd be furious with me, I knew I'd lost his trust and I was soon to find out what that meant. I didn't know what he was capable of, a man that powerful, I'm sure he wasn't going to give me a slap on the back of the hand and ground me. My heart lurched forward as I felt Mustafa's free arm wrap around my waist, he pulled me up against him, burying his mouth against my ear.
'The more you struggle the more you turn me on.' He roared into my ear drums. I jerked my body in his arms, and kicked my feet backwards, making contact with his shin, he let out a cruel growl before shoving me onto the ground. A stick dug into my back, ripping through the now dirty shirt that covered my nude, trembling body.
'This isn't going to end well for you slave' his hand crashed against my cheek as he draped his heavy bulky body on top of me.
'Fuck. You' I spat out the blood that was now lurking on my tongue from the harsh slap that he handed over to me.
'Oh yeah?' He grinned, I wanted to puke over his vile face. I began panicking as his hand wrapped around my nose and mouth, stopping any air flow. I was going to die.
'How about I just kill you now and then fuck your worthless little body after.' He laughed again, a laugh that held a threat behind it. I instinctively bit into his hand, drawing blood, I could taste the metallic ion in my mouth. I felt like heaving with vomit. He groaned in pain as he lifted his hand off my mouth and clutched it in his free hand.
'Dumb fucking bitch!' He landed another blow to my face then stood up, kicking into my ribs. My hands grabbed my sides, hiding away from his relentless beating. I coughed up blood onto the dirt beneath my fragile body. He knelt down between my legs and yanked them apart, ripping into the shirt that no longer hid my skin from his predatory eyes. I squirmed beneath his heaviness, my body ached to the core. Another slap landed on my face, gifting me the luxury of witnessing stars. I begged for help, I knew no one was going to hear it but I begged for the sake of feeding myself a dream that someone would come out to save me. His fingers roughly entered me, I gasped as I had just realised what he was doing. Nooo, I screamed. It was useless, I was alone and helpless.
'This is what you want you filthy skank?' His voice had become distant as his fingers worked away inside me. I was dry heaving my guts out. I had nothing to vomit out, I was just laying there, hoping to close my eyes and wake up from this nightmare when suddenly, a loud growl erupted from behind the monster that was intruding upon my body. A loud smack and I could make out the form of Kaleb beating into Mustafa. I couldn't quite make out what they were yelling to each other for my mind had went blank, for my life had been sucked out of me. I was just momentarily happy that my body was no longer being invaded as I lay there aching and trembling against the floor that held me together. My eyes searched for my saviour, my heart pounded for him. I caught a glimpse of him punching into someone. My mind wasn't registering anymore, all I heard was the sound of a beating then the clicking of a gun. For a minute my heart stopped beating at the sound of the raging gunshot. I lifted my head with everything I had, Kaleb came into view, my master. He stood there, a gun loosely held in his hand, blood splattered across his white shirt and face and arms, his eyes were locked on mine, concern ran deep behind his gaze.
'Master' I mumbled as he rushed towards me.

'Shhh, I'm here, I'm here now, I got you.'

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