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I'd succumbed to the numbness that resided in my mourning heart. I heard what I heard and I knew what I had to know. I was going to be sold. Sold, as in purchased, purchased, as in handed to another man. Another man who was going to ruin me just as bad as Kaleb had. He'd done me wrong, he'd trained me to become a pitiful being. I didn't know what was worse, the fact that one could be so cruel and evil or that one could be so weak and feeble to give into this, for I am that weak and feeble human and he is the evil that feeds off of me.

The pain in my battered body no longer phased me, I had come to learn the pain that I tolerated in my bones, it was a reminder that I was nothing but a broken slave. I'd come to realise that, when I no longer pitied myself for the things done to me. Maybe I deserved to be treat this way, maybe I was made for the abuse, for I had gave into the man who brought this upon my already splintered world.

I stared at the girl who stared back at me in the mirror. I didn't recognise her, I didn't recognise myself. The girl I use to know was nowhere to be found, instead she had been replaced by a dull, lifeless skin and bones. I smiled for I had forgotten how to smile, it seemed strange, it didn't look like me. I smiled because maybe it was the last time I got the chance to willingly smile. The sadness that concealed beneath that smile terrified me. My appearance terrified me. He terrified me.

It'd been minutes, hours, days since I had attempted escape and failed miserably.
'He's gone, I took care of him'
'He won't get to hurt you no more.' He had said, poison dripping from his words as his eyes had darkened and his veins pulsated. I knew what that meant, I knew what I saw. He'd killed him. He'd ended another mans life right in front of my eyes. I didn't know what to expect from him anymore, I didn't know how dangerous he really was for I had only seen a percentage of his cruelty. I traced my fingers along the smooth silk material of the underwear he'd provided for me. For the first time in a long time, he'd allowed me the luxury of wearing something. Clothes. It felt good to the touch, I embraced the softness of the dress he left for me to wear. It was red, a deep dark red. My heart pounded into my throat as I slipped into the underwear and then the dress that covered up to my thighs. I had long forgotten how it felt to wear such thing known as clothes. I closed my eyes and inhaled the comfort of being covered. The comfort of not being exposed to eager eyes. I'd forgotten how it felt to have my skin masked with makeup, it felt good to look different as I pampered myself with the many things he'd left for me today. The red that covered my lips made me feel pretty. It made me feel like a woman as I stared into the mirror, not knowing who exactly I was looking at. My long brown hair fell to the small of my back, beneath the thick fold of hair, stood the thin frame of my back, I let my hair consume into the fresh feeling I felt. It was nice. It felt good. I felt new and clean. I slipped my feet into the red heels he'd picked out. Afraid I might twist an ankle or wobble on these inches of heels, inches of what I'd long forgotten to walk in. My heart fluttered against the adrenaline that was running thick through my veins as I felt his gaze on me. I turned my head to look at the man who stood there looking at me. He was wearing a suit, a black suit with a black tie and matching black shoes. His muscles bulged and raged beneath the material of the clothing that did little to hide the masculinity that was him. He was all man, all male as he stood there reaking of authority and dominance. His eyes never left mine, it felt as though he was looking deep beyond what the eyes could see. I let my heart beat with every step he took towards me, his hand lifted and touched my jaw, my throat suddenly feeling tight. I parted my mouth in hopes of taking in air as he caressed my skin.
'You look beautiful.' He spoke from above me. I lifted my head, my eyes searching for his. My body was on fire from his words, he'd complimented me, he'd called me beautiful. The greed beneath his masked expression was visible to me for I had learned to read the desire hidden behind his green orbs.

We'd been driving for hours in the middle of no where. He hadn't spoke much, only the necessary things he felt was needed to inform me of my role. 'We're going to meet with someone very important, don't embarrass me, pet.' I wasn't sure who this person was or why we were going to meet with him. Something in my blood told me that I wasn't going to like this. I rested my head against the window, my eyes scanning our surrounding, I had hoped to see some sign of life during the way but I had yet to find it. This place was empty. Only trees and a long lonely road.

My heart grew a heart of its own as we neared towards a mansion looking house. It was huge, very pretty yet deep inside I knew, within the walls of this incredible house lurked another monster that I was soon to meet with. My body trembled with anxiety as I took a step out of the car, Kaleb soon enough had a hold of the chain attached to my collar. My little legs couldn't keep up with his large ones as he took fast strides towards the house. I wanted to run, to scream, to hide but I kept my head down, my gaze on the floor as he had instructed. I felt him slow down a little for he had sensed my hesitation.

'It's ok, breathe, pet.' He spoke ahead of me, I found comfort within his voice. The door opened and I was greeted with warm air. I already felt like suffocating and my misery hadn't yet begun. I was so tempted to look up, to take a look around as I heard many people in this place. I wanted to yell for help, beg for it but I knew that these people weren't going to help me.

'Kaleb.' A soft voice of a man spoke. I lifted my eyes just a little bit, the mans legs coming into view. He was also wearing an expensive looking suit. I wondered what exactly we had just walked in on as the two men exchanged conversation that I didn't understand.
'Is this the girl?' My heart pounded in my chest again as I became the centre of their attention. I wanted no part in this.
'This is her.'
'You got yourself a pretty one Kaleb, she's ravishing.' The man spoke with genuine interest. Although his words were nice, I didn't want them.
'May I take a look?' I was breaking with sweat. I didn't know what to do or how to act, afraid I'd do something wrong and be punished for it as Kaleb granted permission for the man to 'take a look' like I was an object. He circled around me while I stood there awkwardly waiting for him to move to a new subject.
'Look at me my sweet.' The man spoke gently, his tone of voice was actually soothing. I didn't know if I was allowed to look at him so I turned to Kaleb for permission, when he nodded his head I lifted my eyes to the man. His hair was greying out a little bit, he looked to be in his late 40's. His blue eyes held a calming air that made me feel a little bit better. His lips turned up into a smile as he took in my appearance.
'She's incredible.' He spoke to Kaleb yet his eyes stayed on me. I fiddled with my hands, feeling the pressure build up on me. Thankful for the save as Kaleb broke the silence and drew back the mans attention to himself.
'Where can I find Viktor?'
'He'll be upstairs, when you hear the noise, you'll know what room.' The man chuckled to himself.

Kaleb lead me up the large, wide, red carpet covered stairs and across a hallway, as the man had said, there was plenty of noise to hear. The moaning of a woman. She was yelling in what sounded like pain and pleasure mixed. Goosebumps found their way to my skin as we stepped closer to the sound that was piercing my ears. 'Best behaviour, don't make me punish you, pet.' Is all that Kaleb said seconds before he opened the door and walked in. The moaning of the woman slowed down as we stood inside the room.
'Never heard of a knock, friend?' The new found man laughed. My eyes slipped up and looked at him, embarrassment caught in my throat as I witnessed the man deep inside the woman that was moaning, she was on her hands and knees, while he was behind her.
'I brought you the girl.' Kaleb spoke and my mind went on overdrive, was this the man I was going to be sold to? So many questions filled my head yet I kept my mouth sealed shut for I knew now was not the time to speak.
'I see that you have.' The man never took his eyes off me as he slipped out of the woman, my eyes searched for the floor for I did not want to witness his nudeness. When I lifted my eyes back up, he was buttoning up his navy shirt.
'Try her.' Kaleb spoke foreign things that I didn't understand. Try her? Try me what? My blood was heating up under my skin and I was close to bolting for the door as the man lifted his finger and gestured for me to walk towards him. I looked at my master for permission, when he nodded his head and let go of the chain, I took slow steady steps towards the unknown man known as Viktor. I felt like I was going to pass out under his stare. My heart had officially moved out of my chest.
'Couché' the man spoke out the word I had learned in french. He wanted me to lay down. I wanted to stand. My eyes fell onto the woman who was still on her hands and knees, her head had tilted to the side and she was now staring at me. I wanted to ask her for help but I thought better than that. She was probably another girl like me.
'Couché NOW' he spoke out, his patience running low. I was used to Kaleb being so patient with me, this man, he had none. I quickly rushed to the ground laying on the floor. I closed my eyes, afraid a tear would slip free for I had lost my grip on myself as Viktor's eyes roamed over my body.
'Bien' he spoke out, I knew it meant good. So he was pleased? I felt sick.
'You taught her french yes?' He questioned Kaleb, when Kaleb nodded the man looked back over to me. Was this man the reason why I had to learn commands in French?
'Entrer en position' his eyes reaked of lust as he looked down my entire body. It felt stiff to shift my body in the tight dress and heels but I managed to get into the position I had learned. He crouched down between my legs. I wanted to throw up when I saw him pull out a pocket knife from his pocket. I closed my eyes and hoped to die in peace as he leaned in closer. Moments later I heard a jerk on the dress I wore and then it was gone. He'd cut it open. I instantly went to cover myself from him earning myself a very angry glare, his glare went from me to Kaleb. Now I knew what Kaleb meant by 'don't embarrass me' I guess it was too late to hold onto that. My body was a trembling mess as the man slid my panties to the side and rubbed his finger across my opening. It took everything I had not to kick him in the face.
'Bien, tres bon' the man spoke to Kaleb then his eyes followed its way back to me.
'Very good' he repeated in English.
'Very tight' he smiled as the tip of his finger entered me. I squirmed under his invasion. I looked up to see Kaleb standing there, tension running wild through his rigid body. He didn't take his eyes off me as the man analysed my body.
'She seems like she's having a hard time. I'll let her adjust before any further inspections' the man stood up and strode over to Kaleb.
'She should be readier than this Kaleb.' He pat Kaleb's shoulder then walked towards the door, motioning for the lady to follow after him.
'Get her settled and come to see me.' And with that he left, he left me with a disappointed master.
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