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She had embarrassed me, embarrassed me and put my work under question but that wasn't the reason why my blood was churning. It was the anger I felt while Viktor touched at her delicate body, the body that I had claimed during our time together. I didn't understand the conflict in my head as my heart beat against the fume that ran wild through me. She wasn't mine, she was never mine yet I couldn't stand the thought of another man laying there fingers on her let alone having to watch it.
'I'm sorry Master' her soft sweet voice spoke out, drifting me away from my torturous thoughts. 'Whatever Viktor tells you to do, you follow his commands without a question. Do you understand, pet?' It pained me to say that but I had to let her obey him, he was an important part of this plan, he knew Mason better than anyone else, if he was satisfied that would mean Mason would be satisfied, and that is all that mattered, or at least should matter. 'Is he the man you're selling me to?' I couldn't help but to feel anger at her question. I ached to tell her the things she wanted to hear but I had to be real with her. To be real with myself.
'No, the person I'm selling you to is much more powerful than anyone you'll meet here and for that, for the sake of yourself, I need you to listen to me. You always come out better when you listen to me.' Her eyes traced the movement of her fingers as she fiddled with her hands in her lap, she looked tired, drained of being in the dark and somehow, somewhere along the line, she was draining me too.

I locked her door and made my way to Viktor, we had business to discuss, matters way more important than a lonely Eva.
'Viktor.' I spoke as I entered the study room he was sat in. His legs draped over the back of the woman he used as a table. I glanced at her nude form then looked back over to him as he gazed at me. 'So I see the girl is not quite ready. I mean, she did well but if she can't let me see her naked skin the she won't let Mason either, that is a problem Kaleb.' He took a sip of the drink in his hand and tilted the glass around, amusing himself.
'She will be ready. When have I ever failed?'
'That's the question friend, when have you ever failed? So why is it that you've spent almost two months with this girl and she is still not fully prepared? Is there something I should know?'
'5 months, you said I had 5 months with her. You're in no place to question me if you can't stick to your own word.' I walked across the room and sat down on a chair facing him. His doubts were an insult to me, I had never failed him, I'd never failed my work, he had no reason to be questioning me.
'Very well. You still have time to fix her except you will be doing it here.' My features turned into a frown as I stared him down, this was not part of the plan.
'Yes here. I'm sure Maxence doesn't mind us living with him for a while, I mean, he has plenty of space to share' he lifted his hand and gestured around the room. I swallowed the venom in my throat and nodded, standing up to take my leave.
'Were close Kaleb, close to getting what we've both worked so hard for, you'll get to get justice for your sister as I will get justice for mine.' And with that, I walked out.

Fresh air, I needed fresh air as I stood at the front door. My mind traced back to the memories I'd kept hidden and locked away inside my brain.

'It's ok boy.' The mans voice was soft as he fiddled with the ropes that held me up against my will. 'You can come with me now.' He untied me and I fell to the floor, my body was aching with all the torture I'd received for the past two weeks. My abusers had said they were sent from my dad for murdering his wife, I was happy to hear that it had got to him that bad for him to want to put me in this much pain, I smiled at myself, the mans face held a shocked impression as he studied me. 'What's keeping you smiling even after all of this?' He pointed towards the slash marks on my bleeding body. I didn't know who he was or why he was here but I didn't care, I was lost in my own world, lost in the red that covered my vision. 'I guess we can leave the chit chat for later, for now, we need to get you out of here.' The man helped me up, my arm draped over his shoulder as he lead me outside, the rest was a blur. I'm not sure when I made it to this nice house I was located in or when I had woken up. My eyes scanned the area, prepared to attack anything that came my way. I pounced at the man who walked inside with a tray in his hand, smacking him against the wall, his throat crushing beneath my grip. 'Who are you?' I gripped him tighter, my body was weak but I still had enough strength to beat him into answering me. 'Easy' the man spoke through a choke, the tray in his hand long gone crashed against the floor. ''Viktor, my name is Viktor, I saved you' he coughed out, easing off, I let go of him and stepped back. He was rubbing his neck with a smile that plastered his face. 'Very strong for a 17 year old who just got abused for the past two weeks' he patted my shoulder then knelt down to clean the mess on the floor. 'I guess I'll get you some new food' he picked up the tray and walked out, leaving me to my confusion, who was this man? And what did he want with me?

'You in there?' Maxence voice broke me out of my deep thoughts. I turned to face him. He had a smile on his lips like he always did. He was too happy for his own good. 'My bad.' I spoke out as I pulled my sleeves up and loosened my tie, I needed to breathe. 'So Viktor tells me, you'll be my guest for a while, make yourself feel at home. My house is your house' he lit up a cigar and took a long drag of it. I nodded my head and studied the man. He use to be Masons partner, both him and Viktor worked with Mason. They were good friends back then, I wondered if I could trust him. I'd known him for a while and he'd gave me no reason not to trust him, but as always, I kept my guard up. I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way, not him, not anyone, for I ached to succeed, for I would win no matter what.

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