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!!!WARNING!!! This book contains: -Mature content -Consensual/non-consensual sex scenes -BDSM -Strong language Read at your own risk. This book is my version of captive in the dark on IBooks. I take no credit for this book.

Erotica / Thriller
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I've been doing this for a very long time. Manipulating and brainwashing females into becoming what I need them to be. Training women. Breaking them down and building them back up. Shaping them into what I desire. Moulding them into a slave. Into a pet. Into nothing. Once they are perfect, I sell them. Sell them to a new master. My reputation is beyond powerful, no one dares try me. But what I want, I'm far from getting. With her, with this new toy of mine, I'll be able to take get what I want, what I have been working so hard for. Now, no one can stop me, not even me.

Tears rolled down her soft glistening skin, she lazily wiped away at the remaining of her misery from her cheeks and closed her eyes. I wondered why she was so sad, why she drowned her pretty face with a cloud of tears. I watched her from her bedroom window, taking in all of her details. Her long brown hair and soft brown eyes. Her lips too full and a little too big for her thin face yet it made her look all the more unique and mouth watering. Her petite frame stood from her bed and walked towards her bathroom, she stood around 5'1, perfect for my 6'4 height. My cock twitched at her nudeness. We've been here before. Me watching her walk around in underwear in her house. My cock twitches every time. I growl at myself. She's been crying, sad over something yet I'm getting hard over her from a distance. I can't help but feel like the monster I am.

I check the time and look back at her window one last time before I decide it's time to go. Tomorrow I'll have her. Tomorrow I'll get to feel her. All of her. Something tells me she's more than just a pretty face and I'm going to have trouble going through with the plan. Why Viktor chose her, I have no idea. Yeah her beauty is unbearable but why her? I've been watching her for three weeks now and everyday I feel a little more pressured to take her, claim her yet she is not mine and won't ever be. I clench my jaw as I think about having to put her existence to waste. She seems different, lost in her own world. Sad even. She cries herself to sleep every now and then at nights, I want to run my fingers across her tear struck face and comfort her. She's oblivious to my presence like she is with everything else. Oblivious to the amount of attention she gets during the day from hungry men. Even oblivious to the intentions of the guy she's dating, thinking about him with her boils my blood. Everytime he kisses her, touches her I want to end him. Soon enough he won't matter anymore because she will be in my hands, at my mercy.


No no, don't. Stay away from me. Don't come close... Sweat indulged my body as I jumped up from my nightmare only to face the real nightmare stood before me. My eyes shot wide open as I stared at the man covered in black clothing and a black ski mask at the foot of my bed. It took a minute or two for my mind to register what was happening before I let out a deafening scream which resulted in him getting on top of me and covering my mouth. All my vocal cords shut down as he dug his gloved fingers into my face. Fight or flight instincts kicked in, I dug my nails into his biceps, trying to pry him off of me. When that was no use my hands frantically searched for my phone under my pillow. He tilted his head and watched me while I practically had a fit beneath him. His large legs straddled my body , he pressed himself against me, his hand never removing from my mouth. I felt tears threaten to escape their prison in my eyes as my mind wandered to what was happening. Who was he and was he going to kill me? All thoughts came to an abrupt stop once I felt his erection press against me. I swallowed the ocean in my throat and screamed into his hand, my cry for help came out as a muffled squeak beneath his touch. It was hopeless. I ineffectively punched and slapped at his hard muscled chest, earning myself a grunted response. Letting go of my mouth he held both of my wrists in one colossal hand above my head, before I could put my vocal cords to use again I felt him put the tip of a knife against my throat with his free hand. I gulped down my bravery and watched him wide eyed.

'Shhhhhh, pet' he whispered against my ear. My throat now dry and tight, I wanted to throw up.

'Don't fight me' his voice deep and rough, latching onto my ear drums as he whispered again.

'You gonna be a good girl for me, pet?' He dug the sharp end of the knife into my skin, my heartbeat raged in my chest. I nodded my head in response hoping to ease him off me.

'Good.' He let go of my wrists and stroked my hair, the knife still threatening my throat. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to strike at me, kill me even. In came, nothing. Opening my eyes again, I watched him watch me. His gaze holding mine prisoner.

'What, what do you..' my sentence was cut in half as he pressed the knife into my throat and whispered 'ah ah ah'

'No talking.' I could feel the stinging sensation burn my skin beneath the blade. He'd cut me. Easing off, he removed the knife from my skin and sat back. Instinctively my hand reached for my neck, I could feel small amount of hot liquid dripping. Tears crawled down the side of my face, my heartbeat accelerating while my body had went numb. The reality of my situation too overwhelming for me to understand what really was happening and why it was happening to me. Setting the knife down on the nightstand beside my bed, he leaned forward again, his face inches from mine, his hands stroking my hair and face, slowly he traced his fingers down my skin to my neck, grabbing my throat. He placed himself between my thighs and rubbed his erection against my panties. I felt myself feeling nauseous, I wanted to throw up in his face. He grind himself against me, his face buried in the crook of my neck with his hand roughly squeezing my throat. I blindly searched for the knife he left on the nightstand, when I caught it in my hands I didn't think twice, I aimed for the first thing closest to my hand and cut his arm. He let out a growl deep within my ear then lifted himself off me and grabbed his arm. A second later I was greeted with a slap to the face, my head bounced off the pillow, a ringing noise filled my ears. Before I could pull myself together I felt him cover my mouth with a cloth that had me feel sleepy straight away. My mind went black and fog clouded my sight as I struggled to keep my conscious intact. No longer fighting the drug, I surrendered myself to the darkness surrounding me and closed my eyes.

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