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I'd almost adjusted to my new room in the past three days that I'd spent here. Things weren't that different from before, everyday, I was on my knees by the door at 7am waiting for Masters arrival. Everyday he'd teach me something new, another position, another word in French, another torture to my already tortured body. Today was the day I was going to be inspected by the man named victor, I didn't know if I could go through with it, not like I had a choice but I just didn't know if I was going to disappoint Master again. I buried my head into my knees as I curled up and waited for him to walk in and take me to Victor. I listened to the tick tock of the clock, losing myself within the repeated clicking sound, I let my mind wander into forbidden depths as I prepared myself for the worst. My fingers traced over the thong I wore, I'd been given new underwear everyday, it made me feel a little less exposed. I embraced the feeling off the material beneath my fingers while my head tilted up and my eyes scanned the room. There was a window in this one, it was securely locked with iron bars which made it feel like a prison but at least I could see the outside world, I could see when it was night or day. I gazed into the almost night sky and waited, feeling empty as ever just like this room. A large empty room. My heart stood at attention as the door unlocked and in came my knight in shining armour, except this one, wore a beast in his skin instead of a cape. 'Vien.' He ordered me to go over to him, lifting my legs over the bed I inched closer. His hand caressed the back of my head, I leaned into his touch as I lost touch of myself under his spell. His stroke on my hair turned into a yank and before I knew it he had gripped my hair, pulling my head back to face him. 'You fuck this up and you're going to wish you never laid eyes on me, pet' he breathed onto my cheek as his threat twirled around my throat and suffocated me. I knew there was no way out of this, I knew if I stepped out of line, that could possibly be the last time I step out of line.

The room was dimly lit, Viktor sat by a large table, his arms planted across his chest, his eyes on me. I reluctantly moved forward as Kaleb nudged at my back, his way of saying 'go'. Every step that I took, every gap was closed between us made my stomach drop for I had no idea what to expect from this man. I felt unsettled beneath his prying gaze. I was completely shaking with fear as I was now an inch away from him. He pointed to the table, I glanced at the table and back at him, unsure of what he meant. 'Couché' he said as he pointed to the table again. My mouth had went dry, my tongue felt like a desert as I licked the insides of my mouth, trying to find the words to speak out, to decline his request, instead, like the pitiful girl I am, I laid back on the table, the glass cold against my skin, goosebumps stippled along side my my bare arms, his hands were on my thighs now, he'd spread them apart before I had the chance to object. My mind searched for Kaleb to save me like he always did but he stood there watching me, his arms folded across his chest, his eyes holding a pain that seemed almost too heavy for him to carry. I focused my attention back to the man that was now analysing me, his eyes were on my breasts as his fingers scooped up the bra and lifted it up towards my collarbone. I wanted to melt into the table and evaporate into the thick tense air as his fingers latched onto my thong and draped it down my legs until it was completely off me, he brought the thong and placed it into my mouth. I wanted to spit it back out at him, claw at his face but I lay there awaiting the intrusion that was soon to be brought upon my body. 'Nice.' He looked over to Kaleb then back to me, his attention drawn to my breasts, his hands found their way to my nipples, he stroked, plucked and pulled at them. I grit my teeth into the thong in my mouth, holding back the war that was writhing inside me. He traced his hand down to in between my thighs, gently rubbing the part of me that made my blood boil. I bit back the moan that was close to escaping my throat and curling into the material in my mouth as his fingers worked away at my core, I was disgusted with myself. I tried to think of masters hands, the way he had always made me cum. I needed him. I felt it between my legs but I didn't feel it for the man before me, I felt it for the man stood to my left as he watched me get touched. 'I hope you're ready for this.' Viktor held up a small metallic dildo but what really caught my eye was the controller in his free hand. I wondered if it was like a vibrator. I didn't want to find out. My heart was pounding in my chest, my throat aching for air as the man slid the tip of the dildo inside me. I inched backwards resulting in him holding my ankles and pulling me towards him, he gave me a death glare as he slid the dildo halfway inside me. It felt cold and uncomfortable, I wanted to cry, to ball my eyes out. I felt helpless as I watched him invade my body. 'Here it goes' he winked at me as he pressed a button on the controller and my whole body shook with electricity. Pain ran through my bones, my vision turning foggy. He had shocked me through the dildo. When my senses came rushing back to me, I screamed into the thong in my mouth, pulling back away from him, I wasn't going to go through with this, no. I thrashed my body about wildly as he tried to keep me still, his gaze fell onto Kaleb, seconds later I felt large hands holding me down, I looked up to see Kaleb as he kept a tight grip on me. He inched in the dildo and hit the button again, my body felt like it had just been torn apart. I dug my nails into the skin that wrapped around Kaleb. He growled at me as I fought with everything I had to get away from them but it was no use, they out powered me, holding me down against the table as another wave of shock ran through my veins again. And again. Why were they doing this to me? I cried out in pain, my eyes no longer holding back the tears that freely ran deep down my face. 'You don't like pain? You're going to learn to love it' Viktor smiled at me, his smile holding a promise that he had no intentions of breaking. I spat the thong out and screamed for him to stop, to let me go as he shocked me again, I bit into Kalebs arm, digging my teeth deep into his thick skin. He didn't save me, he stood there silently watching me break. Soon the pain had subsided into a numbing feeling, I'd let my body surrender to the mans cruelty. I didn't care anymore. Maybe they'd shock me to death. Maybe that's what I needed. I chose a spot on the ceiling and stared at it, the shocking had stopped, instead he was now thrusting the dildo in and out of me while his fingers rubbed at my clit. Kaleb had eased his grip on me but he was still holding me down, not risking the chance of me going wild again. I held onto his arms as the man turned my insides around, I started my way to an explosion, my stomach felt strange as the man hit my walls, the feeling way more intense than usual, maybe it was due to the shocks that I had received, I didn't know, I didn't want to know but here I was, melting with every thrust, every rub. I moaned out, feeling something big build up inside me. My body was trembling with pain and pleasure, he was going in fast now, not giving me a chance to breathe as he ruthlessly worked away at my depths. My back arched, my legs shook, toes curled and my moan came out loud and clear as I came for him. It was almost painful to cum yet it felt good, the good feeling turned into disgrace as I lay there immobile. I had just came for a complete stranger while the devil himself held me down until I gave into this mess. I could feel the wetness that was still dripping out of me. I felt nothing but disgust as I thought about how I'd betrayed myself. I gave into the pleasure once again, I chose pleasure over my dignity. I was worse than the men stood before me. I was worse than I thought I ever could be.

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