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Deep end. It felt like I was drowning in the deep end of the water, my thoughts smothered me as I relived the moment I watched her cum for another man. I had pinned her down and let her cum for another. My breath came in heavy and bulky, my mind raced with images of her heaving beneath me. I had wanted to rip her away from him, to isolate her from the world for I wanted no one to touch her, to look at her, to breathe the same air as her. I had groaned against the pain I felt each and every single time I thought about her with somebody else. I had to get a grip of myself. I had to believe that this was nothing but just my mind playing tricks on me. I was so close to earning my reward for all of my hard work that my emotions had been scattered about. The emotions I'd so carefully locked away, replacing it with a heart of stone and a frozen soul. I gripped her body tight against me as she lay there staring into space. She'd asked why I did that to her, more importantly why I had let someone else do that to her. I couldn't find the right answer to her question so I didn't give her one. Instead, I wrapped my hand around her mouth and hushed her words.

When I fell asleep? I'm not sure. I squeezed her small body against me as I looked at the time, it was 4:30am. I never allowed myself to sleep in the same bed as a slave and now, this was the second time I'd slept with her in my arms. My heart was still racing from the dreams that I had, for once in a very long time my dreams weren't filled with my hateful past for they had been replaced by the flashbacks of my time with this little pet that lay silently in my arms. I'd reminisced my time with her in my dream, I'd enjoyed it all, I'd watched it all happen again but as I opened my eyes and awoke into the real world and the reality of my life I knew there was no place for her, I was not capable of feelings. I was not capable of letting a woman enter my life without hurting her. Specially not this one, her fate had been sealed the day I laid eyes on her. I knew then what I'm sure of now, that she is going to get me close to Mason. She's going to be the reason I tear Mason apart, without her, I can't guarantee that my plan will follow through. I need her to finish off the missing piece. I need her to be what lurks beneath her flesh, a slave.

I look down at her, my mind blank. Something about her makes me want to feel her squirm and struggle beneath me. The beast in me already awoken as I take in her sleeping form, her backs resting against my chest, I could feel my heart beat against her skin. My cock already standing at attention as I feel her ass pressed against my crotch. I wrap my arm around her waist, my hand reaching beneath her panties. I can feel her hot flesh soothing my fingers, my cock raging to be inside her. I lift my free arm around her neck and hold her throat gently in my hands, my other hand searching for her spot, I run my fingers across her clit, rubbing on it, even in her sleep her body reacts to me. I tease her pussy a little more until she's wet enough and then slip a finger inside her, she lets out a small sigh as I finger her pussy slowly, careful not to wake her up, I want to enjoy the silence, enjoy her not freaking out and killing my boner. I push my finger deeper inside her earning myself a movement from her, she arches her back, her ass pressed right onto my cock. I growl at the sudden friction. Sliding in a second finger, I push inside her, her pussy hot and ready for me, it's dripping with juice. I pull my hand out, pull her panty down her legs and pull down my pants and boxers, I press my cock between her thighs, my blood fuming with lust as I feel her wet pussy against my cock, I know I can't take her virginity but no one said I can't rub myself against her. My fingers find their way to her clit again as I slowly thrust my dick between her thighs, every time I make contact with her dripping pussy I ache to get inside her. I bury my face in the crook of her neck, my grip on her throat becoming tighter as I pick up pace and rub my length against her. A soft moan escapes her lips then I can feel her body freeze as her unconsciousness comes to an end. I wrap my hand around her mouth and squeeze it as I prevent her from yelling or saying anything that might ruin the moment. Now that she's awake, I thrust myself faster I between her thighs.
'Squeeze your thighs against my cock, pet' I groan into her ear. Moments later I can feel her thighs squeezing against me, making me want to explode in pleasure. I let go of her mouth and wrap my hand around her throat, squeezing it, leaving little space for her to breathe through. I rub her clit faster as she soaks my cock with her juice. I can feel her panting mix with mine, growling into her hair, I could feel myself getting close, my grip tightens more around her throat as her thighs squeeze against my cock, she's about to cum, I'm about to cum. I rub and I thrust, again and again, she can barely breathe with the tight grip I have on her, stopping any air flow. She chokes, I thrust. Her body shakes under me all the while my body freezes. She came on my cock, I came in between her thighs. I ease my grip on her and relax against her still shaken up form. Sweat covered our body like a blanket as we lay there breathing heavy, I kissed the side of her neck, breathing in her scent, getting lost within everything that was Eva.

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