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I indulged in the warmth of the hot steaming water that ran down my sensitive skin. Running my fingers down my ribs and towards my thigh, I barely had any bruise left from the beating I had took during my escape. I was happy to feel fresh again, to feel normal, if I even knew what normal was anymore. I placed my fingers in between my thighs, the very place Masters manhood had been, he'd rubbed against me, he'd came right there. My breath got stuck in my throat as my mind wandered to the many feelings I felt as he touched me. I let the steam fog up my vision and wrap around my body, envisioning his arms, his touch. He never failed to turn my body against me, I didn't know if I hated him for that or envied his work. I turned the shower off and stepped outside, the cold immediately reaching for me as the hot water no longer kept me shielded. Wrapping a towel around my body I sensed his presence, like always, I knew when he was close to me. My eyes fell to the floor once the door of the ensuite bathroom opened, I focused on a spot on the ground, my nerves radiating off of me as I felt his intense gaze lingering above every inch of my body. I felt as though I could melt under his greedy eyes and I'm not sure if that was a good thing.

'Drop the towel.' He ordered, his voice low and infectious to my needy soul. I let the towel loose, it fell from my skin and piled around my feet. My breath came in heavy and clogged as I kept my gaze onto the grey carpet beneath us.
'Good girl.' He praised me, I always felt a tinge of excitement at his approval, I felt pleased with myself for I had learned to love the way he called me a 'good girl'. He took slow steady steps towards me, his body large and at attention as he circled my small one. I twitched at his touch against my skin, he was behind me, his chest almost touching my back. He ran his fingers down my arms then lifted my arms up, I was aching to breathe him in, to turn around and take in everything that was Kaleb. My chest beat frustratingly as he wrapped something around my torso and then fiddled with the laces behind it. I looked down to see it was a corset, a black lace corset. I gazed at the beauty of it as it wrapped tight around me, he pulled at the lace, making it hard for me to breathe. When that was done, he crouched down behind me holding out a pair of lace thong, I lifted my feet and slipped into it, my chest was racing into the corset that held my heart in place as he slid the thong up my legs, goosebumps settled upon my tender skin, I felt fragile under his spell. When he was done, he pushed aside my wet hair over my shoulder and brought his lips to my neck, tracing kisses towards my ear. 'I need you to be on your best behaviour today, pet' he spoke into my ear, his fingers sliding down my arms, tracing it towards my stomach and over the thong he'd placed on me. He cupped in between my thighs in his hand and squeezed, I gasped at his sudden touch. 'Don't let me down, pet.' He removed his hand and stood back. I closed my eyes and anticipation his next move or next words, my body growing hot for his presence was driving me insane.

I followed him carefully down the large stairs and into the luxurious living room, I panicked at the sound of many people. He never told me there were going to be so many people here. My eyes lifted off the ground and discreetly scanned the area, beautiful chandeliers lit the room, gold velvet sofas and chairs scattered across the spacious floor. Men and women happily chatted to each other with drinks in hand, I noticed the slaves that were sitting at their Masters feet. They were all very pretty young girls. I couldn't help but pity them. A tug on my leash brought me back to life as Kaleb waited for me to put my feet to use again, I quickly rushed after him, he took a seat on a sofa near the wall, my eyes studied the other slaves, if they were sitting on the floor that meant I had to do the same, I knelt down beside my masters legs. My heart was pounding, I wasn't sure what was happening, everyone seemed so normal about this all. As if having a human slave was the norm. My tension eased down with the touch of Masters hands on my head as he pet me. I leaned into his touch then turned my head to look at him, his eyes were on me but his conversation was with the man who had just sat next to him. Viktor. I found myself looking at the man, something about him really threw me off. He was handsome, brown tousled hair, dark eyes and a clean shaven face, a dark grey suit that covered his masculine body yet he wasn't sinking in well. Something about his aura made me feel very aware of him. His eyes found mine and I shunned myself for being caught staring, he lifted one eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak. 'How do you feel after that very pleasant, let's say.. incident the other night? I could hear the sarcasm in his tone of voice. I frowned and looked away from him. He chuckled to himself turning his attention back to Kaleb who now felt tense against me. I knew Viktors comment put him at unease so I leaned into his leg and rested my head on his knee earning me another stroke to my hair. The hours went by slowly, it felt like forever since I'd been sat in the same spot. A very beautiful woman was on the stage that had been set out, she wore white thongs and nothing else as she bent over on the table. Her long red hair covered her face, her moan came out strong as the man whipped her bottom. I watched the man in shock, Maxence. The man that seemed so sweet and genuine, he was ripping into her skin with a whip in his hand while the crowed clapped and cheered. My attention got drawn to my master as he took my hand and placed it on his crotch, I could feel him growing beneath my touch. He pressed down on my hand, I wrapped my fingers around his length over his jeans. I noticed he was the only one wearing jeans and a t shirt while everybody else was in formal clothing yet still, he stood out, he was truly a beautiful creature. I rubbed against his length, my eyes finding his. 'She seems to like you just fine, it's me she's not so fond of.' Viktor laughed, Kaleb turned his attention towards him as they began on a new topic to speak about. I focused my attention to pleasing my master as I rubbed against him again and again. He leaned down and groaned into my ear. 'If you keep that up I'm going to have to take you right here' he whispered into my ear. My body shook with his words. He did things to my insides that I didn't know were possible. 'Then take me, take me master' I kept my eyes locked forwards, my hand still stroking him. 'You don't want that, pet.' He said as he leaned back again. I let out the breath that I didn't know I was holding and squeezed my thighs against each other. I was melting and he had barely did anything.

I noticed Maxence eyes on me as I sat on the floor while master ate at the table. Most of the guests had left but there were still many here, they all ate dinner with their slaves beside their chairs, every now and then master would put a piece of food in my mouth. I looked back over to Maxence, his eyes held something that of pity. I feel, the pity wasn't for me, it was for Kaleb. My attention got drawn away to the woman that was throwing herself at Kaleb. Her hands were now resting on his thigh under the table, I watched her whisper something in his ear, he wiped his mouth with a napkin then removed her hand from his thigh. She seemed insulted at his gesture, I felt anger towards this woman as she intruded upon his body again, this time her hand stroked against his crotch. She grabbed his length and squeezed it. I didn't realise I'd been caught staring until I felt Kalebs eyes on me. He went to put a piece of food in my mouth and I shook my head, completely lost my appetite at the sight of that woman throwing herself at him. 'Not hungry anymore, pet?' He questioned me with a blank face. 'What does it look like?' I didn't know I had been heard by everyone else until I realised everyone was now staring at me. I had gave him attitude and I hadn't called him master. Shit. I swallowed down my error and looked away from him, he grabbed my chin and yanked it towards him. 'What was that, pet?' I could hear the threat behind his question, I searched his face for any indication that he'll let me off the hook but came out empty. I could still feel everyone staring at us, I shrank away from him, hoping I could sink into the floor. 'I'm not hungry master.' I went in for the save but it was already too late. I had embarrassed him.
'What a rude little girl, if you ask me, she doesn't deserve the title of being your slave' the lady that was two minutes ago throwing herself at Kaleb laughed out. Anger fuelled my bones as I spat back at her, 'well that's the thing, no one fucking asked you.' I could see the shock that ran through her, and everyone else in that matter. I inhaled the tension in the room as Kaleb tilted his head at me, a small smile cornered his lips as he stood up from his chair.
'Put your dog on a leash Kaleb.' The woman spoke out again, this time, she was mocking me. 'Oh but I'd like that.' I laughed, clearly losing my mind. I knew I was already in trouble, I was just digging myself a bigger hole. 'Of course you would, nothing more expected from such filth.' She shot me a smile and I wanted to rip into her throat. How was she going to call me filth when two seconds ago, she couldn't take her hands off of MY MASTER. 'Shut your mouth Haley.' Kaleb spoke to her but his eyes were on me. He was stood tall in front of me, most likely debating how to beat the attitude out of me. 'I've got a pet to take care of, if you'll excuse me.' He nodded towards the people on the table then grabbed my hair and dragged me across the floor, I struggled to get his grip off my hair as I dug my nails into his hand.
'Relax Kaleb, let the girl be. She's new, mistakes happen.' Kaleb stood still at the sound of Maxence. I was thankful for his generosity but it didn't stop Kaleb from easing his grip on my hair. 'Stay out of it Maxence, new or not, the girl needs to learn.' Viktor spoke out, I wanted to shove my foot down his throat and shut him up. I was fuming.
'Haley, come with us.' Kaleb ignored everyone else and strode away, dragging me across the floor as the woman followed up behind. I could hear the click clack of her heels, I was in no mood to deal with not one but two attackers.

He threw me against the floor in my room. Haley standing right beside him, a malicious smile plastered over her caked face. I stared up at him, already giving into his games. Whatever it was, I didn't want to deal with it. I just wanted to curl up and die. 'So you're jealous, pet?' He spoke to me but his eyes went to the woman who was stood eagerly beside him. 'Need I remind you of your role again?' I watched as his hands traced over the straps on her dress. 'You, are a slave, I, am your master. We're not lovers, we're not friends. But it seems, you keep forgetting that, how about I show you, pet?' I could hear the evil lurking in his voice as he pulled on her straps and then pulled her dress down, she stood there with no underwear beneath, her eyes on me. Who doesn't wear underwear under their clothes? Slut. I closed my eyes and inched back into the side of the bed. 'No, you get to watch this, you close your eyes and you'll get to see exactly what I'm capable of, pet.' I shot my eyes open, his threat came out loud and clear, I knew he was a monster, but to what extent? I wasn't so sure of. He pushed her against the wall, lifting one of her legs around his waist, his fingers digging into her thighs as he searched for her spot. She moaned out while he rubbed himself against her, soon enough his clothes were gone, his body had moulded into hers, she panted with pleasure as he slid down to his knees and buried his face in between her thighs, I wanted to throw up everything that I'd ate, I wanted to throw it up on the both of them. She ran her fingers through his hair, her head tilted back against the wall as he worked away her insides like he always did mine. I felt a pang of jealousy burn within me as tears clogged up my vision. I was nothing to him and now, he was proving it. He stood back up and turned her around, bending her over, her hands used the wall to keep her steady as he entered her, he groaned as his thrusts began to pick up pace, matching the heart that was beating in my chest. Every thrust and every moan made me shake with rage and degradation. I felt pathetic, sitting here watching him fuck another woman while I still felt jealous and betrayed. She panted as he pulled out and repositioned her on her hands and knees, right in front of my face, they were so close that I could practically smell their arousal. He knelt down behind her, entering her again, she grabbed my ankle and moaned, I tried to pull my ankle out of her hand, hoping to break her wrist. I felt like my heart was breaking, I could feel it shattering in my chest as he pounded away at her, his eyes locked with mine, he stared right at me as he fucked her harder and faster. I couldn't take it anymore. She lowered her face and bit into my leg as a moan escaped her throat, I screamed and pulled away from her, the bile in my throat threatening to spill. I felt nauseous. He groaned as he picked up pace, she moaned, I cried. It felt like hours until I watched him cum all over her breasts. She giggled to herself, a giggle that I so badly wanted to rip out of her. But I'd become numb and drained, my tears had dried up and my mind had went blank. He just made me watch him fuck another woman, and now he was standing there facing me as he got dressed. Without another word, both he and the woman left the room. I didn't bother moving, I sat there on the ground, my heart in my throat, my mind splattered across the floor, for I had drifted off to somewhere in the deep end, somewhere even I couldn't recognise.

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