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A loud piercing scream filled the silence in my ears, I jumped up, ready to attack whatever had woke me up from my slumber, when I realised no one was in the room, I listened for the sound again. Another scream echoed into the night, my feet found the floor before I had time to register what I was doing, I found myself following the yelling into Eva's room. She was clawing at herself, her body shaking from whatever nightmare she was having, my hands found their way to her shoulder and I shook her out of her sleep. Her eyes slipped opened and she jumped back. 'Shh, it was just a bad dream, a bad dream is all it was.' I wrapped my arms around her, shielding her from whatever pain she was going through. Her heart was hammering against my chest. I kept a tight hold of her, squeezing her against me. 'It's ok, I got you, you're ok.' I kissed her head as she settled down in my arms. Her tears damping my bare shoulders, her breathing, heavy. I held her until I couldn't hold her no more. She lifted her face up, her eyes held a sadness in them that made my heart melt. The heart I didn't know I had. 'What did you dream of, pet?' I held her cheeks in my hands as a single tear slipped down her face. 'You, master.' She lowered her gaze, I could see the conflict behind those brown orbs. I nodded my head and held her against me again. 'I'm sorry.' For the second time, apologising to a girl I had broken. I didn't know if I was capable of being sorry but right there, right in that moment, I felt guilt running through my veins, I was sorry. I kept her close to me, waiting for her fear to wash away, I knew that was the least I could do for her, she was afraid of me. Her subconscious reminding her of that. I had been a lot more cruel to her than the other slaves I had trained, I knew that I was being unfair, I knew that I didn't deserve the luxury of having her in my arms and feeling good about it yet I couldn't keep myself from touching her, feeling her, getting lost in everything that was her. She sniffled as she slowly came back to her senses, pressing her little palms against my chest, she tried to move back, I held her tighter. 'Don't.' I spoke into her hair, I didn't want to let go of her just yet. I didn't know if I was holding her for the sake of soothing her pain or my ache. I shut my eyes and breathed in her scent, her sweet scent, I almost lost myself in her, I almost gave into her, almost.

The hot water moulded into her skin as she stood there in the shower, her eyes never leaving mine. I don't know why I thought joining her would be a good idea but here I was, letting the water mix us into one. Her long lashes clouded over her eyelids, her lips parted as she stood there facing me, I wanted to reach out and touch her face, to kiss her lips, the beast inside me never slept while I was with her, she had awoken something deep and dangerous within the builds of my body and that, that was going to be the death of me, she, was going to be the death of me. I touched her face, I couldn't stop myself, I touched her soft silk skin. My fingertips burned at every connection I made with her body. Her arm lifted up and her hand grabbed over mine, she closed her eyes and inched into my touch. My mind wasn't functioning, I couldn't think of anything else but her, I leaned down and brushed my lips against hers, before I could pull away she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her mouth onto mine. Her sudden action made my body burn with fire, I pushed her back against the shower wall and pressed myself into her, crushing her between me and the hard surface behind her. I crushed my mouth into hers, my tongue intruding between her lips, she gave into me, she followed my lead, deepening the kiss, deepening the lust that was burning through me. I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist, my now hungry cock grazing against her pussy. I groaned into her mouth as I rubbed my length against her slit. She moaned back, breaking the kiss as her head tilted back, exposing her thin neck to me, my mouth latched onto her throat, sucking and kissing every inch of it as my cock slid back and forth in between her thighs, my hand reached for my cock and rubbed the tip at her opening. I pressed a little against her, I was burning with desire and need, I wanted to enter her and make her mine right there and then. I clenched my jaw, every muscle in my body twitching with need, it took everything I had to pull away from her, once her feet touched the ground I turned my back to her and punched my fist into the shower wall. I growled in frustration. I was pissed. She was right there, ready and waiting yet I couldn't claim her, I was going insane. Her arms wrapped around my waist, her head pressed against my back.
'What are you doing to me' I'm not sure if I was asking her that or myself. I didn't understand why it was so difficult to just stay away from her. She placed little kisses across my back. My muscles tensed against her plump lips. It took me a minute to realise that she was planting kisses along the scars on my back. I froze. She kissed them again and again and when she stopped, she asked me the one question I didn't want her to ask. 'What happened to you?' I clenched my hands into fists, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. 'Speak to me, tell me what happened to you, master.' I leaned forward and pressed my forehead against the wall. The steam creating a gloomy atmosphere as her question lingered in my head. 'Please, please talk to me.' The sound of her pleas made my stomach turn, I inhaled the thick air and opened my mouth to speak. 'I got tortured' it was taking everything in me not to walk out of this place and pretend none of this ever happened but something about her made me stay, made me want to let her in. 'Who did this to you and why?' She squeezed her arms into me, my breath caught in my throat. 'My dad ordered it.' She froze at my answer but quickly adjusted 'I don't understand, please elaborate master' she kissed another scar and that's all it took for me to spill my hate, to spill my past out to her. 'My dad is a very powerful sex trafficker, when I was younger he use to beat me, beat my little sister and my mum would always watch. One night it got out of hand, I woke up to the sound of my sister screaming, when I got to her it was too late, he had raped and killed her, he walked out her room with a man that I didn't get to see. When I realised she was gone I went looking for him but he had already packed up his stuff and left. I killed my mum that night..' she stiffened at that then soon after she rubbed her hands into my stomach as her lips found their way to another scar to kiss. 'A few days later I was taken and tortured for two weeks, the men said that it was an order from my dad for killing his wife, that's when Viktor came into the picture, he saved my life. He took me in and gave me a route to follow to get my dad back for everything that he done, to get him back for taking away my sisters dignity and life.' My knuckles had turned white from the amount of pressure I'd put on them as I clenched my fists at the painful memory of my past. 'I'm sorry.' She rested her forehead against my back, the warmth of her body easing the tension that was running wild beneath the muscles that kept me intact. 'Why did Viktor help you through this and what relation does he have to your did?'
'They were business partners. My dad also had an affair with Viktor's sister, he ended up killing Viktor's sister before leaving for good, which is why Viktor wants his revenge too.'
'I'm so sorry.' She whispered into my back, I ached to touch her, to hold her, for she settled the blood that boiled in me, the blood that was lost within the conflicts of my head, she made it feel better, for a minute, she made it go away. I turned around and looked down at her, tears had already washed down her face as she looked up at me with sadness, a sadness that wasn't for herself but for me. I didn't need her pity, I didn't need her to feel for me, I just needed her to be there, to let me drown into the depths of her, for I had lost the feeling of feeling things for a long time and here she was, bringing it back to me.

The hard part had arrived to where she asked 'What is my role in all of this? I don't understand' I knew I was being selfish for holding back the entire truth, I knew I had to let her know what really was going to happen but I didn't know if she was prepared to hear the rest, I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I saw nothing but her, my delicate little pet. I swallowed down the unsettling feeling and revealed to her what her fate was going to be. 'My dad will be at a very important auction sometime soon, only high up sex traffickers and buyers have access to that auction. We're going to get in and I'm going to sell you to Mason, my dad.' Shock was written across her face, her arms fell to her sides as tears found their way to the surface of her skin. 'You're going to please him everything that you have, the one thing he loves is power and if he sees that you've been trained so perfectly, he'd take a liking to me. That way I can get close to him, ask to work for him, train women for him, when I'm close enough to earn his full trust, I'm going rip every single thing he loves away from him and then at the end, I'll kill him.' I looked for a sign of anything in her face, but failed to find one. For the first time I couldn't read her, she had went blank. She blinked several times then nodded her head. 'And he won't recognise you?' Her question came out casual, like this hadn't affected her, I knew deep down, she was hurt. 'I've changed a lot, I'm not that 17 year old boy he used to throw about anymore.' She nodded her head once again. 'Ok, alright. I'll be perfect for you. I'll be perfect for him, for you.' She turned around and ran her fingers through her hair. Her words had hurt, they had stung, I wanted to take away the betrayal she felt. I wanted to make it all go away. I wrapped my arms around her torso, pulling her into me as I embraced this moment with her for it would be the last time I get so close to her again.
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