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I stared at the blindfold that covered my eyes, the feeling all too familiar. I no longer felt flustered as I sat blindly on my knees awaiting my inevitable future. Master had said that I was to put on a show tonight for yet another gathering that Maxence had thrown. I muffled out the voices of the many people that were watching me. My hands cuffed behind my back, I twisted my arms, not to escape the restraints but to feel it against me. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of it against my skin. I wanted to learn to become that perfect slave. I owed Master no loyalty but I'd learned to give it to him without a reason. He had been hurt, he had been turned into this person he is now, not by choice but it was all that he knew, and for that, I pained for him. Maybe he didn't deserve this, maybe he didn't deserve me doing this for him but I was going to give it to him. Somewhere along the way of conflict and torture, I'd lost myself. I felt numb sitting here, knowing all these people were having the time of their lives while I became their entertainment, in yet another black lace thong, my breasts were exposed to their eyes, I didn't know if I cared too much or didn't care at all. But I did know I was going to be exactly what he wanted me to be. I would do it for him. Yeah, I'd most likely lost my mind, but maybe losing my mind worked in my favour, either way I had no say in the matter so why not learn to do it from the bottom of my heart instead of forcing it out.

Shuffling on the 'stage' brought me back to consciousness, someone was standing right in front of me. I didn't care who it was, I didn't care about anything at all anymore. I heard a zipper get pulled down then not long after, flesh touched the side of my mouth. I didn't hesitate to open my mouth, it came at me naturally. I felt him slip in between my lips, he felt hot against my tongue. I thought of Kaleb as I began to move my head back and forth. I could hear him groaning with every movement. I envisioned my master, his length filling up my throat. I began to suck faster, taking it down my throat as he thrusted his hips. He wasn't as big as master, it was easier to wrap my mouth around him. I twirled my tongue around his size, momentarily pulling away, my lips found his length and kissed around it, my tongue tracing his sensitive skin. My teasing came to a halt as he pushed himself into my mouth again, he was going faster now, barely giving me time to catch my breath, the crowed seemed to love it though as they cheered him on. My thoughts found their way to Kaleb again, I could almost feel him filling every inch inside my mouth as he pounded into my throat. I moaned against him, I wanted it all. A few violent strokes hit the back of my throat as the man hit his ecstasy. He pulled out and came on my face. Someone wiped his cum off my face and for a second I felt sick to my stomach, but I pushed that feeling aside. I did this for him. I would do so much more and beyond for him. Tears had already dampened the cloth that hid my silent cries from the people who surrounded me. I postponed the uninvited tears as I felt arms pull me up, his arms. He held a tight grip around one of my wrists, being cuffed wasn't helping. I muted the applause of the unknown people as I was dragged out and pulled back into my room.

My body collided with the wall against my back as a hand ripped away the blindfold, I blinked several times to regain a normal vision. My eyes were met with a very angry sight. There he stood, furious at me. I had no idea what for? I did what he wanted, I was becoming the girl he desired me to be. I flinched as his hand smacked into the wall, if he had just hit any more to the left, it would've been my face that would've taken the blow. 'What the fuck was that?' He bellowed into my face, his usual masked face had been covered with fumes. 'I did what you wanted me to do master.'
'Yeah and you did a great fucking job of that, why Eva?' My heart bolted at the sound of my name that ran across his tongue like symphony to my ears. 'I don't understand master.' I lowered my gaze. He was freaking out because I did a good job? I thought that's what he wanted.
'You enjoyed that huh? It certainly looked that way' I swallowed my answer and stayed quiet. I didn't understand his reaction, I thought he'd be proud of me.
'Answer me!' He pounded into the wall again, his free hand wrapped around my throat as he choked the life out of me. For the first time, I was truly scared for my life.
'You fucking sucked him good huh? Do you have any idea how fucked up you have me? Why couldn't you be your normal self and fight it? Why did you have to suck him like it was the only dick you wanted to suck huh?' His grip had tightened around my neck and I was finding it hard to breathe let alone answer him. 'I can fucking smell him on you!' He growled into my face, my head was starting to spin as I began to choke. 'You're. Killing. Me.' I forced out the words, hoping it was enough to get him to stop, to my luck, he pulled away from me, I gasped for air as he ran his fingers through his hair, pacing back and forth. He strode back over to me and grabbed my face in his hands, his furry replaced with conflict as his eyes traced every inch of my face. 'I don't know what to do with you anymore Eva' his voice had lowered, I could hear the struggle behind his words. 'I thought of you, every second of it, I visioned you in my mouth, master' I hoped that my confession was enough to ease some of his tension, and as I'd hoped, he relaxed a little bit.
He turned me around, uncuffing my wrists as he placed small kisses on my shoulders. 'Go take a shower, I don't want you smelling of him.' And with that, I rushed into the bathroom, pressing my back against the door as I slid down to the floor and cried out the hurt that I felt in my chest. I cried my heart out, I cried until I couldn't cry anymore.

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