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Betrayal. Once again, that is all I felt, betrayed. My blood had become cold, my heart a stone. I was ice inside. I gripped the gun in my hand, I knew what I had to do. 'Eva will be safe and sound, waiting in her room for you. Go to her when you are done.' Maxence had said as he placed the gun in my hand. I eagerly took it from him. I had nothing else left to lose. Without Eva, I was nothing in this cold world. I walked out of Maxence basement, gun tight in my hand, eyesight red. I had to kill. I walked up the stairs, making my way to the study room that I knew Viktor would be at. He always spent his time there late at night. Every step closer to him felt like a step closer to my soul shattering in my bones. I looked at the man that was stood guard outside of the study room. His eyes fell onto the gun in my hand, before he could react I smacked the side of the gun against his skull, I smacked it into him again and again until his lifeless body shrunk to the floor and gave out. I felt nothing. I felt nothing but anger, my hands found the doorknob and turned it, there he sat, lounging on the chair with his feet draped over the girl he used as a table. My eyes fell onto her, I had just remembered the familiarity in her features, I'd seen her years ago with Maxence. My heart pounded in my throat, finding it hard to stop the trembling in my bones. My rage was clear and visible as Viktor watched me. His eyes now on the gun. His face held a confused expression as I strode closer to him. 'Can I help you?' He knew something was up, I could see it in his face. 'Bella, out.' I didn't want her to witness this, I didn't need her to watch this happen, she hesitated, waiting for Viktor's approval, he didn't speak, he sat there, waiting. 'Bella, I won't ask you again, get out, find your way to Maxence, he's waiting for you.' I could see both of the people in front of me freeze at my words. Bella got up and rushed out, slamming the door shut behind her. Viktor continued to stare me down, he had realised something was definitely wrong. 'What is the meaning of this?' He questioned, trying to play it cool but he didn't fool me, he didn't fool me anymore. 'Lana, the first bullet is going to be for Lana.' He froze, his demeanour changing into one that I hadn't witnessed before. 'The second bullet will be for your sister. And the last one, for myself.' I raised the gun and aimed it at him, for a split second I could see the fear that ran through him but he masked it quickly, letting out a small laugh he opened his mouth to speak, 'what are you talking about Kaleb, had too much to drink, friend?' He smiled, a smile that didn't reach his eyes. I could see the tables turning in his head, he had been caught and he knew it. 'I'm not your friend, I never was.' I took the gun off safety. He swallowed hard at my action. 'Now you really got me confused, is this a prank? Let me in on the fun' he tried to play it off again. It wasn't working in his favour for I could see the act behind his words. 'You killed them, you killed them both. You played me Viktor, why? Why?' I don't know if I was asking him or asking myself, I was shaking with rage, I was shaking with the hurt I felt in my chest, I was breaking as I stood there staring in the eyes of the man who betrayed me. 'I need you to put the gun away, you're not going to get anywhere with this.'
He was trying to threaten me, even now that he was caught out, he was trying to threaten me. I halfheartedly laughed at his empty threat, I wasn't afraid of him, I never had been. I respected him, I respected him so much, now it was all gone, dumped in the trash like the man he was. 'Admit it, god damn it! You betrayed me! You played me good Viktor, you played me just right. Had me believing in all of your games, all of your lies' I closed my eyes for a split second as I let the rage clog up my veins. 'Die as a man Viktor, not a fool.' I traced my finger over the trigger, catching his undivided attention. 'You won't do it friend, you won't shoot me. It's not me that you want, it's Mason, you know this.'
'Shut the fuck up! Don't talk unless it's the truth you're speaking!'
'I got you here, I'm the reason why you can even hold a gun in your hand, don't you dare try to threaten me Kaleb.'
'Oh it's not a threat, don't make me end you a second too early.'
'I killed your sister and what? Mason allowed it, he's the one that let it happen.' My blood boiled at his confession, it hurt so much more to hear it from him than it did from Maxence.
'That's all I needed.' My voice was barely a whisper, my finger clutched the trigger and a bullet tore through his chest. Shock evident on his face as he gripped his wound and coughed up blood. 'For Lana.'
Another bullet pierced his skin. 'For your sister.'
And the last one hit him right in the forehead. 'For me.'
The gun slipped out of my hand as I fell to my knees, I looked at his lifeless body as the tears I had locked away eleven years ago slipped out of their prison in my eyes and slid down my blood splattered face.

I don't know how long I'd stayed there, my tears had dried up along with his blood that covered me. I lifted myself off the ground and walked out of the room, heading straight to Eva. She froze at the sight of me. My head hung as I felt her rushing towards my empty body, her hands reached for my face, tears rolling down hers. 'What happened to you.' She whispered against my lips. I pulled her tight against me, burying my face in her hair, drowning in her presence. Dying for her touch. I pulled her up against me, her legs wrapped around my waist, I carried her over to the bed, laying her down on it. My finger pressing against her lips, hushing her voice before she could speak, before she could question me. I wanted her, I needed her. I ran my fingers through her hair, swimming in the feeling that was Eva. Her body froze as she watched me yank my bloodied shirt off then unbuckle my belt and slip out of my pants and boxer. The mattress dipped as I let my weight onto it, I fitted myself in between her legs, she didn't say a word, she just watched me. I leaned down against her, the feel of her skin against my skin burning my body with the fire that was running through me. My lips found hers as I placed the tip of my cock at her opening, I rubbed it against her, my patience running low for all I wanted to do was to enter her, to take her, claim her. Make her mine. So I pushed, she gasped as I inched into her tight pussy, she felt good around my cock. It was almost too hard to get my entire length into her, she cried out in pain, her hands gripping my biceps, I hushed her by crushing my mouth into hers, I moved my hips, trying to fill every inch of her insides. A groan escaped my throat as I thrusted into her sweet tight pussy, my fingers found their way to her hair, fisting her locks and yanking her head back, my mouth latching onto her exposed neck as I pounded against her walls, she began moaning for her pain had numbed down and the pleasure had built up, my muscles ripped against my skin as I destroyed her. Thrusting again and again, never slowing down, I needed her more than ever, more than anything, my skin burned with every friction that it made as it pressed against hers, I knew I was getting close, we were getting close. My free hand wrapped around her throat, putting pressure on it as my pleasure built up, I went in faster, harder, my body was on a high that I'd never felt before, a high that she'd brought to me. I never wanted to stop, I never wanted this feeling to end. I finally had her, I was finally inside her, possessing her mind, body and soul. I growled out into her moan as I felt her pussy clench around my length, her eyes rolled back as I pushed in a last thrust and exploded inside her, filling her up with my cum as I clutched onto her. I never wanted to pull out, I had marked my territory, I had claimed her. She was mine.
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