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It felt like day one again, me sitting here, watching her through her window as she cried into the night. I felt like I was starting from the beginning, plotting my next move, watching hers. Except this time, I was angry at her. She had allowed a man into her house, letting him stay with her during her days. I remembered his face, the same guy she dated before I stole her from him, let's say, he was jus a very unlucky guy because I was going to steal her again. I wanted to rip his head off his shoulders and put an end to him for good but I needed all of my focus on my little pet. She could be under the supervision of cops. They could be lurking around the corner, maybe even put a tracker in her phone or on her body, I didn't want to jump in face first and lose everything. It was a dangerous ground to walk on and here I was, sprinting on it. I had to play it careful, and a part of me, enjoyed the taunting of her, enjoyed watching her panic as she read my texts or saw my notes that I'd left for her. It wasn't hard to break into her house, in fact it was too easy, that made me feel aware of myself. I knew that it was easy to just go in anytime I wanted so it took even more willpower to hold myself back from going in there and holding her, feeling her fragile little body in my arms, I'd missed the way she felt against me, I'd missed it all. I didn't expect her to jump in my arms and give me a happy ending, I knew she had to be hurt, she had to feel betrayed, I'd abandoned her and left her to deal with everything I put her through on her own, I knew I didn't deserve her forgiveness, heck I didn't deserve to feel the warmth of her skin against mine but I needed her just as bad as she needed me and I was going to get her.

I sat low in my car, watching her every move. She had stopped crying now, it reminded me of the day before I took her, she was crying then too. Before I had left Maxence's house, he told me something that stayed in my head but I didn't feel the need to mention it to her, she was already hurt, already broken, I couldn't add onto her baggage. Viktor had chose Eva specifically because he was sure Mason would be drawn to her, for she looked like her mum, and her mum was taken by Mason 20 years ago, weeks after Eva was brought into this world, leaving Eva with a single dad who ran off because he couldn't take care of her. After her mum passed away during her captivity due to an illness, Mason had felt distraught, he had for the third time, lost a woman that he'd enjoyed the company of, Viktor knew that. Viktor knew once Mason took a look at Eva, he'd want her no matter the cost. I sighed at her broken fate. She probably had thoughts that her mother abandoned her, that's probably why she cried most of the nights. I ached to hold her close to me, to tell her everything will be ok, but I had to keep my distance, I had to be patient.

I looked at the phone in my hand, she had replied back with 'Master?' Last night. I didn't respond, the beast in me wanted to keep her in the dark. I enjoyed the thrill of seeing her scared like she use to be. I had left a note for her this morning while she had left the house, not entirely sure where she went but if she read the note which I knew she did, she should be by the window in a few minutes. 9pm sharp, strip against the window for me then play with yourself, pet. I had wrote on the note. My nerves were running wild as I waited for her to put on a show for me. I stilled as I saw her figure walk back into her room and to the window, she looked outside for a moment, I could see the struggle in her movements as she slipped out of her clothes and underwear, she stood there naked, her eyes searching the area for me as I sat hidden behind the tinted windows of my black car. I knew she was aching to see me, I was being unfair, but she wouldn't have to wait long, soon enough she'd be right in front of her master. My cock hardened at her nude figure, her fingers were already dipped inside of her, the palm of her free hand resting against the window as she brung her pleasure to the surface. I rubbed my hand over my crotch, I was aching for release but I didn't want the release unless it was her who gave it to me. My eyes scanned every inch of her, her lips had parted, I knew she was moaning. I'd missed the sight of her, I missed the way she panted while she was coming close to breaking down in pleasure and pain. I clenched my teeth, my hands fisted at my sides, I held back the urge to go in and take her all the while her body shook as her pleasure came to an end. She waited a minute before she backed away from her window, I waited a minute before I backed away from her house. My body on fire, my mind at war, for I felt pain when I wasn't with her. For I felt incomplete at her absence.

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