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I watched my starved little pet as she squirmed around to get to the bowl of water I held in front of her face. Every now and then pulling it away, just to watch her try and get to it, to ease the thirst that concealed within the depths of her throat. She was panting for something to feed her hunger, her thirst. Just like the start, I kept her from eating or drinking just so I can revive the feeling she had when she first got here. As I'd predicted, it worked out well. She was relying on me to keep her alive, that's what I wanted, for her to rely on me for everything, even the breath that she took, I wanted her to know and understand that I had full control of her, for I was her master, I was her Dom and she was my slave, my submissive. I put the bowl to her mouth, watching her lick the water, letting it wet her tongue, letting it fuel her adrenaline.

'Do you think you've suffered enough to feel good now, pet?' I knew my question took her back to the first time I ever made her cum. I could see her body still at my words. 'Yes master.' She lifted her head up, her blindfolded eyes searching for me. I put the bowl aside and took the cuffs off her wrists. She instantly rubbed her sore skin, I took her hands in mine and kissed every redness on her wrists. I could feel her settle at my gesture. I took the blindfold off her eyes and watched her watch me, I could see the emotions that circled her as she saw me after a few days of being back here. Her eyes traced my every move as I picked up the bowl of water and walked to the far end of the room, placing it next to the bowl of food. I stood back, waiting, watching as she slowly got onto her hands and knees and crawled to the bowls that were set in front of my feet. She buried her face into the meal and ate what I'd deprived her of. A small smile filtered my lips, I loved the way she looked on her hands and knees, at my feet. I loved the way her ass hung in the air, waiting for me to pound into it. It never failed to wake the beast in me.

After her little feast was done, I brought her back into the room that she belonged to, that once use to be her prison, only difference now was that, she had come to love this prison. I planned on having her in my room but she had to earn that. My eyes traced over her fragile figure as she stood bent over on the bed, she had been a naughty girl and it was time to punish her. 'Count' I smacked my belt into her ass, watching it jiggle at the impact, I had barely started and she was already gasping at every hit. 'Do you know why I'm punishing you, pet?' I questioned her, almost positive, she had no idea. She shook her head and counted 'three' as I landed another hit to her skin. 'What's that? I can't hear you.' I was taunting her and I loved it. 'No master, I don't know why you're punishing me.' She cried out at the next blow. 'This is for letting another man stay with you, James, was it?' I watched her as her body tensed up at my answer. Another blow and she dug her face into the mattress. 'I'm sorry master.' She mumbled into the sheet. 'Sorry is not good enough, pet.' She tried inch away from me as I prepared to land the next hit.
'Tell me pet, who do you belong to?'
'You master.'
Strike seven.
'Who owns you?'
'You master.'
Strike eight.
'Are you going to ever disappoint me again?'
'No master.'
Strike nine.
'Good girl.'
'Thank you master.'
'Every little part of you belongs to me, even the air you breathe is mine.'
Strike ten. She was writhing in pain as the last blow hit her full force. I stood behind her, rubbing her red ass in my hands, soothing the pain I'd just inflicted on her. She relaxed under my touch, giving into the pain and letting it devour her.

I watched her tiny body still bent over on the bed, something about her burned my insides, I had always enjoyed inflicting pain on others, yet with her, I wanted to hold her in my arms and pamper her all day long, call her a princess and kiss her goodnight. Something about her was starting to tame the beast that lived inside me, something about her was starting to bring out the man I was eleven years ago, the man with emotions. The man that felt, for I was feeling things for her that my mind couldn't comprehend. For I was feelings things for her that I had long ago forbidden.

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