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I licked over the cracks on my dry lips, savoured the wetness of my tongue. Swallowed what was left of my saliva to feed myself the thirst my body eagerly waited for. My stomach rumbled at the thought of food. My hunger had hit an emergency and I was desperate to eat, to drink, to swallow. Not sure how long I'd been here, maybe four days? Four days, starved and weak. The only thing I was lucky to get was the spit that I'd earn myself whenever I nodded my head if he asked if I was thirsty or hungry. I wanted to throw up at the thought of swallowing down his spit. Disgusted that I'd even go as far as accepting it. My body was trembling with hunger, covered in cold goosebumps and raging sweat. Not sure why I was sweating, I was cold, freezing even, yet I'd sweat like I had run a marathon for the past four days. My arms ached to be free, my body felt distorted, I was desperate to move, to stretch. I couldn't stand being in the same position anymore. I was tired of seeing only darkness, I needed my vision back. I needed to see something, anything. I was going insane in this dark cold place. My heart faltered at the sound of his footsteps, I could hear him unlock the door and walk towards me, every step felt like an eternity until I felt his presence up close and personal. As usual, he invaded my privacy. As usual, he was too close for comfort. I inched back from his touch as he stroked my hair like I was a dog. Holding my tongue from saying anything that would get me in trouble. I didn't want to get a slap on my breasts until I couldn't take no more. I could still feel the stings of his last hit to my breasts. I shivered at the thought.

'Do you think you've suffered enough to feel good now, pet?' His voice was low, rough. I cringed at his words. I closed my eyes beneath the blindfold and breathed. What was I meant to say to him? What did he mean by 'feel good'? I thought about the question before I nodded my head. Not sure what I was nodding my head at.

'Speak when I ask you a question, pet.' I took a long steady inhale before I answered 'yes' on a shaky breath. I felt his hand cup my chin then lift my face up, assuming it was to face him.

'You're going to refer to me as Master from now on, do you understand, pet?' I crushed my teeth together at his absurdity. I wanted to punch him, slap him. Yell at him and tell him he ain't shit, but I held back, I simply nodded.

'What did I say about speaking when I ask you a question.' I could hear him breathe heavier, I guess I broke a rule already. Too bad asshole.
'Do. You. Understand?' He repeated.

'Yes' I whispered, my voice cracked, my throat dry. I just wanted a drink of water.

'Yes what?' His hand slid down from my chin to my neck, he squeezed at my throat and waited for my response.

'Yes master.' I choked out, earning myself the freedom of my throat as he removed his hand from my neck and stroked my face instead. 'Good girl.' He praised me then walked away, I wanted to yell for him to come back, to give me water, to give me food, I wanted to beg for him to not leave me here like this until I heard the screeching of a chair, he brought it right in front of me, sitting down on it, I heard the click clack of a bucket. My mind went on overdrive, not sure what I was in for, what he was planning to do. Every second felt like torture as I waited for his next move. Relief flooded my senses as I felt the tip of an ice touch my lips. I greedily opened my mouth to swallow it whole. He held it in place between his fingers, keeping it just in reach to tease my thirst. 'Please' I begged. I had had enough, I needed the cold dripping of the ice to settle upon my dry throat. I needed it to satisfy my torturous thirst. He placed the ice in my mouth and wrapped his hand over my lips.

'Don't swallow, let it melt' he had brought his lips right beside my ear. I nodded my head, thankful for the ice that was now cooling the heat inside my mouth. My small victory ended just as fast it started as I felt his fingertips trace over my collar bone to in between my breasts and down my stomach. 'No' I mumbled against the melting ice. 'Shhh.' He whispered against my ear, his breath hot, fevering my skin. His fingers were already tickling the inside of my thighs, spreading my legs apart as I tried to shut them close. 'Don't deny me what's mine' he breathed against me, his fingers now resting at my sensitive spot. I felt tears trespassing their cage beneath my eyelids as he rubbed me. He placed another ice inside my mouth while his fingers tenderly touched my skin, slowly rubbing against my opening. 'Please.. don't' I swallowed the ice, hoping my pleas would earn me a stop to this torture. This intrusion upon my body. Instead I earned myself another ice in my mouth and a finger that slipped inside me. My heart leapt in my chest, my breathing picking up pace as my tears freely strolled down the side of my face and vanished into the material of the cloth covering my eyes. He picked up pace as he thrusted his fingers in and out of me, I wanted to die. I felt sick. I trembled beneath his intrusion, as he infected me with his finger, keeping a rhythm while I drank down the melting ice in my mouth. He went on and on, shame flooded my senses as I felt myself reaching something, something that I didn't want to reach. I felt his hot breath on the side of my face as he worked his finger inside me, another ice, another thrust of his finger, another hit of torturous pleasure. I was going to come.

'Don't cum until I say so' his voice was deep, shallow, I could hear the lust within his words. I held back, I didn't want to cum. I didn't want to feel this. I wanted to disappear, I wanted to punch myself. I hated that my body had turned against me, I hated that I couldn't stop it. I held back a moan that almost slipped past my lips, distracting myself with the ice that was melting on my tongue. He pushed further, continuously hitting my walls. My sensitive walls. I was going to explode. 'Cum' he bit into my earlobe and that's all it took for me to release my shame onto his finger. I cried out, hating myself for being so weak. I cried and he held me. Placing his wet finger into my mouth, I swallowed my disgust. 'Shhh' he stroked my hair then stood and left. Left me to rot in my own humiliation.

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