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I let the water wash away the thoughts of my little pet as I stood under the raging shower, the hot steam clouding my sight as my mind wandered to the very place I didn't want it to be at. Eva. She was so innocent so pure. Soon she'd be corrupted, broken too, shattered into a million pieces. I closed my eyes and saw her face, her fear struck face. Her trembling body while she pleaded for me not to touch her. Her pussy felt tight around my finger. I knew she's a virgin but I didn't know she was that tight. My balls ached at the thought of her nude petite little body, the way her pussy clenched around my finger as I made her cum, I wanted to crush her beneath me while I took her over and over again. Holding back was going to be a struggle. My hand reached for my throbbing cock as the water dripped from my body, I needed release. I gripped my manhood in my hand and paced back and forth, with every thrust came in an image of her. I picked up pace and groaned into the air as I grew harder and harder. Her tits, a thrust. Her lips, a thrust. Her tight little pussy, a thrust. Her blindfolded face, a thrust, and another one, another one and another one, I was done for. I grunted as I spilled my load onto the shower floor. The water washing away the remaining of my sin.

I had never been so desperate for a girl that I trained. It's always been strictly business. I'd take them, train them then sell them. Simple as that. She's the most important of all, she's the bait to my plan, she's going to be the one to get me what I've been working so hard for. She's nothing but a pawn. A pet. I clench my jaw as I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist. Studying myself in the mirror, I fist my hands, the scars on my body reminding me of what I'm here for. What my purpose is. A deep long scar going down the side of my jaw and a small one on my left eyebrow. Two scars on my chest that fall onto my tattoo. A long scar underneath my chest, going from my abs to my ribs, a scar near my V line and a scar on my shoulder. That's nothing compared to the scars on my back. I take in my appearance, inhale my vengeance and focus on what needs to be done. These are here to always remind me, I'm not doing this for fun, but for revenge.

The sound of my phone pulls me out of my heated thoughts and I already know who's calling.

'Yeah?' I wait for Viktor to speak. I've been waiting for his call.
'How's the girl?' He asks, interested in on how I'm dealing with his choice of a slave.
'She's good.' My replies come out short and blunt, I don't have time for chit chat, I need to know that we're still on track.
'I'm in Tehran right now. I can't get in touch much. Plan is going well, once I get the details on where and when the auction is taking place I'll update you.' I let out a breath and feel satisfied with the news, although not satisfied enough. 'Sounds good.'
'Farewell Kaleb.' He said then I cut the line and kept a tight hold of the phone in my hand, almost crushing it. It'd been years since I met Viktor. Years since he made me into the man I am today. Years since I erased what was left of me and become the monster I've transformed into now. My old identity, gone. I can barely remember my real name. Barely remember my thoughts in the past, but I can clearly remember the betrayal I felt when I lost myself to the world I had been forced into. I will never apologise for being who I am, no one apologised for making me this way.

My blood boiled at the painful memories of my past. I turned that pain and the hurt into strength, I turned it into rage and that's what has kept me going, kept me standing and moving. It's too late to take back all the harm I've made, all the lives I've ruined and the life's I've took. It's too late to turn back now. I'm so close I can taste it. I can feel in my veins for I am unstoppable, I am unbreakable, for I am the monster I once feared I might become.


Food. I could smell food. My senses heightened at the appealing scent of what I had been yearning for, for days. I sat up straight awaiting his presence. When the door opened, my heart dived in my chest. I needed food. I needed water. The closer he got the stronger I indulged into the delicious smell. I heard the creaking of the chair from a distant then his footsteps came to me. He was stood right in front of me, I could feel him close. I felt him fiddle with the cuffs around my sore wrists and instantly I felt a wave of happiness come crashing towards me. He was going to set me free from this painful position, I was going to be able to stretch my aching arms. When the cuffs came off, I yanked my arms towards me so fast, I pulled a muscle. It ached. I wasn't used to moving my arms. It was hurting and I was in pain. I rubbed my sore wrists and moved them around, trying to get my blood flowing through them again. Pins and needles overtook my arms and hands, it somewhat felt nice. I felt relieved to be free from the restraints. My celebration came to a halt as I felt his fingertips on my neck, he brushed aside my dirty hair and rubbed my shoulders. I was thankful for the gesture but I didn't want his touch even though I couldn't stop myself from leaning into his touch. Cold breeze settled upon my skin where his fingers were as he pulled away from me, a moment later I felt him wrap something around my throat. It was cold and rough. It felt like leather. I wanted to ask him what he was doing, ask him why he was doing this but I didn't find the guts to question him. Within the short time I'd been here I'd realised conversing with him was a dead end. He rarely spoke, rarely communicated, his unspoken words were put into his body language, his actions. I had yet to understand what most of it meant. I stayed silent as he fiddled with the thing around my neck, assuming it was a collar. I didn't care, I was happy that my hands were no longer bound, I was happy that I could smell food. I didn't want to do anything to lose all of this luxury. I felt pathetic. With a clicking sound I realised he'd attached the collar around my neck to a chain. He pulled on the chain, indicating for me to follow, I went to stand but he made a disapproving sound.

'Crawl' he ordered. Was this some kind of sick joke? I waited, waited for him to give me new instructions, to stand, to walk, to breathe like a normal person. When his silence filled the room and deafened my ears I realised this was no joke. Getting onto my hands and knee's I bit down on my bottom lip as my humiliation swept over me like a thick blanket. He walked, I crawled. I followed him to where he stopped. I heard him take a seat on the chair, unsure of what I was suppose to do, I stayed on my hands and knees. Afraid doing anything else would result in me being further hungered.

'Sit' he instructed me like I was a dog. I had never felt so degraded in my life. I moved onto a sitting position, my hands fiddling in my lap, I hadn't had the opulence of using my arms for so long that I had no idea what to do with them. 'Open up' he put food near my mouth, it smelt like chicken, delicious chicken. My mouth watered as I opened up and waited for him to put the food in my mouth, I froze when I felt his finger against my lips, he was feeding me with his hands. I removed any dignity for the sake of being fed. I didn't want to die of hunger, I didn't want to be starved again. I ate. I ate out of his hand, I even sucked on his finger, that's how much I needed food. A piece of chicken dropped on the floor and I felt the presence of his fingers move away from my lips. He waited. I waited. Grabbing my hair, he guided my head downwards. I knew now what he was waiting for. For me to eat the piece off the floor. I swallowed my embarrassment and licked at the floor, blindly searching for the piece of food that I had dropped, when my tongue came into contact with the chicken I immediately took it into my mouth and chewed. 'Good girl' he praised me as he pet my head. I felt like a good girl. I felt like I had pleased him. I also felt sick that I felt all of this stuff. I was going insane.

When I was done eating, he left. Don't do anything you know I'd disapprove of, pet. He had said before he walked out. By that I knew he meant taking off the blindfold. My hands were free, I could easily take off the only thing that was stopping me from using my vision. If I said I wasn't tempted to take it off I would be lying. How would he know? But why would he so easily trust me if he wasn't going to find out. Maybe he had cameras in here, maybe there were windows in this room and he was watching me. I didn't want to risk it, maybe not being able to see anything was for the best. I don't think I was ready to come face to face with my prison. I sunk to the floor, awkwardly laying on my side and bringing my knees to my chest as I hugged myself. It felt nice to be able to lay down even if it was on a cold hard floor like this. I felt dirty, disgusting. I hadn't showered since my captivity, I could feel the germs growing on me. I rubbed at my skin. Peeing in a bucket 3 times a day wasn't helping either, embarrassment had officially moved in and became my only companion. I would rather lick all the food off the floor everyday than to pee in a bucket that he was holding. I cringed at the thought. Goosebumps approached my skin as I heard the door unlock again. His footsteps coming closer to me, I sat up and covered my nude body now that I could use my hands. I could feel his disapproval without having to actually see him. Grabbing the chain attached to my collar and with his free hand grabbing my arm, he pulled meup m, guiding me to walk with him. 'Where are we going?' I stuttered, I was afraid now that I was free from that spot near the wall, he'd be doing things to me that I didn't want to be done. I didn't expect nothing more than silence from him. I wondered if he was always this scary. Some people's silence can be as a result of shyness or awkwardness but him, he radiated power and dominance. His silence was intimidating.

'Watch your step, pet' he spoke out, informing me that I was coming towards some sort of stairs. My heart was a mess in my chest. I had no idea what was happening. Being stuck in the unknown constantly was ripping me to pieces. I carefully walked up the stairs with him. It felt like we had walked for about an eternity till we got to a certain location. I wondered how big this house was. If it even was a house. I heard him open a door and I followed him into the room. The warm fuzzy feeling of the carpet beneath my bare feet felt nice. I dug my toes into the carpet, indulging in the warmth of the material beneath my skin. He guided me to somewhere else, another door opened and he told me to stand still. When the running sound of water approached my ears I realised we were in a bathroom. I didn't know whether to be happy to be getting a bath or to be freaked out that he was most likely going to bath me. I swallowed any remaining dignity of mine before I stepped into the warm liquid that now surrounded my dirty body. When I knew that I had been fully cleaned, I waited to be guided out of the bathtub, instead I felt his hand caress my face. I awkwardly stared at the blindfold and hoped that a caress was all it was going to be. To my disappointment, his hand made its way down my body and stopped between my thighs.

'No, don't do this, please don't do this' I begged, I felt sick once again. I couldn't take another intrusion upon my traitorous body.
'What's my title?' He questioned as his fingers rubbed at my entrance. I couldn't find the words to speak, the water that felt nice two minutes ago, now felt like it was suffocating me. 'Master, please, please don't do this to me' I whispered on shaky breath. My pleas fell on deaf ears as he inch by inch entered his finger inside me. I gasped, I wanted to throw up. 'Stop!' I yelled as I pulled at his hand, trying to pry him off of me. I weren't restrained this time, there was no excuse for me not to fight him, I had to fight him no matter what the consequences were going to be. I scratched my nails into his skin, hoping to rip his hand apart. I had no remorse right now. This wasn't going to happen to me again. Not this time. He was strong he was calculated, he overpowered me in every way so if I couldn't beat him with strength I had to distract him, distract his intentions. I lifted my hands off his and pulled off my blindfold. The light blinded my sensitive eyes, I closed them for a minute then slowly opened them again, blinking several times to adjust to the light. I had seen darkness so much that the light gave me an instant headache. My vision cleared and my breath got stuck in my throat as I gazed into his eyes. His green ruthless eyes. I could see the anger building within him. He was not happy. We stared at each other for a long moment, all movements had stopped, everything had froze, there was nothing but me and him. Nothing but the beautiful creature staring deep into my soul. His skin, tan. A very smooth dark tan that put my light pale tan to shame. His thick lashes clouded over his eyelids, his jaw sharp, stubbles had grown on his face which made him look the more intimidating, military black haircut, short on the sides and longer at the top, his full lips pressed tightly against each other as he clenched his teeth. I could practically see the bones sticking out of his jaw. What really caught my eye was the long scar that invaded his skin, a long scar that marked his jaw and a smaller one on his left eyebrow. I didn't realise how long I'd been staring at him until he pulled his finger out of me and grabbed me by the hair and yanked me out of the tub, I fell on my knees, the connection my bones made with the floor sent shooting pains within my legs. I was still in shock at his beauty. I didn't know such beautiful beings on the outside could be ugly creatures on the inside. He effortlessly dragged me across the floor and into the bedroom. My eyes frantically looked around the room but I had no time to take in my surrounding for I had yet to face the punishment I was about to receive.
'That was reckless of you pet' he stood above me, I looked up at him, his large masculine body towering over my small one.
'You shouldn't have done that' he tilted his head to the side, studying me, boring holes into my naked skin with his deathly stare.
'You definitely shouldn't have done that' and with that I knew I was about to really regret my poor choice of actions.
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