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When I saw him unbuckling his belt I knew I was done for. I absentmindedly grabbed at his legs and put my put head against them. 'Please don't hurt me, I'm so sorry Master' I said the first thing that came to my mind and hoped for the best. I felt so pathetic. Just a minute ago I had felt like I could take him on, like I was going to escape him that easy now here I am begging at his feet like a pathetic little child. I didn't know what else to do, who else to beg, what else to think. I just knew whatever was to come, wasn't going to be good. He leaned down and slid his fingers into my wet hair, fisting it in his large hand, yanking my hair back, I was forced to look up at him. I saw no remorse behind those green eyes, no remorse in that perfectly sculpted face. I closed my eyes and hoped to drown in my own misery.

'Look at me' he grunted, I did as I was told and stared up at him, for a minute eyeing the belt that he had wrapped around his free hand. My heart was doing backflips in my chest as I waited for his next move.
'Entrer en position' his words came out foreign to my ears. I didn't know if I was allowed to speak so I didn't.
'Whenever I say that, you get into position. Lay flat on your back, legs spread apart, knees high, hands on your thighs' I watched him in confusion. Why did he say it in a different language?
'Do you understand?' He let go of my hair and backed up a little bit. I felt relieved to not have him so close, his close proximity always sent shivers up my spine.
'Yes Master' I managed to squeak out. My throat felt dry, all the food I had ate threatening to come right back out.
'Now, entrer en position.' His tone was harsh but he waited patiently for me to obey. Too afraid to earn myself another punishment I got into position. I lay there trembling, afraid that I was definitely not going to like what was coming my way next. He circled around me then stood in between my legs and took a step back, eyeing me. I wanted to vanish into the floor beneath me. I felt violated. His eyes roamed around my body from head to toe. My eyes fell to the erection on his crotch. I felt myself shudder at the sight of it. It looked big and it terrified me. Embarrassment greeted me as I noticed he caught me looking. His eyebrow lifted for a quick moment then his face went blank again.

'You don't want me to touch you' I wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement so I shook my head hoping it was enough for him to move on.
'Then touch yourself' my eyes shot wide open. He wanted me to do what? I was starting to feel overwhelmed with all of this. Why was he doing this to me? Why was I even here to begin with? What was the meaning of all of this? I felt hot tears rage down the side of my eyes as I swallowed down what was left of my dignity.
'Now' he took a breath then opened his mouth to speak again.
'Touch yourself before I do it for you, pet' I closed my eyes for a brief moment and inhaled in my reality. My fingers trembled as I moved them towards my sacred part. I'd never been so close to a man let alone be comfortable enough to be so exposed in front of one. Specially, this one. I felt like I was going to die of humiliation as I rubbed myself while he watched, he watched it all. His eyes roamed from my body to my face. He was enjoying this.
'Make yourself cum, pet' he lightly swung the belt in his hand, warning me to try him. To dare disobey him. I rubbed and rubbed. I couldn't do it. I couldn't make myself cum. I was too under pressure and too mortified at my situation to be able to bring myself to climax.
'I can't.. Master' I whispered, my words shaking on my tongue.
'You can't or you won't?' He questioned, his gaze frightened me. I wanted to run, to hide but I knew better than to anger him again. I gave it everything I had, I rubbed and I rubbed. I tried to focus on just that.
'Insert your finger' he ordered and I followed, I had to get it over and done with or we'd be here till tomorrow or worse, I'd earn myself another set of punishment. Setting aside my shame, I fingered myself, I could feel myself starting to move towards something, something that he wanted. I continued to touch myself, focusing on the green in his eyes as he stared me down. My mind went blank for a moment and I felt my pleasure building up. I bit down on my bottom lip as I felt myself reach towards my orgasm. Another touch, another push of my finger and I had arched my back, curled my toes and came. I felt disgusted with myself. Ashamed of how pathetic I had become. I lay there staring at him, tears inching down my face and dampening the carpet beneath me. I lay there in the quiet of the room. I wondered why he took off his belt, was it to scare me? To threaten me into doing this? He was smart, that much I knew. I just wondered, how smart was he exactly? I closed my eyes and drowned in my never ending thoughts.

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