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I'd adjusted to the new room I was given, almost grateful for it. It didn't smell like dust. It wasn't so cold and rough. It was mainly empty apart from a large bed in the middle of the room with four large bedposts. A nightstand on the side of the bed, one large leather chair on the far end of the room and a bathroom to left side of the room. All windows had been boarded up. The amount of times I tried to break through it was crazy. You'd think I'd give up by now knowing it's no use, but I kept trying, again and again. I even tried to unlock or break the door in the room down, it was useless. I didn't want to give up. I didn't want to accept defeat. I had to give myself hope. I had to believe that I would set myself free for there was no one else to come to my rescue. I wondered about the real world every once in a while. I tried not to, it hurt too much but I couldn't help wonder.. was anyone looking for me? Had they gave up on me? Had they accepted defeat? Even though I had no family, even though I had no real friends, I couldn't help but think that maybe just maybe someone out there had me on their thoughts. I even wondered about James, I had dated him for about three months before I was kidnapped. Was he with another woman? Did he think of me? Is anyone out there looking for me? If so, why do I feel so alone in this four walled prison of mine. Why do I feel so trapped like I'm never going to get out? I pushed back the tears that threatened to spill, I wasn't going to allow myself the luxury of pitying myself. I had no use for self pity. It wasn't going to get me an escape route, it wasn't going to buy me freedom. Why did bad things always happen to me? What had I done to deserve this? From the moment I was born, my mum disappeared on me. Some say she was a runaway, some say she was kidnapped. If she really was kidnapped then I guess this runs in the family. I chuckled to myself, I really have lost my mind. I've always been alone but now, now I can really feel it. I can really feel my loneliness. I hugged myself, the mental pain was too much to bare. I was almost relieved when I heard the door unlock and my captor walked in. My relief quickly turned into panic as another large man walked in behind him. Both of their eyes were on me. I shifted uneasily, pulling the covers on my body, hiding myself from the eyes of the predators that watched my every move.

'So this is the special little slut' the new man to our party spoke with a smirk on his face. He stood around 6'2 with a large muscled body. His skin was tan, a little darker than Masters tanned skin. He looked foreign. Middle eastern maybe. His hair dark and frizzy, his eyes jet black. I could see the lust behind his gaze that sent shivers up my spine.

'That's not exactly what I'd refer to her as but yeah this is her.' Master spoke out, clenching his jaw and balling his hands into fists. It was as though, the foreign mans comment angered him.
'She's a sight' the man spoke as he walked closer to my bed. He grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the covers. I instantly hid my body from him, placing my hands over my breasts and in between my thighs. He let out a laugh as he yanked my arms aside. I looked over to my Master in hopes that he'd do something, anything. I felt stupid for seeking comfort and protection in the man who put me in this situation.

'Refrain from touching her.' Master walked towards us and grabbed me, pushing me behind him and out of view. I felt relieved, somewhat safe.

'Oh come on Kaleb, I just want to have a little fun.' Master tensed up as his name was exposed to me. I didn't see the big deal, in some ways I was happy to finally know his name but I stayed quiet and hoped they'd forget I exist.

'Shit man sorry' the foreign man spoke again, realising his mistake.

'I don't want to have to end you, Mustafa.' Master said the mans name with such venom that I'm sure if I was the one on the receiving end I'd be terrified for my life. Without another word he turned and faced me, my heart pounded every time his gaze fell upon me. I felt exposed, fragile beneath his look.
'You can take your leave now that you can see she's here, alive and well. Tell Viktor, I don't need his dogs interfering with my work' he spoke out to Mustafa yet his eyes were on me. I didn't know what they were talking about or what was meant by their conversation but it unnerved me, whatever it was, it had to do with me and it wasn't good. Mustafa stormed off in anger and smacked the door shut that made me flinch. I blinked several times, not sure what to do now that the man was gone and I was stood here with an angry Master. He broke our staring competition and leaned down, burying his face in the crook of my neck. I stood there breathing heavy, my heart was pounding again, I bit my bottom lip as my nerves scattered about. He breathed in my scent while his hands roamed down my arms. Lifting my arms up he held them above my head then he pushed me back against the wall. My eyes fell to the scar on his jaw and for a split second I was distracted by the thoughts of how it got there and before I realised his free hand was on my breast. I pleaded him to stop with my eyes for my voice came out silent. He continued to toy with me, using my discomfort as his amusement.

'Entrer en position' he spoke then took a step back, freeing me from his cruel touch. I slowly lay on the floor, in the position he had taught me. I searched his face for answers to my unspoken questions. Did I do something wrong? Was he going to make me touch myself again? I shivered at the thought. I didn't want to go through that again.

'When I say position deux , you get on your hands and knees, head up, eyes down to the floor.'

He spoke as he walked around me in circles, I didn't know what was meant by this or why I had to know these positions, specially why I had to learn it in a different language, from the word 'deux' meaning 'two, I realised that he was teaching me in French. I took a breath and opened my mouth. 'Yes master.'
'Entrer en position deux' he took a step and watched me, waiting for me to follow his instructions and so I did, lifting myself off the floor, I turned over and got on my hands and knees, my head high, my eyes on the floor just as he had ordered. I was thankful to be staring at the floor. I couldn't look at him stand so tall and powerful above me while I followed orders like a pitiful dog.
'Good, very good, pet.' He crouched down and stroked my hair. I stared at a spot on his shoes, distracting myself from the tears that awaited freedom. Tears that long waited to roll down my face. I held them back, I kept them in place. I wasn't going to cry and he wasn't going to get the satisfaction of seeing me break.

'Position trois, you will be just like you are now, except your shoulder and hands on the floor, your right side of the face resting on the floor too.' He stood back again, my chest was heaving with the intensity of his demeanour, his entire existence frightened me. I couldn't stop my pounding heart from flailing in my chest.

'Now entrer en position trois' he circled me again, his footsteps unsettled me as I got into the position he had asked for. I didn't have to look at him to know his eyes were taking in every inch of my naked body. I felt bare and open beneath his watchful eyes. I didn't know how much more I could take before I curled up into a ball and became a shivering mess.

'À l'aise' another foreign word to my ears. I wish he would stop speaking french and just speak the language I know. I feel stupid sitting here waiting for him to explain.
'Whenever you hear that, you get on your knees with your hands on your lap, your chin high, eyes on the floor. The meaning; at ease.' That was his definition of 'at ease'? I wondered what his definition of 'comfortable' was. I closed my eyes and inhaled my own degradation. He wanted me to surrender, that much I knew. But the reason behind it, I had yet to figure out.
'À l'aise esclave.' It didn't take a genius to know that 'esclave' meant 'slave.' I grind my teeth together in disgust. How can one be so shallow to call another, a slave. I wanted to dig my fingers in his eyes and rip them out. My anger was unbearable the more time I spent with this incredibly beautiful monster. Slowly, I got onto my knee's and looked at the ground. He came and stood right in front of me, in-prisoning my chin between his thumb and index finger, he lifted my chin up further, my eyes still glued on the floor. I didn't really know where else to look at and I was thankful that I didn't have to face him.

'Always keep your eyes down unless instructed otherwise, don't speak unless you're spoken to and never forget to follow rules. Am I clear, pet?' I bit down hard on my bottom lip, it had become my only way to hold my tongue from saying all the things I wanted to say to this monster, instead I kept my eyes locked on the floor and breathed out 'yes master.'

'Good girl.' He wrapped his hand in my hair and pulled my head towards his crotch, rubbing my face against his erection. I felt sick to my stomach. I could feel him hard and big against my cheek. I let the rough beating in my chest distract me from his actions as he was now rubbing my lips against him.
'Open your mouth and suck.' He gripped my hair tighter, indicating that I wasn't going anywhere, I hesitantly opened my mouth and ran my tongue on his crotch, more than thankful that his jeans separated my tongue from touching skin. He pressed his hardness into my mouth, even through his pants, I could feel his length and how large it was. The material of his jeans felt uncomfortable inside my mouth as I sucked. It felt like forever before he let go of my hair and backed up only to lean down and grab my jaw in his hand.
'You have no idea what you do to me.' His voice came out rough, deep and shallow which sent shivers throughout my body.
'You've no idea how hard you make me.' He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel him throbbing beneath my touch. 'This, this is what you do to me.' I could feel his hardness at the palm of my hand, I blushed at his words and actions, I wished that I didn't do that to him. He let go of me and walked out. Just like that, he left me to wash away with the tears that now rolled down my face.

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