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My cock ached at her naked sleeping form. She was curled up under the blanket before I came and now, I had lifted the blanket and stared down at her fragile little body. I ran my fingers across her face, for a second it seemed as though she leaned into my touch. Her skin felt smooth beneath my fingers, I wanted to touch her all day, everyday. Brushing her hair to the side, I watched her breathe normally. When she was around me she always seemed to be trying to fight a panic attack. It was nice to see her all peaceful and stress free. My knuckles found their way to her bottom lip, I grew hard at the feel of her mouth against my skin. The things I wanted to do to that very mouth of hers. My thoughts hit pause as her eyes shot wide open and she jumped up, backing away from me. I waited for her to calm down and realise I'm not going to hurt her. She eyed me carefully before she looked at the two dog bowls in my hand. I could see the wheels turning in that pretty little head of hers.
'I expect you to be up and awake at 7am sharp every morning. You are to be on your knees by the door waiting for my arrival.' I walked to the side wall and placed the bowls down onto the floor then turned back and looked at her. 'Do you understand?'

'Yes master.' Fuck how I loved the way she said that. I could cum just by listening to her call me master. I adjusted my cock in my pants, never taking my eyes off her.

'And you are to drink and eat out of this whenever I ask you so, pet.' I pointed to the bowls on the floor. I could see her swallowing hard as she gazed at the dog bowls.
'Do you understand?' I waited for her response and when I didn't get any I strode towards her, grabbing a fistful of her hair I pulled her out of bed and onto the floor, yanking her hair back, her head shot up my way. 'Do. You. Understand.?' I repeated, putting pauses between my words for emphasis. She blinked her brown eyes several times before she answered. 'I'm not a dog.' I liked that little fire in her, she rarely revealed her inner self to me but this, this was the real her talking and it amused me. My eyes slid from hers to her mouth, I wanted to kiss those beautiful lips. I wanted to rip into her skin and take her until she couldn't take no more. Instead, I let go of her hair and walked towards the leather chair and picked up the tray I had brought in with me. Walking back over to the bowls on the floor, I emptied her breakfast into one bowl and her water into the other then went back over to the chair and sat down, my eyes never leaving hers.
'Manger.' I held her gaze as she confusingly watched me.
'Meaning eat in french. Go on pet, eat.'
She shook her head, I could see the tears in her eyes threatening to spill. She was drained. Tired of this but I wasn't going to excuse her.
'Crawl to your breakfast and eat.' I spoke again, waiting for her to follow my instructions, she stayed put. Her eyes burned with rage, her bottom lip in between her teeth as she chewed out her anger.
'I guess you're not hungry. I guess you won't be hungry for another week.' I threatened as I walked towards the bowls and picked them up, before I got to the door to leave, she called out for me.
'Wait.. wait master.'
I could hear the conflict in her tone of voice. She didn't want to be starved again, she knew if she didn't eat I'd keep her hungry for the rest of the week until she learned to eat the way I wanted her to.
'I am hungry, master.'
'Beg.' I put my hand on the doorknob when she didn't say anything, as I was about to take my leave, her voice broke out.
'Please master let me eat.'
Her words were broken, shattered as she begged me. I turned around and placed the bowls on the floor then tilted my head at her, she wanted food, she had to come and get it.
It took her a moment before she got on her hands and knees and crawled towards my feet where the bowls had been placed next to. Lowering her head, she ate. I could hear her sniffling as she no longer held back the tears that she'd been fighting. I stood there watching her eat and drink out of the bowl. Satisfied with my work, I crouched down and pet her head.

She finally looked up at me, tears running down her face. Her eyes bloodshot, fire burning beneath them.

'Good, pet.' I pet her head again but she pulled away.
'Don't touch me.' I went silent, waiting for her to continue, waiting for her to challenge me.
'Keep your filthy hands off me!' She yelled as she brought her face further up, closer to mine.
'You think you're a man? You think you're big? Do you feel proud?' I wanted to smile, she had lost her shit and I couldn't help but be entertained by it.
Grabbing the bowl of water she spilt it across my face.
'You're nothing, nothing but a twisted fuck.' She yelled again, her voice cracked as she had just realised her mistake.
I stood up straight and stepped closer to her while she backed up, crawling backwards until her back hit the edge of the bed. Her rage had turned into fear and I was enjoying it.
Lifting her up, I turned her back to me.
'Please, please don't hurt me' she broke out. Ignoring her pleas, I lifted her arms, pulled out a rope from a pocket on the side of my cargo pants and tied her wrists to the top of the bedpost so that she was standing on her tiptoes.
'Please! I'm so sorry master!' She cried out, wiggling her body, trying to escape my wrath. I ran my fingers down the sides of her body then took a step back. I heard her gasp as I unbuckled my belt. Wrapping it around my hand, I ran the end of the belt across her skin.
'Count. Every time you miscount or don't count, we will start over, pet.' I spoke against her ear then stood back again.
'What..' before she could continue I swung the belt at her bare back. She yelled out in pain.
I repeated the same process about 3 times before she started counting. 5, a strike, 6, a strike, 7, another strike. Her body contorted into all types of positions as she tried to inch away from the merciless belt that sliced her skin. By the time I hit 20 she was trembling against the bedpost. Her body had went limp from the harsh slashes of the belt I kept in my hand. I broke her skin a few times, maybe I went a little too hard on her. She wasn't ready to be hit like this but she had to learn. She fell into me and slid to floor as I freed her wrists from the ropes that burned her skin. I picked her up and lay her on her stomach on the bed. She didn't fight me as I ran my fingers along her shoulders. Taking a numbing cream out from the nightstand next to her bed I rubbed it onto her sore skin. Belt marks had been imprinted on her delicate body, it made my cock hard knowing I'm the one who marked her.
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