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🔞WARNING: This book is a dark romance and contains Forced relationship abusive and mature content. Despite Amelia losing her parents at a young age, she learned to be happy and live a normal life. She lives with her childhood best friend Mark, she graduated with an art major, loves to volunteer at the orphanage, and has a normal job as a waitress in a diner. So far everything was going well in her life, but she could never imagine that one night shift at the club will be the one mistake that will change her whole life. I thought that the worst thing that happened to me was losing my parents so young. But I was so wrong. My worst decision was going home with the stranger, even though he saved me from the bad guys. And now I'm held captive in his home and he won't let me go Because now I'm His Forever.

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🔞WARNING before reading ❗❗


This book contains Dark romance, Mature content, Forced Relationships, Dark themes, and it’s not for reading under the age of 18.

It’s Dark Romance, don’t read if you are uncomfortable and sensitive!! This is also my book there is no reason for negative comments if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it nobody is forcing you to read it.

This is also the first dark romance book I’m writing, so I’m sorry for the bad grammar English isn’t my first language. Everything will be edited once the book is finished be sure if you notice and mistakes to help me and correct me

Be sure to know it’s a dark romance book and everything is made up by me as an author of this book. So you need to know I’ll do not support any kind of abuse, forced relationship, or rape.

This work is pure fiction characters, names, places are created by me as an author of this book

All rights reserved

Please read warnings and tags first before criticizing me and insulting me and my work.

Thank you and happy readings

Ivona S.

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