Hired for Secrets

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He is mine (18)

The perimeter alarm cut through Sofie and Philip’s heated argument, like a leopard breaking apart the dominance fight of two antelopes. “Security” was coming and Philip was on high alert. Was he afraid for his or her safety? Or was this one of his carefully planned ploys?

“How much time do we have?” Philip’s voice was a low growl as his eyes darted along the tree line.

Sofie’s perimeter monitor calculated the speed and distance of the approaching person. “About two minutes.” It judged the person to be male and at a walking pace. ”Why are you so concerned?”

“I told you Security is dangerous. If Elandra suspects I’m gone…” He closed his eyes for a second to collect his thoughts. ”Let’s not get into this. Help me clean this up.”

He hastily stuffed the half-eaten cheese platter into the basket and pushed the blanket on top, gesturing for Sofie to collect the lanterns.

“Hurry up!” His tone was sharp. “Where is he coming from?”

“From over there.” Sofie pointed towards the forest path, leading to one of Elandra’s fences. ”I don’t understand, why is...”

“And this is not the time to explain,” he grabbed her arm to make her look at him, “I’ll distract him so you can get away. Your car is nearby, yes?”

“Yes, but it’s right where he’s coming from. He could have seen it.”


Philip raked both hands through his hair and started pacing.

Seeing Philip lose his cool made cold shivers run up her spine. She was in danger.

“Is the car traceable to you?”


It was a rental. She got it under a false ID and paid in cash.

“Ditch it and get a ride from the highway.”

“Are you serious? I can’t get a cab out here, I’d have to hitchhike...”

How could he even suggest that?

“Trust me, it’s safer than running into him. You still have your taser, right?”

Sofie grabbed his arm, the seriousness of the situation had sunken in.

“Philip, will you be alright?”

When he did not reply she added, “come with me. Away from all of this... I know I haven’t been open with you, but...”

“Sofie…” He sounded calmer. “I can’t come with you. And you must go now. Please.”

There was nothing else to say. He made up his mind and there wasn’t enough time for Sofie to change it. With a curt nod, she stepped into the woods. The dense forest wrapped itself around her like a blanket of shadows, hiding her from the brightly lit meadow. But the thick underwood caught in her hair and tore at her clothes. With every step twigs snapped and leaves rattled. This is too noisy. She glanced back at Philip. He shook his head.

“Stay hidden,” he mouthed and returned to the middle of the meadow.

“There you are!”

A man dressed in a black combat uniform stepped onto the meadow. His clenched jaw made his angular face hollow and corded. His nose looked like it had been broken several times and never quite healed. This was a man who lived and breathed physical conflict.

Without hesitation he drew his gun and pointed it at Philip. Sofie pressed her hand over her mouth to silence a gasp. This must be Security. How could he treat one of their own like that?

“Why are you pointing your gun at me, Security?” Phillip asked with surprising casualty.

“Because I won’t have any of your fucking mindgames, Primo.”

Despite his crude and intimidating demeanor, Security’s body was tense. He was uncomfortable with Philip. “I won’t end like Yates. He is still in the loony bin.”

“Yates was ill. Him losing it has nothing to do with me. You know that.” Philip smirked. “And if it did, a gun wouldn’t help you. So, put it away.”

“Just shut your mouth and put your hands behind your head.”

Security lifted his wrist to speak into his radio.

“I got Primo. He is in Delta 3. Eagle1, search the area. Over.”

“That’s not necessary. I was just going for a walk.”

“At night?”

“Yes. Your rules, remember? I can’t be near the fences by day in case people see me.” Philip scratched the back of his head, “Look, I needed to get out. Take a proper hike, you know? Not just the 15 min from one fence to the other. It was foolish of me, Brent. Ok? I’m sorry. Let’s get back to Elandra and grab a beer together. Yeah?”

Brent’s expressions softened. He searched Philip’s face for the truth. “Yeah, all right. You’re buying, and I wanna hear how you did the Indian chick.”

Philip’s magic knew no boundaries. We’re all just people in the end. Except for Philip. He was a chameleon, able to perfectly adjust to the situation at hand. Giving everyone what they wanted or at least pretending to.

Brent lowered his gun, when the radio suddenly croaked.

“Security? We found a car. Engine’s cold. It’s been here for a couple of hours. Over.”

“You rat!” Brent spat, pointing his gun back at Philip. “Who’d you meet?”

“No one.” Philip’s brows furrowed, like this was a far-fetched idea. “How would I even talk to anyone outside? You monitor my calls.”

Security flashed him a toothy grin. He was not going to buy his lies a second time.

“Eagle1, Eagle2. I want the woods around the meadow searched. Thoroughly. Over.”

“That’s really not necessary, the car could...”

“I say what’s necessary,” Brent shouted.

“C’mon Brent. I wouldn’t...”

“I had it with you and your manipulations. You’ll show respect and address me with the proper honorifics.”

Security’s veins throbbed in his forehead and with the back of his gloved hand he slapped Philip across the face. Sofie clenched her teeth at the loud smack of leather hitting skin. Philip’s head snapped to the side. A dark cloud rolled over his eyes as he wiped his lip.

“Need I remind you, Security,” Philip said holding up his bloodied hand, “that Elandra will not take it lightly if you make me unfit for work.”

“You think you are such a hotshot, aren’t you?” Security’s nostrils flared. ”The notorious Philip. The star of Elandra. Well guess what, Primo, Elandra ordered to terminate you. That’s how much Elandra values you.”

The color drained from Philip’s face.

“That’s ridiculous. I was gone for less than 3 hours.”

“Elandra’s top asset went AWOL. Every minute counts to minimize damage,” Security explained as if talking to a disobedient schoolboy. “And you walking around like that? It’s a big liability. Eladra won’t risk that for long.”

Security stepped closer. He was half a head taller than Philip and his bulk towered over him.

“Why the trollops tell you all their secrets is beyond me.” He trailed the barrel of his gun along Philip’s cheek, as if to caress him. “Especially, since they all regret it afterwards. They all call the next day. In a panic. Pleading to sort it out. Sort you out.” Security grabbed Philip’s chin and tapped the gun against Philip’s cheek with every word. “Yet. They. Keep. Feeding. You. Filling that pretty little head of yours with information. So stupid. So dangerous for you.”

“I signed a non-disclosure agreement. You know I’m no risk.”

Security laughed menacingly. He was in control and he enjoyed it.

“Oh? I can think of ways to make you talk. No contract in the world would have kept you silent once I was through with you. And I’m sure others could do too.”

He let the cruelty of his statement sink in.

“You look shocked, Primo.” Security’s voice turned to a dangerous rumble, ”You probably don’t know how whores are treated in the real world.”

He pressed the gun against Philips’ forehead.

“I think I’ll show you. Right now.” A sleazy snarl curved his lips. ”On your knees, Primo.

“You’re not afraid of my mind tricks anymore?” asked Philip meekly as he sank to his knees in front of Security.

“No I’m not,” he laughed. “You won’t be able to talk when you choke on my dick!”

Sofie reeled at the guard’s crude language and callus demeanor. She needed to do something to save Philip from this brute, but her taser wouldn’t work through all that combat armor. She could only watch in horror as Security unzipped his fly and dug one-handedly into his pants. He was standing with his back to Sofie, She couldn’t see what’s going on, but judging from Philip’s dismayed expression, Security must have readied himself. Sofie’s stomach flipped.

Security grabbed a handful of Philip’s brown hair and forced his face closer.

“And the squat?” Philip gasped. ”What if they find us? They are still searching the woods.”

Security stopped his assault and fumbled for the radio.

“Eagle1, Eagle2.” His voice sounded breathless. “Stand down. Return to base. Confirm. Over.”

The radio stayed silent for a second.

“Security? Everything ok, Boss? Over.”

“Eagle1, follow your damn orders. Over and Out.”

Security switched off the radio.

“There. No one will interrupt us.” The guard licked his lips in anticipation. “Now, open your mouth for me.”

“Careful, Brent.” Philip’s voice changed. There was an authority in it that no man on his knees should have. “You might be able to do this to me out here. But back at Elandra, I am out of your reach. I’m the Primo. You’ll see me everyday. Think about how good my mouth felt on you. Never to have it again. Is that what you want? Have your mind poisoned like that?” He paused before adding, “What do you think this did to Yates? Drive him crazy?”

A yelp emanated from the Security’s throat. His eyes protruded and his jaw muscles pulsed as he contemplated the implications.

“You think you’ll get out of it just like that? Elandra authorized the kill. I can have my fun and then...” Security mimicked the recoil of his gun.

“The others know you found me, Brent. What do you think Elandra will do to you if you kill me for no reason? You’re just the muscle, easily replaceable, compared to the one who brings in the money.” Philip got up from his knees. “We are done here.”

“I don’t think so?” Security, hissed through his teeth, before slamming the handle of his gun into Philip’s face. A sickening crack echoed down the meadow as blood gushed from Philip’s nose.

“There, that’ll teach ya.” Security added another punch that sent Philip to the ground. “Now, we’re done.”

A half-smile crept into Philip’s face as he groggily collected himself up again.

“What are you smiling about? No one’s gonna fuck you looking like that.”

“True, my calendar will be wide open.” Philip laughed as his eyes trailed over the tree line where Sofie was standing.

“With that attitude you won’t stay Primo for long.” Rage made Brent’s voice vibrate. “And when Elandra’s done with you, I’ll be there. Waiting. Ready.” He grabbed his groin and fletched his teeth in a desperate attempt to match Philip’s confidence.

“Until then, Brent. Walk me back, will you?”

Sofie exhaled as the two men disappeared into the forest. Philip had indeed been risking a lot to see her tonight, and even more to protect her. To get her out he had to play with fire. Take calculated risks to manipulate the guards. Making them call off the search. He expertly bent Security to his will. That was skill, even if he had to take a beating for it. For her. Or was that the outcome he wanted to achieve? Clearing his calendar? After all, she heard his invitation loud and clear.

But I’m not doing that. Philip could not always get what he wanted. Instead, she was going to create a plan to get him out of there. Elandra was toxic and potentially deadly. He needed to leave, whether he could see it or not. And his London date with Ms Hunt was the perfect escape route.

‘He is mine.’ That’s what she would say to Ms Hunt. And Sofie couldn’t wait to see Philip’s face, when she did.

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