Hired for Secrets

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I have no control with you (18)

Why was Sofie still in Philip’s room, holding the vibrator’s control? The hidden cameras were placed and she was supposed to be out of here long ago. But she had to improvise when Philip snuck up on her in the hallway. She needed to think on her feet and playing along with Philip’s dare was the best diversion she could come up with, at least that’s what she told herself. Of course, there was no way she would actually be playing, let alone caving in from desire as he predicted. The vibrator was her weapon and she would wield it wisely. Everybody knew that the odds were stacked against Philip. Unless, of course, he was not playing fair.

“Did you really put the vibrator on? For all I know, you’d left it in the bathroom and are just pretending.”

“Press the button and find out.”

It was a taunt, an invitation, a command. Their interaction had been theoretical for far too long and he clearly was keen to finally unleash his skills.

With a tentative smile, Sofie pressed the button and the little machine purred to life. He leaned back looking utterly relaxed as if nothing was amiss. While for Sofie, the mere thought of what the vibration did to him sent an arrow straight to her core. She realized that the odds against him were not quite as high as she initially thought.

She reminded herself that she wasn’t actually playing and if she was, there were still four more vibration strengths to go. This was definitely his game to lose.

“Are you now convinced I am playing fairly?” he asked with a slight nod.

“Yes,” she reluctantly admitted.

Just because he could hold it together for now does not mean anything!

“Then, how about you put some skin in the game too, Miss Carter?”

“What? That wasn’t the deal!”

“Come on. You’re making this way too easy for me. I can see that this already affects you more than me. At least, give me a challenge.”

How could he be so unaffected by the machine between his legs? Even his observational skills were as sharp as ever. This hasn’t been going well for Sofie so far.

“Fine! What are you suggesting?” she hedged.

“Unbutton your blouse for me.”

What was he getting at? Did he really want to see her naked or was he counting on her feeling helpless without her clothes? This wasn’t a game of strip poker and she wasn’t a teenager. His strategy would fail and that suited Sofie just fine.

“Ok. But for every request I’ll increase the vibration strength.”


He smiled victoriously as he dropped his gaze to her neckline in anticipation. Did he see the hammering of her pulse? The light shake of her hands? Don’t get self conscious! One by one Sofie opened the buttons of her silk blouse. The little plastic disks made a small popping sound as they slipped through the whole of the fabric. When she popped the last button she traced her fingers up the middle of her stomach to her breastbone. She moved the fabric to the side to reveal herself to him. Her full breasts tightly caged in the black lace bra that Philip wanted to see during her last visit. She knew how visible her nipples were in the sheer material and felt them hardening under his gaze. Squeezing her legs together she tried to curb the ache that was building up inside of her.

A sharp breath escaped from Philip’s parted lips. She was turning him on! Her game was actually working!

“I take it I’ve levelled the playing field?”

“That you have, Miss Carter,” he replied, dragging his eyes reluctantly away from her exposed cleavage.

“So is this how it usually goes? With your clients?”

“No,” he laughed, genuinely amused. “No one ever dared me to finish before them. It’s certainly not what anyone would pay money for.”

“Of course…” she replied, feeling foolish.

To recover, she slipped into her journalist’s mindset and asked “Having this level of control over your body is like being an elite athlete, yes? Training to build up stamina and will-power to succeed in this…” She paused, struggling to find an appropriate analogy, ”game of high-endurance. So, when was the last time you played just for fun?”

“Is this a diversion, Miss Carter… Making small talk because you feel yourself caving in already?”

He nodded towards the large double-bed with a taunting smile.

“Sounds more like you’re trying to divert yourself. Are you afraid to answer my question, Philip?”

“No... “ He straightened himself. “I admit it’s been a while since I did this… for fun. Probably years.”

His answer was slow and his focus drifted. He was contemplating the ramifications. For a journalist this was a tell-tale sign, like blood in the water for a shark. It told her to circle. To attack. To sink her teeth deeper into this juicy story.

“You’re surrounded by beautiful women, yet you tell me that you haven’t been tempted in years?”

“It’s not as surprising as you think.”


“I’m not attracted to my clients.”

Disappointment struck Sofie out of nowhere. She was his current client. If he wasn’t attracted to her, then why was she even playing? She suddenly felt like trying to best a master in a game where she didn’t even know the rules.

“It’s different with you,” he added as if he sensed her struggle. “I don’t know what to make of you... And that’s why, you should take off your pants so we can find out together.”

Smooth. Sofie had to smile. Philip managed to playfully stir the conversation back on point. His point, mind you.

“Is that so?” Relief and excitement formed a strange and intoxicating cocktail that she found herself drinking up all too eagerly. “That, of course, means you’re ready for the next vibration level?”

He nodded with a confidence that set every competitive fibre in Sofie’s body ablaze. She stood up, her hands slowly sliding down the zipper of her pants. She unfastened the button of her black dress pants. And with one elegant shimmy the fabric coast off her hips and pooled at her feet.

Philip lightly sucked his lower lip between his teeth as he moved his eyes along her long graceful legs. He was taken in by the moment, not aware of what he was doing or how his small gesture brought a hot flush to Sofie’s cheeks.

Triumphantly, she sat back down to meet his eyes. To her surprise, he looked back at her with a neutral expression. How could he have regained his control so quickly? Luckily, Sofie was not done yet. With a sinful smile she lightly spread her thighs, exposing her black laced panties and the translucently clothed vee between her legs. Before Philip had time to adjust to the sight, she hit the button to increase the vibration strength.

His cheek muscles tightened and his breathing increased. Yes, this finally started to have an effect on him.

“Miss Carter,” he rasped, “You know how to play.”

But even with all this, it took him much less time to regain his equilibrium than Sofie had expected. And with a dark grin he was ready to issue his next request.

“I want you to touch yourself.”

“Next level already? Are you sure?” she countered.


His reply was quick. Was this finally a sign of weakness?

“You’ll give me this one for free... because, Miss Carer, you know you want it more than me.”

It was true. The ache between her legs had become painful and throbbing. She was dying to stroke the overheating flesh to ease the sensation. But was it strong enough to lose the game? Certainly not!

“Rarely anything in life is free, Philip. You of all people should know that. If you want me to find relief, you need to pay. Let’s see how altruistic your request really was.”

He closed his eyes and let a hand run through his light brown hair. When he opened them again the heat on his skin had recited. Whatever dark voodoo he conjured up worked. He looked as calm and relaxed as he was at the beginning of the night.

“If that’s what it takes, I am ready to pay the sacrifice.”

Dammit! There must be a limit to his self-control! Let’s find it!

Sofie slipped her hand between the elastic of her panties, sliding down to where the storm raged. A small sigh escaped her lips as she stroked between the folds, smoothing out the aching cramps.

“Keep going.”

His voice was dark and suggestive, tempting her to go further, to climb higher. She dipped her fingers into the warm wetness and a moan wrangled free from her lips. She had to remind herself that this was war. That his erection was her weapon and that she could not lose her edge.

She pulled her hand back. With dark calculation she slowly licked her arousal from her glittering fingers. The effect on Philip was immediate and devastating. She almost felt sorry for pressing the button of the remote control at this very moment.

He grabbed the armrest of his chair, his fingers pressing into the soft leather. A low rumble came from his throat. Was it pleasure or agony? Likely both. He was losing the control he had cultivated for years. He hurled himself forward and snatched the remote out of her hands. With a tortured look he switched off the device.

“Enough!” he gasped.

Sinking back into his chair, his chest heaved rapidly as he was catching his breath. “I never climax with clients. And certainly not like this.” Avoiding her gaze he added, “This isn’t what I wanted.”

Sofie could not help but feel for the man who puts his partners before him. Who placed himself in a vulnerable position for her. Who stopped the game before it got out of hand.

“What do you want?” she asked slowly.

But as the silence stretched, doubts suddenly festered in her mind. Had he been planning this? Make her care for him? Get under her skin? Set her up for the final strike? She never checked if this was real, after all. If he rigged the game. If he truly was wearing the device or whether he was a terrific actor.

She closed the distance between them. Leaning over him she anchored herself with one hand on the back of his chair, while letting the other drop to his leg.

He closed his eyes and inhaled sharply, savouring her touch, her nearness. As she moved up his thigh, his expression suddenly hardened.

“You’re only doing this because you don’t trust me,” he said, opening his eyes, her face only inches from his. “Go on, then. Find out what you wanted to check.”

Holding his stare, her fingers moved up to find the hard shell of the machine. It had not been an act. She had been in the wrong.

A twinge of remorse made her hesitant to pull back and something in his glare dared her to not part just yet. She let her hand explore further. It was impossible to tell where the machine ended and he began. Everything she touched was hard and unmoving. But she must have found his flesh, because his breathing had become rapid.


The sharpness in his voice made her jump. Leaning forward to breathe her in, he added softly, “I cannot do this. I have no control with you.”

His confession felt like a hot dagger to her centre, making it impossible to resist him any longer.

“What if I don’t want to stop?”

Her question evaporated the darkness in his eyes.

“Only one way to proceed then,” he smiled. “You had your hands on me. What do you say, Miss Carter? Are you granting me the same privileges? Fair is fair?”

That’s when Sofie realized that she won the fight, but lost the war. She now wanted him more than the YubiKey.

“Yes, I’d like that,” she breathed with anticipation.

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