Hired for Secrets

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I want you to touch me (18)

Reckless, that’s what she was right now! Why would she give Philip permission to touch her? But then again, what’s wrong with living a little? Ever since meeting Philip she was ready to throw caution and discipline out the window to be careless and free if only for just one night.

Philip rose from his armchair. Like a panther approaching a mate, there was danger crackling in the air. His muscles flexed and his eyes locked on hers. He knew exactly what he was doing and Sofie’s breathing increased as he approached. It was like sitting in a roller-coaster cart; slowly climbing to the top. Ra-ta-ta-ta-taaa. The thrill was inevitable. She had already committed to it. But was she looking forward to it? Or was it just too risky after all?

Her heart raced as she watched Elandra’s most handsome and experienced escort sink to his knees in front of her. His face was inches from her’s. She could feel his breath on her skin, minty and warm. Instinctively she closed her eyes and leaned in. Her body treacherously betrayed the burning desires within. There was only so much self control to go around and she yearned for him, ever since their first kiss. Her lips burned in anticipation of his touch.

But the touch never came. He did not kiss her. His lips only lightly brushed her cheekbones and hovered over her ear.

“I have other plans”, he whispered, his words tingling the sensitive skin of her earlobes and sending shivers down her spine.

He positioned himself between her legs and slipped his hands under her thighs. With one firm tuck he slid her body towards him until their middles met. The sudden movement drew a small gasp from Sofie’s lips but quickly transformed into a soft moan as their groins connected. She could feel his hard length and the vibrator that was still wrapped around it.

Steadying herself, she rested her hands on his forearms. When she looked up, his eyes met hers. His liquid honey melted in her green emeralds and the world started to fall away around her. Nothing else existed as she let her hands slide down his flanks, feeling the strong muscles that connected his broad torso to his waist.

Despite the fabric between them, his body felt as intimate and exciting as if she was touching his bare skin. She leaned forward to give her hands more room to explore. This subtle shift in posture pressed her soft breasts against his chest and he inhaled sharply at the sudden sensation. Even with the ball firmly in her court and facing an experienced player, there was power in her actions. Encouraged by this, she moved her fingers down to his buttocks and traced the pronounced dimples on each side. It felt firm and round under her palms. He growled in objection as the member between his legs twitched to life.

Instead of pulling back, he started his own offence: he opened her legs further and trailed along her inner thigh with the back of his hand. Heat spread along the path and carried forward like embers in a wildfire, setting her sex ablaze.

She let go of his body to lean back and savour the sensation. A small part of her acknowledged his skilful manipulation, but the rest of her decided it did not matter. The rest just wanted to dive head first into the wave, crashing over her as his fingers reached the epicentre of her desire. She moved her hips forward to give him better access.

He lightly brushed across the flimsy black fabric that separated her burning flesh from his touch. She could feel the warmth of his hands teasing and leaving her wanting for more. But he made no attempts to take it further. He just lightly brushed across the lace of her panties, creating small torturous vibrations. It was like eating fairy floss where every endorphine-triggering bite melts away into nothing.

“I want you to touch me,” she bit out.

A victorious smile crossed his lips as he finally pushed the fabric to the side and let his meticulously manicured fingers glide through her folds. Her intense wetness instantly reduced the friction of his skin, making his touch furiously unsatisfying. As if he could read her mind he wiped his fingers on the inside of his palm. An unbridled moan tumbled from her lips, as his dryer fingertips created just the amount of pressure she needed to make her nerves explode with pleasure. Within seconds he had her climbing to precarious heights.

“You are so responsive,” he mumbled in wonder.

His touch was paced to make her soar but not to find her release. She was floating at an unfamiliar altitude and her body was so charged with electricity that the muscles inside her cramped from the absence of a lighting rod.

“I need more,” she rasped.

He slipped a finger inside her warm wetness. It was less than she wanted but enough to reduce the aching need within. He let his finger move in and out, pressing his palm firmly against her pleasure centre at the end of every stroke. He knew exactly how to make her body sing and it seemed so effortless for him.

“Yes... like... that. I’m close.”

He slowed the pace.

“Not yet, there is so much more I want to show you”.

Sofie expected sex with him to be great, but this was more than she’d bargained for. If this was only a fraction of his expansive repertoire she could see how a night with him turned into a never ending hunger in his clients.

“No, keep going,” she insisted; no need to venture further into the forbidden forest.

His nostrils flared. He obviously wanted more time with her. He was not ready to end it just yet. Why wasn’t he treating her like a regular client? Or was he doing just that? Ensuring, she would be hooked, that she would be coming back for more. He let his eyes glide over her: Her palms against the leather couch, pressing herself into his touch; her back arched from the desire ricocheting in her body; her eyes closed and her lips wet. Despite being rattled by the intensity of her emotions, he could see that had not gotten her to the point of no return. It would take a lot more to reel her in. She wasn’t one of his typical clients. There was an unfamiliar complexity to her.

He shut his eyes and exhaled. Was he disappointed? Conflicted? Whatever it was it only lasted for a second before he followed through with her command. He steadily picked up the pace, circling his fingers against the spot he knew would tip her over the edge efficiently. Her moans got louder and shivers rolled through her body as the climax finally took her.

Slowly Sofie floated back to earth. She opened her eyes to find Philip still kneeled between her open legs. He smiled and his handsome face was slightly flushed. The magnitude of the quake he unleashed in her had affected him too. The vibrator was only a passing freight train in comparison. Sofie wondered what the aftermath would look like if they actually gave into this earth shattering passion of theirs. She suddenly wanted to find out, and felt the sharp claws of a budding addiction sink into her mind.

“Thank you, for…” She paused, unsure what to call the intimacy they just shared.

He took his seat, launching against the chair as if nothing unusual had taken place between them. He feels nothing! It was just a service for him!

“My pleasure, Miss Carter.”

Clean and distant. Just like he was trained.

All the emotion, the attraction, the lust she read into his response had just been in her head, or worse, was a carefully performed act. She could feel the claws rip through her flesh as she tried to banish the thoughts of how good his body felt near hers, and how much she wanted to lean forward and kiss him right now.

Luckily, this was her last visit and she did not have the means to pay for more. Sampling his wares, if ever so briefly, had already set unrealistic standards for her future but at least it was a craving that could still be controlled.

She cleared her throat. She wasn’t here for fairytale endings, anyways, but to do a job.

“So? Where is the YubiKey?”

He laughed at the sudden change in her demeanor. He leaned forward to ask, “Have you held up your end of the bargain, Miss Carter?”


Ignoring her conviction, he crooked his head as if to say ‘are you sure’.

“It was close enough, wasn’t it? Wasn’t my fault that you wanted to cut your part short.”

She could not keep the sour tone out of her voice. It dampened her mood already that he made her feel things she had not felt in years, was he now also going to get petty about the specifics what constitutes sex?

“’Close enough’ doesn’t count in my profession, Miss Carter. And I gather neither does it in yours.” A sharpness crept into his voice. “You wanted to use the vibrator to shortcut our agreement.”

“I wasn’t...” Sofie defended herself, but realized how futile the discussion was. “Look, you wanted to share information. Didn’t you? And I even think you need to, because deep down you know that keeping them secret is wrong. So, let’s be reasonable here and help each other out.”

“What’s right and wrong is rarely absolute, Miss Carter. It depends entirely on context and point of view. So, I don’t need to share anything.” He swallowed. He was annoyed. “I don’t know what you think of me and what I do. But I like my life. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I get to talk to interesting accomplished women every day. My job pays well. And I am good at what I do.”

He was more than ‘good’, Sofie could still feel the endorphins circulating her body despite this sudden and unfortunately turn in their conversation.

“Handing over information to you,” he continued, ”would jeopardize all of this. And so far, you haven’t given me anything to build trust. So, I think what’s needed here is for you to share some information first.”

The truth of his statement hung heavy in the air. She was not used to dealing with informants that were her equal in scheming and deception. She never had to build true trust before. Nor did she have to argue about the shades of gray of moral decision making. Her usual cases were clear cut: innocent people were murdered or the law was broken for treacherous greed. High-politics seems to be playing by different rules. Vigilantism on a war-criminal who kept evading justice wasn’t so easy to judge anymore and neither was greed for the good of a country. That’s exactly why Sofie needed to get all the facts about Kerry’s crimes, figuring out which shade of wrong she fell on and cut off her options to scheme her way back to white.

“You could start by telling me who you work for,” Philip suggested.

He obviously still considered working with her. But he was not desperate or naive enough to trust just anyone. He was extending an olive branch but Sofie remained silent. This was unfamiliar territory for her, she needed to be careful. One wrong step and her morally gray actions could be exposed too.

”Who are you? What are your goals? C’mon, it’s ok to open up, you can trust me...”

Sofie smiled. Trust actually goes both ways. And so far, this gigolo had not convinced her that treating him as an equal was beneficial or necessary either. After all, she had a plan in place that did not require any cooperation from him.

She stood and extended her hand.

“Well, Philip, it seems we’ll not be working with each other, after all.”

Philip’s face fell. He wasn’t used to receiving hard-nosed responses like this, especially ones he did not even see coming.

Philip was still searching for words, when Sofie left his room. She could not wait to log into the security cameras to watch the fallout of her dramatic exit. She only hoped that he would not skip his evening engagement because of it, even if seeing him be with another woman made a small part of her scream with jealousy. But at least she would find out his weakness and with it Kerry’s secrets.

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