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Sex Addict P.1


I've been suspended from school, my grandmother is so upset with my actions (more how makes her look to others than anything else) that she refuses to have me in her home while my mum goes away.

So here I am, at my 'Aunty Bevs' house.

She's not my Aunty, she's my mums friend.

"Honey I'll call you in a day or two, keep in touch, ok love?"

Mum hugs me goodbye, barely looking at me. She's still upset about the whole "caught having sex in school" drama. If only she knew the half of it.

"Luke, make sure you get Kayla settled. I'm going straight to work after the airport, so I won't be home until this time tomorrow. Order food in, alright?"

Our mothers rush out and leave me in the kitchen with Luke, and three other good looking guys.

"So Luke, can I take a swim?" I point to the pool in their garden. It's a lap pool and on a hot day like today, with these hotties eye fucking me, I'm more than eager to get this thing going.

"Yeh sure"

I smile widely and move over to the back door, there's a chair, faced to look out at the garden.

I strip off naked and hear the desired noises of the boys watching me from behind me.

I smile to myself as I walk out and dive into the pool with ease.

So, why did I get kicked out of school, well, long story...


Started, when I was secretly videoed giving a guy head in the school bathrooms.

The person who videoed me, and the guy who's dick I was sucking, set me up.

The video, from licking his balls to catching his come as he pulls back, spraying all over my face... They blackmailed me (as if I didn't love it) to keep carrying out fun sex positions with them.

One day I was happily being fucked hard from behind in the car while sucking off the other guy and my friend, Rose knocked on the window. Caught in the act.

I cried innocence to her and our friend Livvie, and her boyfriend Joe.

Anyway, that night we got really drunk, They were tying to ease my pains.

Rose and I got a bit handsy, she's into girls and I thought I'd experiment.

So there we are snogging away, pushing our hands into each other's pussies, making them squelch and drive us crazy.

I pull Rose' clothes off her bottom half, once I see our two other friends watching in awe.

I, naturally, rush to give my friend a pleasurable orgasm.

"Wanna join in?" I hear Joe ask Liv.

"Kinda, yeah?" I hear Liv reply. "Do you?"

Next think I know, we're having a foursome....

With Rose going down on Liv, me still fist deep in Rose, her pleasure on my face like an organic face pack, and Joe fucking me hard from behind....

A few weeks after, after I continue with both my threesome and foursome a few more enjoyable times, Rose and I go solo a few times at school.

She's got a knack to make me squirt, and her juices taste all sweet, I wonder for a while if I could be just into girls?

Then, I get told off for being late to PE. My PE teacher turns me on with his firm and dominating ways... I decide I want some of that.

I tell Rose to meet me in his office, he apparently doesn't lock it.

So he walks in as Rose rides out her orgasm into my mouth.

"Why the fuck are you two in here?" He shouts and Rose rushes to pull up her undies and rush off.

I wipe my mouth seductively and leave my school shirt open. He's clearly finding me attractive.

"Sir.... I don't want to get in trouble" I do all the innocent signs, biting my lip, slowly batting my eyes, pushing out my chest as I do.

"Kayla..." he rubs his hand over his face and I know I've won.

Not moments later he's fucking me roughly on the floor of his office, carpet burns all over my ass but I love it.

He flips us and I ride him rough and hard as I can. Bareback, topless. He goes to town enjoying my porn star boobs.

It's no surprise I find it easy to lure men in. Not when they tell me how amazing my pussy is, how perfect my big boobs are. How talented my mouth is. I don't mind. Use and abuse me. I'm a sex addict.

The following evening, me and the PE teacher are roughly fucking in the showers, let me tell you, this guy is a grower and his stamina for me is getting better each time.

I'm enjoying his rough hands squeezing on my throat when... the head teacher walks in.

Now, this is a game changer, even for me.

After sitting in his office for a while, I realise I need to up my game.

When he walks in, I'm sitting naked on his desk.

I wouldn't of imagined I'd want to fuck my head teacher, he's maybe in his fifty's? He's greying... but.. in a hot way? Like, silver fox yknow? He's not exactly in perfect physique but I don't actually care.

He tells me to put my clothes on. How he's disgusted with my behaviour.

I smile widely.

"Sir, if you don't have sex with me, I'll just tell everyone you did anyway. So, you might as well"

He argues his wife, his secretary is meters away on the other side of the door. He's flustered. I almost feel bad.

"Two options I can see sir. Send her away or, invite her in?"

Needless to say. I showed that lovely old couple a good time. I'm sure it was a change to their normal Friday night plans...

I then had a fascination.. a desire... starting as I watch the head teachers come face as he threw his load into my tight pussy... my mums sister, my actual auntie, and her husband, we were due a visit to them.. her husband and her are living together, separated.. he's got this silver fox thing going on...

So yeh, all going smoothly with the head teacher, until Monday morning.

Until she caught me sucking him off with a finger up his ass on Monday lunch time.... they agreed to share me and not do me alone. So.....

The two days prior though. On my visit to my aunties....

Uncle Raymond is a fun guy, I can always joke with him.

Mum and auntie go out to bingo, intoxicated as they leave, I faked not feeling well.

I walk into the living room in a tight nightie... curves all out, no bra. Hard nipples.

"Hey Uncle Raymond"

"Ha hey honey, you've not called me uncle in ages. What do you want?" He laughs and I giggle. My chest moving as I do.

I sit next to him and he turns his attention from the game on tv, to me.

"What's up kid?"

"Oh nothing" lay on the innocent charm. I sigh and bite my lip.

"Y'know I'm a good listener?"

I lean my head back and close my eyes. Peeking slightly I see him take my body in as he thinks I'm not looking.

"It's... Nah you'll find it weird talking to a teen about... this" I giggle awkwardly.

He turns himself more to me. Reel him in Kayla....

"Well... this may seem weird but... do you mind... if I ask you about... sex?" I ask coyly.

His eyes search my face for a moment.

"Yeah, sure, what is it you wanna know?" He asks licking his lips.

"Uh well... as you know, I'm eighteen now.. all my friends... are experienced... but... I don't know the first thing! My nipples seem to feel so sensitive, and..." I see from his face I might have him where I want him.

"Oh honey, that's normal! Most girls rush into things and regret it. Take your time! Your virginity isn't something to just throw away" he smiles at me. It isn't creepy, it's sympathetic?

"Thank you... I just want to give it to someone.. who I know cares about me, who wouldn't want to hurt me... who I can trust? Yknow? Someone experienced" I add and I see his face fluster.

"I understand honey" he nods looking over my body openly.

"Even now, my nipples are so sore? Is it normal? Look" I easily pull the straps down of the thin stretchy material and bare my breasts to him.

"Uh...." he licks his lips and gulps.

"What is it? Can... can you help me?" I ask and he blinks a few more times.

"I can help you, but... our secret" he sighs.

I smile widely and he shakes his head.

"Kayla. You're eighteen, you have a perfect body... you sure you want this stuff with an old man like me?" He chuckles as I move to straddle him. His hands on my hips.

"I think you're really sexy Uncle Raymond... and.. I would really feel privileged to have any experience you could give me" I tell him softly.

He moves his hands to grope my chest and I moan loudly.

"So sensitive" he tells me and I nod.

"Really sensitive"

His mouth moves to kiss over my cleavage and he latches onto a nipple. I throw my head back and he manipulates my breasts under his big hands.

"Uncle Raymond" I pant and he lifts his head.

"Ray" he tells me.

"Ray.... I want you in me" I moan and he frowns to me.

"Let's see if you really want this" his fingers move into my wet pussy in seconds.

"Wow... Kayla... you're so wet for me"

"I want you.... I want you in me" I pant and he finger fucks me gently.

"More.. harder please...." I pant desperately. I know I need to free the beast he can be.

My hand reaches into his pants quickly and pulls on his bumpy big dick. I feel all the veins over with my fingers.

"Mmm... you're so big..... can it fit in me?"

"You're tight... so fucking perfectly tight" he tells me as his mouth kisses my neck and his fingers get faster.

"Uh.... can my first orgasm be on your mouth Ray... what... what a privilege" I moan and he quickly lies me out on the floor. With his dick free I can see it for its true size. I want a hard rough fuck with that.


I get out of the pool and squeeze my hair out.

I walk back inside and see the boys standing at the window. They watched me.

"Uh Luke, can I have a towel please?"

He nods and walks off.

"Hey, I'm Leo, my twin here is Liam, and, this guys Gael"

Leo and Liam are identical twins, both tall, both dark hair dark eyes, both swimmer bodies.

Gael is shorter, longer hair, I get a... maybe Hispanic vibe from him. His eyes are green and I find him more intriguing.

"Here" Like appears with a small white towel. I see, give me a tiny towel, as I stand here naked dripping all over your wooden flooring....

Luke... Luke reminds me of someone, his look.. wait... he looks like Charles Melton, that's it.

Dimples and all.

"I'm gonna grab a shower, I'm all covered in chemicals. You boys here all night?" I ask casually as I use the towel to put away my body... well, maybe just cupping my ass and barely converting my nipples.

"Yep" "yes" "uh huh"

"Great! Back in a few" I lean over to pick my clothes up from the chair, I know I'm on show, this towel hides nothing.

I walk off as I see the guys in different stages of surprise.

I reach the guest room door and look back. They are all still looking at me.

"Gimmy five and come join me, yeh?" I smile innocently as I walk in, fling the towel off, drop my clothes and walk to start the shower up.

4 boys all to myself tonight... two of them twins!... I'm eager to see what fun I can have....


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