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“Fuck. I just had sex with the bully, the hottest guy in school, in the back of the class. In front of the teacher. In a class of literally like, 30 students.”

Erotica / Romance
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Classroom sex

Some readers may find this book distressing. Trigger subjects.

Caden PoV

I hear her tell her friend she’s gonna practice for her music exam at lunch, in music room D.

It’s my opportunity. I have a plan.

Becca PoV

I take my boring canteen sandwich to music room D, I’ve got permission to practice for the hour in here before my exam tomorrow. I walk in, and drop my arm full of things on the table behind the door.

I go to put the light on but hear a noise.

“H-hello?” I ask softly.

I feel a hand close over my mouth.

I panic and the body behind me moves me so I’m flush up against the wall.

“Oh little Angel, don’t be worried, it’s just me” he purrs into my ear.

“C’mon, you can’t spend the whole hour alone” I hear his smirk. I feel him pushing up against me. His hard on is digging into my ass.

He’s my bully, he’s teased me since the beginning of the year. Teasing, tormenting. He loves to embarrass me.

Him and his friends think it’s funny. Me and my lack of friends, less amused.

This isn’t the first time he’s done this.

“Mmm.... Angel, you smell nice today... what is that? Fear I smell?” He moans into my hair behind me.

His hand tight on my mouth, my nose clearly breathing heavily onto his hand. It’s telling him he’s got me worked up. It’s what he wants! Must calm down.

While the other moves around my body, groping and pulling on me.

I’m aroused. I can’t let him know.

“I’m gonna move my hand away from your mouth now. Don’t be naughty for me, you know you don’t want to do that” he threatens happily into my ear quietly.

I know, I’ll pay for any noise I make. I’m past asking for help. Do I really want help?

He slowly moves his hand from my mouth and I turn my face to the side, my cheek on the cool wall.

I welcome the cool, my skin feels on fire.

He moves back slightly, his fingers have undone my blouse buttons.

“Turn around, Angel” he says and I do.

My breathing is calm but I know I look petrified.

“Now, lets get this off you. Cheap hand me downs on you like this... tut tut” he pulls the blouse off me easily.

“We don’t like that do we?” He asks me and I don’t reply “do we?” He asks firmly, looking at me. I shake my head.

“The skirt too.” I just stand there, frozen.

He moves his hand behind me, expertly removing my bra in seconds.

I just stand there, he pulls it off me, the cool on my nipples doesn’t help them, they’re already hard.

“Now, Angel, we can do this the hard way or the easy way? What do you prefer?” He taunts quietly.

He raises his hand to stroke my cheek softly and I look into his eyes.

Why does he have to be good looking?

“Huh? Want this to go well or not?” He asks and I nod. I can’t talk.

“Ok. I’ll let you off easy. I’m coming over tonight instead I think. I like hearing your moans” he smirks “and I know... you won’t be home alone tonight”

My eyes widen.

He recently told me he learnt where I live. He knows my mum works night shifts. Oh God.

He smirks and gets down to his knees.

Oh no, he’ll no, he loves to prove a point.

I feel him gently move his fingers under my skirt.

“Need me to get you a new skirt? This ones too long for you?” He smirks up at me and I just look at him.

He reaches my knickers and rubs his fingers over the wet material

He smirks and makes quick work with both hands to pull them off.

He takes them all the way off me and drops them in his bag near me.

“I’ll take care of them Angel” he winks.

Oh God, no.

He pushes my knees apart and moves his fingers back under my skirt. I feel him tease my slit with his fingers.

I bite my lips in my mouth.

“Oh baby, you’re all juicy, this for me?” He raises and eyebrow at me then moves his head under my skirt.

I feel his hot mouth on my clit and I gasp.

He quickly flicks his tongue around over the nub, his fingers moving below, near my opening.

“Want more?” He asks me.

He gets off on me asking for more.

This is what he loves.

I say nothing.

He continues just as he’s doing, little flicks of his tongue, enough to tease me.

It would take ages for me to come like this, he wouldn’t see it through.

He pushes what feels like a finger or maybe two in me and I pant a breath loudly.

He pushes up turn removes them.

No! I wanna call but my pride won’t let me. Good.

He speeds up his assault on my clit then suddenly stops once it feels really good.

He moves his face from my skirt.

“Ask for me Angel” he says seriously and I’m panting quietly.

Ask & I’ll see you get your releases, that’s all it takes”

I look at him. I nearly gave in. I won’t give him.

I just look at him.

I’m here topless, my knickers in his bag, I’m panting. He’s got all the power here.

He moves his fingers in me quickly, re inserting them, pulling out then thrusting in again roughly.

My mouth gasps and gapes for a breath.

I look down to him, he’s serious. He’s a man on a mission.

“C’mon, ask for it Becca” he hisses.

I bite my lips. His fingers feel so good in me, no longer hurting, just pure pleasure.

“One word and I’ll do it” he begs.

I gasp and he moves his thumb on my clit to circle. I let out an involuntary high pitched moan.

“Let me do it to you” he begs.

“Yes” I say and he quickly moves his head under my skirt.

He licks and sucks, finger fucking me hard.

I feel so close, I raise my shaking leg millimetres off the floor as I’m reaching my peak and he stops!

He stops!

He moves back, wiping his mouth on his hand. Standing.

“Angel. I’m coming over tonight” he says seriously.

I’m panting. I’m a mess.

He looks down at my rising and falling chest.

“Get dressed” he says moving to lift his bag next to me. I pick up my bra and put it on, I’m doing my blouse buttons up when I realise he’s got my knickers still

“I need my knickers” I say to him.

He’s smirking in his phone about to leave

“No you don’t. You know next lesson is a sub, film time, your sitting with me” he winks with a knowing devious smirk.


I walk into lesson, I feel so self conscious. I have no knickers on and a pleated skirt! This is so risky.

I sit down at the front quickly.

“Angel, c’mon” he mutters as he walks past my desk.

I sigh and his mate, Walt, smirks at me as I look up.

I stand and move to where him and his friends are sitting laughing and joking.

I sit down as the teacher comes in.

Caden doesn’t have his girl group of drooling followers in this class. I always hated it. I’m an easy target, I get that.

The teacher puts on a pointless Geography film and we all get to talking as the teachers doing something on his laptop.

“Angel” I turn to him, he hints of me to go to him.

I don’t.

“Make her come here, will you” I overhear him say to Walt who’s between us.

His mate picks me up bridal style, and I’m aware my bum is on show. Thankfully we’re at the back of the class.

“Shit she’s ready for you” Walt chuckles quietly and I feel I’m bright red.

His mate places me on his lap, then moves off.

Straight away Caden snakes his arms around my waist. He whispers in my ear.

“You not enjoy earlier Angel?” I don’t reply.

“Talk to me” he says and I don’t.

“I can do this the hard way?”

Not sure what that could mean in a room like this... full of students?

“Have it your way” he mutters and I feel him moving.... I feel him undo his pants under me. He moves me forward so he can. I’m not sure what to think, or do.

“Get under the desk. Now” he whispers aggressively in my ear and I shake my head.

“Angel. You do this or I make it worse for you. You either suck me, or you suck me and Walt?”

At the mention of his name his mate smirks at me.

I look at Caden. “No” I whisper weakly.

There’s a few seconds until I feel him move again. He moves about under me.

I’m angry. How dare he.

He pushes me forward, his hand on my back. I move forward, my hands on the desk.

Suddenly I feel him lift my skirt, I idiotically move back.

Right onto his awaiting dick.

I gasp.

He fills me deep. Sudden. I bite my moan.

I’ve never had sex with him before.

I look at see his mates gone.

I feel Cadens hands on my hips.

“Angel. Tell me to stop, I will” he asks and I can’t form words.

He keeps there, still, deep in me. I tighten around him and he lifts my hips to drop them a little. I grab the table in front of me.

He does it again and wraps his arms tight around me.

“You feel good Becca” he moans. And I bite my lip.

This is actually happening?!

He keeps doing little movements in me. I’m relieved none of my clasmates are looking back at us. I see Cadens friends are in front of us, we’re at the back of the class.

All it takes is the teacher to look up though.

He keeps moving in me.

I widen my legs slightly over his. He hisses the next thrust is deeper. Oh wow.

He lifts his hips and moves up, then pulls me back down. The chairs further back now.

He takes my hands and guides them to the table in front of me.

I grip it like he’s asking.

He gently pushes my head down.
I get what he’s saying, less attention drawn.

He pulls out of me to trust in and I’m painfully biting my lips.

He does it again again again.

Great speed. I feel I’m not far away.

His hands on my hips. He moves them up me slowly and I feel him cup my left breast with his right hand.

He keeps pulling me back down to meet his thrusts.

I can’t believe we’re doing this.

“Come” I hear him moan and I do.

I let go and feel my back arch, he swells in me and I’m sure he’s found his release too.

“Fuck” he moans and I’m sure he isn’t quiet enough. I keep my head down on the desk. I look like I’m asleep aside from I’m panting hard.

He does a few more thrusts and then stops.

I sit up, wiping my eyes.

Nobody’s looking our way but Cadens one mate. I look away embarrassed.

“Here” Caden says to me passing me my underwear.

Fuck. I just had sex with the bully, the hottest guy in school, in the back of the class. In front of the teacher. In a class of literally like, 30 students.

(Book one complete and available on Wattpad. Search: LaBeachBabe03)

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