A blooming flower

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What's a man to do when all his lustful thoughts are suddenly aimed towards a teenage girl? And worse his daughters best friend! A blooming flower stands before Jason, seemingly unaware of the predatory gaze she incites in him. Will his desires give out? Plucking this precious, lewd, Lily from her innocent slumber?

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story has lolita & kink elements. This story is set in the UK where legal age of consent for sex is 16.

All characters and situations in this story are fictional. I do not condone the grooming of minors, drug abuse etc.


I was young when I had Ellie, her mother was my girlfriend at the time and when we found out she was pregnant, I decided to make her my wife. It’s been sixteen years since we eloped and we’ve since had another child, Charlie, who's five.

My daughter on the other hand is now a teenager, with all the teenage urges I once remember having, each one more painful to endure than the last. My wife is the kind of parent who thinks our children need to find their own way through life, to make their own mistakes and therefore I am forced to watch from the side-line as Ellie reaches new heights of disapproval. Although she won’t tell me the details, and I hardly want to know them, Elly's been dating a boy named Olly, from the local college. He comes around to pick her up in his car sometimes, the bastards two years older than her, he shouldn’t even be eyeing her up let alone kissing her in the backseat of his convertible. Olly will be eighteen in a couple months and with any luck he’ll leave for university and never return, my little girl however, is turning sixteen in a couple of days. She’s so much like her mother was at that age, really knows how to pick ‘em. Olly is just the latest in the line of her ‘bad boy’ boyfriends, before him there was Adrian.

I recall Adrian was her third boyfriend, he was a detention whore but nonetheless he was still better than Olly. Our children like to conveniently forget that we parents talk to each other and Olly happens to have a sibling in the same year as Charlie at school and Katherine, my wife, is a social butterfly on the playground. A couple weeks ago she told me Sarah’s mother had mentioned finding cigarettes in Olly’s room, she hadn’t brought it up to him yet though which only worried me more. The possibility he could be passing them onto Ellie was high in my view. The very thought he might be influencing her to do drugs after school pisses me off, he pisses me off, but without proof I couldn’t bring it up in conversation to her. Olly being in the picture only encourages the dread I have surrounding Ellie’s sixteenth. If she hasn’t already, there’s no doubt that after her birthday passes she’ll be sleeping with that boy.

It feels like yesterday she was only ten, playing with her dolls on her bedroom floor with her best friend, Lily. They were so innocent then. I watched as Olly's car pulled up on the curb and the two girls got out. Ellie’s skirt was too short as usual, her long dark brown hair was blowing in the wind as she leaned forward over the drivers window to kiss Olly goodbye. I resisted the urge to step outside and punch him, as I always dreamed of doing, when his hand fell out the side to slap her ass as she turned towards the house.

Gripping my coffee cup till my knuckles turned white watched on from the kitchen window. Lily slid off the backseat, her tiny frame wobbled from the sudden gust of wind and her short blonde-hair fell across her porcelain cheeks as she held down her skirt. Lily’s skirt was short but modest, unlike Ellie she wore her uniform well, she dressed like a good student. I felt a smile tug on my lips as took a sip from my mug, resting my hips against the island counter.

The girls made their way up the driveway completely unaware of my presence. When they entered I was greeted as always by Ellie’s loud voice gossiping about their day, a quick ‘hello’ and she was off up the stairs, swiftly followed by a quiet Lily who’s acknowledgement of me went as far as a blushing wave as she drifted behind my daughter. That innocent smile never failed to make my day. Lily moved to town when Ellie was five and instantly became her favourite person, soon enough she became part of the family. When Charlie was born Lily was like an older sister to him, she still is. No matter how long she's been a part of of my life though, she’s still just as shy around me as the first day we met. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't adorable.


“Dad!” I was pulled from my work on the laptop screen to meet the gaze of my daughter who stood in the doorway to my home office, face as red as a tomato and covered in multicoloured glitter “Charlie got into my makeup, again!” she yelled pointing her finger at the corridor, demanding I go reprimand her little brother for his crimes.

I brought my attention back to the screen and sighed out “Go get your mother, I’m busy” and as expected Ellie flew off in a grump to find my wife. I continued working as I heard the screaming match ensue between all the members of my family. I knew Katherine was going to be in a mood all evening thanks to this but I couldn't care less. I couldn't fall behind on my work.

As I rested my head down on the bed, the end of a long day, my wife lay next to me with the covers pulled over, facing away from view. I knew it, she was mad. With only a couple days till Ellie's birthday I needed her on her best coparenting behaviour, her being in a mood with me wasn't going to encourage that.

I turned towards her and placed my arm round her waist, my attempt to incite a response failed as usual though, I was met with disinterest. “Jason, stop” she snarled over her shoulder “I’m not in the mood.” I let go immediately and rolled onto my back, staring at the ceiling, it didn't even upset me that I had tried and failed. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

The next morning I woke to an empty bed, Katherine was already downstairs preparing Charlie for school and Ellie was in her room getting dressed. As I entered the kitchen my wife glared at me, still seemingly holding the events of yesterday against me. The woman had it in her head that because I worked from home I had all the free time in the world to deal with our children’s drama on a daily basis. I didn't. As much as I hated her being annoyed at me, I didn't have the energy to to deal with everything all the time and I needed her to handle it, whether she wanted to or not.

I poured myself some coffee in silence as Katherine tied Charlie’s laces, Ellie came running down the stairs blabbering at fifty miles an hour, something about Olly’s car breaking down and how her and Lily couldn’t get to school on time via the bus. Katherine turned to me, Charlie now rushing off to grab his coat from the porch “Your dad can take you” she stated, not giving me a second to back out before she left the room after Charlie. Ellie looked at me with, her eyes so much like her mother's.

I sighed gulping down the warm liquid “Fine. Give me a few minutes” I said, irritated with the start of my day already. She thanked me as she began leaving the room, texting on her phone again. At least driving Ellie to school would mean seeing Lily. I smiled to myself with the thought of a tired looking Lily pristinely dressed for school.

It only took us ten minutes to drive round to Lily’s house, we were there no more than a couple of seconds before she came leaping out the front door, backpack swaying in her arms as she tried to tie her hair up in two little space buns. She opened the back door and slid in gracefully “In quite the rush today, aren’t we?” I smiled at her through my rear-view mirror, she blushed in response not meeting my gaze as she sorted out the creases in her attire. I almost enjoyed teasing her when I knew this was how she'd react.

Today she wore thick black tights with her uniform instead of the usual knitted white socks. I guess she was beginning to feel cold with the autumn weather blowing in. Ellie on the other hand, as I looked down at her, was still wearing her skirt at an atrocious length and socks so short that I questioned if she would get frost bite. I almost wanted her to. At least then she would be forced to cover up a little more. I hated to admit that when I met her mother all those years ago, she was quite the slut, Ellie seemed very much set on following in her mothers footsteps and I hated that more.

We pulled up to the school gates and they both jumped out, Ellie thanked me for them both and demanded that I be there at exactly four-thirty to pick them up. I had a meeting with a client at three, but I knew I could push it forward so agreed then waved goodbye to them both and drove home.

My day went by pretty quickly, I called a few clients, ran up some contracts and even had a long enough break to take a dip in the pool before four o’clock rolled around. I could be there on time or I could be there early I thought to myself as I stared at the clock. I chose early.

The school day ends at three-thirty so the roads were practically empty. Why she told me to pick them up at four-thirty instead of an hour earlier goes without saying. Ellie didn’t attend any after school clubs and neither did Lily which meant that my daughter once again had a detention. Lily, being the angel she is, always attended with her despite not having one herself.

I waited for probably twenty minutes outside the school gates, during which I did a bit of work on my phone, then suddenly the passenger door swung open. A shy Lily jumped into the seat, her blonde hair was still up though a few strands had escaped around her face. She seemed upset as she sat there quietly for a few moments staring down at her lap.

I cleared my throat as I broke the silence to ask “Where’s Ellie?”. She clenched her fists on her lap and mumbled her response, telling me that Olly had borrowed his dads car and picked her up before she met Lily in the detention hall. Ellie had left her to attend a detention she didn't even have by herself.

I clenched my jaw, holding back the urge to curse aloud in frustration at my own child’s ignorance. Then I glanced over at Lily, her eyes brimming with tears and my anger subsided as I put the car into gear “Want some ice-cream? My treat” I said smiling over at her. The poor girl deserved better than the kind of friend Ellie was currently being and I was sure as hell going to tell her that later, but for now the sobbing Lily next to me was my priority.

I kept my eyes on the road trying not to notice the few drops that fell onto her lap every so often or the silent sniffles she made to herself. When the girls were little, whenever they got into a fight I would get them to make up by promising them ice-cream as a treat afterwards, it never failed to bring smiles to their faces. More often than not it was an apology from Ellie's lips of course.

I pulled up to the drive-through and rolled down my window, ordering a vanilla shake for myself and Lily a McFlurry. She happily ate her treat as I drove the car, every so often looking over to see a small smile forming. I smiled to myself at the realisation, somethings never change, ice-cream always made her smile and a smiling Lily was my favourite kind. When we reached her house we had both finished our desserts, I leaned over to take her rubbish and she whispered a thank you to the floor.

“I’m sorry Lily” I sighed as i placed the rubbish in the cup holder “Ellie shouldn’t have done that to you”. She silently nodded, agreeing with me, despite her loyalties to my daughter. She was hurt and I'd be damned if I was going to leave her like this.

I lifted my hand to brush away the strands of hair from her face, seeing her puffy eyes tightly shut. My hand moved instinctively, gripping her chin gently and forcing her to face me. Her eyes still closed as my other hand wiped away some lingering tears “Look at me” I softly spoke, her eyes opened to my gaze. I hadn’t realised how small the gap was between us until I was staring into her pale blue eyes, every detail seemed to jump out at me. “The next time Ellie has a detention, call me to pick you up.” I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a command and it seemed Lily didn’t know either, her face read confusion all over. I sighed and corrected myself “I necer want to see you crying because of Ellie’s poor life choices” my tone became stern as I watched her eyes intently on mine “so, the next time she has to stay behind after school, you don’t. Understood?” Lily looked down for a moment before she met my eyes again and quietly voiced a “Yes, sir” her breath filling the small space between us, smelling sweetly of chocolate. Damn she smelled good.

I released my grip and leaned back into my chair, regaining my senses somewhat “Good girl.” I confirmed as she turned to open her door and leave. I watched her walk to her house questioning the thoughts that had just run through my mind.

Once I was home and the engine turned off I sat for a moment in the silence, even from here I could hear the yelling of my wife from inside the house, Ellie’s voice echoing out the windows. Here we go. I walked in and was immediately greeted with Charlie’s arms wrapped around my thighs, he beamed up at me as I lifted him from the floor.

Carrying him into the lounge I found Katherine and Ellie in the middle of world war three. Ellie was making claim that she was going to sleep over at Olly’s on Saturday night, her birthday, as she had promised him she would. My wife and I were in agreement for once as she yelled at our daughter that there was no way in hell she was sleeping over at a boys house.

When Ellie noticed I had wandered into the room she turned to me for support, as if that would ever happen. Before she could open her mouth to plead with me, I was telling her ‘no’ and scolding her for abandoning Lily at school. It took all my strength not to swear at her in front of Charlie, the image of Lily's face still fresh in my mind. I tried to ground her but Katherine immediately shunned the idea, instead Ellie was punished with the task of babysitting Charlie the next time we both went out. She hated babysitting.

When all was said and done, Ellie did her best to stomp her way up the stairs as I handed Charlie back to his mother, apologising for being late and explaining the situation that occurred with Lily a little more for her. I left out a few details though, specifically how I had practically ordered Lily to call on me as her personal chauffeur. Even if it was only Lily, my wife wouldn’t take kindly to me being alone in a car with another woman. Woman? Could you even count Lily as a woman? She was only fifteen, two months younger than Ellie and Ellie was far from being a woman, despite her own ideas.

The next few days went by in a flash. Ellie kept quiet about her failed attempt at sleeping over at Olly’s, but in spite of my wishes Katherine told her he could still attend the party.

The celebration was now in full swing and my house was filled to the brim with hormonal teenagers. Despite the cold weather kids were still stripping down to the bare minimum and jumping into the pool as if it was the height of summer. Katherine had taken Charlie for a sleepover at his friend’s house and as expected must have fallen into a deep conversation with their mother because she’d been gone two hours already. She was all for this party but wouldn't show up to chaperone it herself.

At eight o’clock I was supposed to take out the cake for Ellie, at nine she would open her presents and at ten this whole ordeal would be over. I couldn't wait to kick out the bastard currently grinding his body to the music against my daughter.

“Mr Donavon?” an angelic voice broke my concentration. I looked down to see the top of a blonde girl who wore a short white dress adorned with baby blue embroidered flowers. “Lily” I smiled down at her as she looked up at me, fiddling at the hem of her skirt “did you need something flower?” I asked raising an eyebrow at her as she stayed silent, now staring at my chest.

“um, y-your wife called. She told me to tell you that she would be at Tracy’s a little longer, she said to go ahead and serve the cake’ I clenched my jaw knowing that as much as I wanted to swear at the news I was just given, taking it out on Lily wasn’t fair. She was simply the messenger my wife had chosen knowing I wouldn't be as pissed off if it came from Lily. The woman was manipulating an innocent child to appease me. The worst thing was that it worked.

She looked up at me, her eyes mirroring my own emotions well “Thank you for the message sweetheart” I patted her on the head, it was a reflex which made her turn bright red and then run off towards Ellie. I watched for a moment then turned toward the kitchen where the cake awaited on the counter.


We gathered round the patio as Ellie blew out her candles, her waist never leaving Olly’s grasp. Even though it irritated me, the smile on her face made it easier to bare. Despite Katherine's absence things were going well, Ellie was happy.

At nine o’clock everyone sat down in the lounge and Ellie opened up her gifts. Olly surprised me somewhat when she opened his and found a beautiful necklace with a sapphire heart at the centre, I'm sure his mother helped him pick it out but regardless it was a sweet gesture.

Katherine and I had brought her some new headphones and given her enough money for a new pair of shoes; the child was spoilt somewhat but it is her sixteenth birthday. Finally she opened Lily’s present, a little blue box with their initials engraved on it and a picture of the two of them from years ago.

Ellie pulled out an old coin, a pink ribbon, a mitten and some other things that to anyone else in the room would look like trash, but I knew that for Ellie, these were each pieces of precious memories she has with Lily. Every single one a precious memory to me as well.

The party went on and eventually ten o’clock rolled around. It was time to end the nightmare. Without Katherine to back me up, I needed to send everyone home so I could clean up. It took me a good hour to get rid of the last straddlers. The only people left in the house now were Ellie and Lily who sat tinkering with some of the gifts in the lounge while I tidied up the decorations. I could hear their giggles in the background as I threw away the last of the confetti.

“Can I help?” I timid voice broke out behind me, Lily stood in the doorway of the kitchen as I braced myself at the overflowing sink, about to do a mountain of washing up.

“Sure” I smiled at her and handed over a towel, she quickly got to work drying up the things I washed in silence “What’s the birthday girl up to then?” I asked as I placed a cup under the hot tap. Lily shrugged a little then went back to drying, her cheeks bright red. She was hiding something from me. “Lily” I sternly spoke, placing the cup down and turning towards her “Where is Ellie?” I asked. She shrugged again, refusing to look at me, her grip on the towel tightening. I looked over her shoulder realising that the lounge was empty. Shit, she was gone wasn’t she. I should have known she'd still attempt her little 'sex escape'. I clenched as my gaze came back down to Lily, wondering if she know where Ellie was going? What she was going to do?

Lily’s eyes stayed glued to the floor, her lips trembling ever so slightly. This girl wasn’t a natural liar, of course she knew what my daughter was planning, the way she squirmed under my gaze told me that. “Sir, E-Ellie's…” her voice trembled out.

“Car. Now!” I interrupted her harshly. She looked up in shock, but I was already pushing past her to grab my keys. First I would drop Lily at home, then I would drive over to Olly’s and drag Ellie back here by the ear if I had to. I was stupid to think she had let go of the idea, the girl was as stubborn as her mother. She was manipulative too, she knew full well Lily would distract me while she snuck out. Even my daughter knew I had a weakness for this child. Dammit.

I had every right to be angry with her, but as we drove in the dark I began to feel guilty for lashing out instead. Lily had never seen my dark side. I always tried my best not to yell in front of her because she was such a timid creature, I feared hurting her more than anything.

That’s probably why Ellie used her though, she knows she can get away with shit if Lily is with her. When Lily's around I'm practically as intimidating as a fluffy rabbit.

“I’m sorry I shouted at you” I spoke calmly trying not to let out the anger I still felt. Lily didn’t respond, remaining still, looking down at her lap. Great, she was giving me the silent treatment.

My grip tightened on the wheel as I surprised even myself. The fact she wasn't talking to me only irritating me more. I inhaled and tried again “Lily, please” I pulled up at a red light and turned to look at her, the shadows that fell over her were clouding her face, but I could still see the remnants of tears under her eyes. Fuck. This wasn't a tantrum. I made her cry.

Before I knew it my hand was running down the side of her cheek, tenderly brushing away the sparkling stains as I whispered “it’s OK little one, I’m not mad at you” I felt her lean into my hand as the lights turned green, yet we didn’t move.

My hand lay there, caressing her soft skin for a minute as she relaxed into the sensation. Her eyes closed and the tears ceased. This felt good, relaxing even, she must have felt the same as she let out a soft purr-like moan. I almost chuckled at the sound that broke the silence between us as her eyes snapped open. She flinched away from my touch to hide her face and I couldn’t help but smirk to myself, she was embarrassed because she felt good, so cute.

Shit. I made her feel good. She moaned for me, and I liked it.


When I finally pulled up outside Olly’s house, my anger at Ellie had completely disappeared. It was replaced by something else entirely, something I hadn’t felt in a while and the bulge in my pants clearly reminded me of that.

I rang the doorbell to be greeted by a very surprised Mrs Finnigan. I explained my presence quickly to her and she reluctantly indulged me, leading me up the stairs to Olly’s room. It seemed she was completely oblivious to our eldest’s plans for the evening, telling me as we wandered through her house that Olly hadn’t returned from the party yet and how her son was not that kind of boy.

Considering she found cigarettes in his room not two weeks ago, I didn’t believe her at all. Needless to say when we finally came to open his door, the sight we were scarred with was enough to clear up any doubts she had.


I threw keys on the side table, my coat flung onto the rack as I entered the house. Ellie stormed past me, straight up the stairs to her room, slamming the door loud enough for the neighbours to hear. “So the party went well then?” Katherine asked rhetorically as she sat comfortably on the couch. I held back, heading over to the glass cabinet in the corner, unlocking it and filling myself a glass of brandy.

“It would have ended better if you had been here” I snarled at her as I took a sip from the glass.

She looked up at me from behind the book she was reading, there was no remorse in her eyes “so she did go to Olly’s then”

My eyes widened “you knew she was still going to go and yet you left me to deal with it alone!” I snapped at her, attempting not to yell, I didn’t need any more drama tonight.

“I had an inkling” she said closing her book and standing to leave “we told her ‘no’, of course she was going to do it anyway” she waved her hand frivolously as she left the room "she's a teenager Jason".

I gripped my glass tighter, telling myself to just let it go. Getting into another fight with my wife was not worth it. That night I slept on the couch, and woke early to go for a jog. When I returned Katherine was gone, she had collected Charlie from his sleepover and taken both our children shopping for the day.

It was late when they returned and Charlie was already out like a light, Ellie seemed a little happier though. Her silent treatment of me prevailed but she smiled through it as she had juat brought herself a pair of boots that she’d been eyeing for a month. Katherine didn’t speak to me either, not because she was upset with me, but because she knew I was upset with her. At least she still understood that much.


As I slipped into bed beside my wife she rolled over, her arm fell onto my bare chest as she began to trace circles. I breathed out roughly “What are you doing?” she responded without a word, moving her hand down my body until she reached under the sheets to the edge of my boxers.

It’s been four months since we had sex, neither of us desired the attention of the other, yet after this weekend she was suddenly so eager? As if sex was going to make me forgive her.

I reached down and pulled her hand away from my flaccid cock “this time, I’m not in the mood” I told her, turning away before she could argue back. It’s true, I wasn’t in the mood at all, that was until I remembered the sound of Lily’s moan from the other night. I was close to nodding off when I sprung to life under the sheets, immediately disgusted with myself.

I had ignored my wife’s offer completely. Now I found myself getting up in the dark to put on a robe and head downstairs. Standing outside in the crisp night air, the worst of thoughts ran through my mind. Thoughts of Lily, her mouth, her body and espite the cold, I was still fully erect. I couldn’t get to sleep like this and as I contemplated my choices where I stood, I took my thick cock out and began to stroke it.

I tried to think of my wife, her voluptuous breasts, the feel of her expertise pleasuring me, but the more I stroked myself the less I saw Katherine in my mind. Her face merging into that of an innocent Lily. Lily looked up at me through tears as her little mouth engulfed me, her tongue darting around aimlessly. The sound of her gagging on me as she tried her best to take me whole. “Fuck!” I hissed as I came over the lawn.

What did I just do.
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