A blooming flower

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Chapter 2


I couldn’t look my wife in the eye, the memory of what I had done Sunday night was haunting me. I loved Katherine. For sixteen years she’s been by my side, raising my children, she's a good woman.

I’m not the nineteen-year-old kid that got her pregnant all those years ago. I now knew the difference between love and lust; my sexual desires and my feelings for a person could be separate, my current predicament established that well. I could love my wife and yearn for another, as long as I didn’t act on it, right? This was how I attempted to convince myself that I was still in control as I drove to the school to collect Lily.

It had taken Ellie till Tuesday afternoon to earn a detention from her Science teacher, Lily obeyed my request and within the hour had text me asking if I would pick her up before Ellie could force her to stay behind. We had planned to meet at the back of the school, Ellie had English for fifth period which was in the front building, Lily told me she had Religious Education though. Hardly any students left the school via the back gate and Lily didn’t want anyone to snitch to Ellie, so I agreed that's where I would be waiting for her, although the discretion surrounding our interaction made it feel dangerous somehow.

We aren’t doing anything wrong. The need to repeat that to myself became stronger as I pulled the car up outside the school. I watched as the crowds of children fled the grounds. It only took five minutes for the masses to die down and for Lily to appear treading quickly across the playground. She strolled out of the gates cautiously, keeping her head down, darting her eyes around as if she were on a ‘mission impossible’. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself watching her, it was a bittersweet reminder that she was with all intents and purposes, a child.

The passenger door swung open and she hopped in, quickly throwing her back to her feet and removing a pair of bulky headphones from her head, her soft blonde locks just brushing her shoulders as she detangled them from the headset. My eyes fell to her face, the face I had imagined when I jerked off. Her lips looked soft, glazed with a strawberry pink balm, ripe for tasting.

Lily glanced up at me as she pulled her seatbelt over, breaking my thoughts. “You OK, Mr D?” she asked gazing up at me innocently. Shit. I quickly pulled my eyes to the road ahead of us and started the engine. I hadn’t realised I was staring, did I freak her out? I scolded myself internally as we drove in silence. That was until Lily’s angelic voice spoke out again “Thank you, for this”.

I quickly gave her a smile, keeping my attention on the road “You don’t have to thank me flower”.

I heard her fidget in her seat, becoming shy again, why? I only told her not to thank me. Was it because I called her ‘flower’? I’ve called her that since she was a little though, Ellie came up with it as a nickname because her name was ‘Lily’ like the flower. The logic was sound to a six-year-old and it stuck well, though I haven’t heard Ellie use it in a while. Was it because Lily didn’t like it anymore?

“Sorry” I spoke quickly “I shouldn’t call you that, I know it’s just a silly nickname that you haven’t used in years” my words were cut off when Lily yelled at me “NO!”.

I was grateful that just then we came to a stop at a crossing. I looked over at her in awe, this was the first time she’d ever yelled at me. She was blushing head to toe with her fingers tugging at the hem of her pleated black school skirt. “No?” I asked her, holding back my urge to praise her for being brave, even if it was just one word, this was a first. Lily kept her gaze clear of mine as I wandered it up and down her, eagerly awaiting for her response.

After a few seconds she replied meekly “I-I don’t think it’s silly, sir” she paused, for a moment as I exhaled, relieved she wasn’t angry. She turned to me, cheeks rosy, her eyes like sparkling marbles meeting mine as she continued undeterred “I just didn’t want anyone else to use it. So I told Ellie to stop when I turned eleven” her eyes fell to the floor again as she turned her body forward.

I was shocked to say the least, I didn't know what to say, what did she want me to say? Trying to pull myself back to reality I drove the car on as the lights turned green. Every so often glancing over at her, but she kept her eyes firmly looking ahead. It wasn't long until we pulled up outside her house, it was only four in the afternoon, I knew her parents wouldn’t be home for a couple hours, usually she would spend this time at our house with Ellie. Would she be lonely?

I waited for her to rush out of the car full of embarrassment from what she had said earlier, instead she sat there perfectly still. Suddenly she mumbled softly “Am I bad friend?”

I turned my head, watching her tense as she waited for my answer “Why would you ask that?” I was genuinely curious, in the past twenty minutes she had me confused entirely about her. She was suddenly bold, then shy, decisive and now suddenly insecure?

I couldn't deny it, I wanted to know more about the Lily that had been hiding from me all these years. She captivated me.

“Because I told her to stop calling me ‘flower’ even though she came up with it” she continued, still fiddling with her clothes “a-and I refused to tell her why be-because”. As I listened to her fumbling over her words, I found myself leaning over the console, the urge to embrace her overwhelming me.

“Calm down, little one” I whispered into her ear, my arms wrapped around her, pulling her into my chest. I waited until her rapid breathing subsided. Her head rested on me, as I sighed pushing us both apart, just enough to see her face. Once again the space between us was small, I could almost touch her lips with mine, but I wouldn’t. No, I couldn’t. Instead I kissed her forehead, as I did when she fell on my patio as a kid and cried out for comfort, stating softly “There’s a good girl.” I looked down at her once more, lingering for a moment longer than I should have, her eyes begging up at me, so I continued “listen carefully flower, because I’m not going to repeat myself. You are not a ‘bad friend’. No matter your reasoning, it was simply a choice you made, and Ellie needed to respect that, that's all there is to it”

I paused briefly keeping my gaze in line with hers as I deepened my voice “however, if you wanted to feel special, there were other ways of telling me” I smiled and she blushed under my hold, trying as always to avert her eyes from me. With my hand on her chin, I forced her attention back on me as I finished “you, are special, Lily. For many reasons, least of all a nickname. Understood?” she nodded, still blushing profusely. Damn it, this was the second time I had given her a command, the second time she was allowing me to. I was enjoying it more than I should and worse, I knew she was as well.

I felt exhausted by the time I got home. It had taken everything in me to send Lily on her way, her entire being tempted me and she didn't even know it. Jesus Christ, the fact that I wanted to do something to her should have been enough to send me running, it shouldn’t have been so hard to walk away.

Was it because deep down I knew she wanted it? No. That shouldn’t matter, I’m an adult, I should know how to control myself.

Charlie sat in the lounge playing on the PlayStation, when I asked where his mother was, he pointed at the ceiling before returning to his game. It wasn’t four-thirty yet, Ellie would still be in detention and I’m sure Olly would gladly bring her home after, detour included. I had tried to convince Katherine to ground Ellie for a while, but she reminded me that if I did so, it meant I would have to drive her everywhere. Katherine blatantly refused to be a taxi for her daughter and seeing as I already had my arrangement with Lily, grounding Ellie suddenly seemed impossible.

I made my way upstairs to the master bedroom; Katherine was showering in the ensuite and I needed a distraction from Lily.

It had been a while since I’d dominated Katherine, but I knew she loved it, so tonight I'd get out all my frustration.

Undressing as quickly as I could I made my way into the bathroom, our shower screen was clear glass, her body blurred in the steam behind it. She noticed me standing there as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair “Like what you see?” she teased me. Good, I thought to myself, she's in a playful mood.

I lost no time manoeuvring myself to her side, for once we both wanted it and I wasn’t going to waste a second. As she turned to face me, her eyelashes fluttering under the water as she tried to look me in the eye. Katherine was only five-five, taller than Lily by a few inches, but I was a good six-foot-three, I towered over them both. Before she could bring her lips to mine, I demanded “On your knees” and she promptly fell before me.

Katherine was into this kind of thing before I had even met her, like riding a bike, she hadn’t forgotten a thing in our sixteen years as parents. I gripped her auburn hair tightly as she began to suck my half-hard dick. She knew all my sweet spots, if I wasn’t careful she’d make me cum before I could truly enjoy myself. Her head bobbed up and down on me, the sound of her gag mixing with the splashing water around us. I thrusted my hips against her, allowing her to swallow me whole. I kept going quicker and quicker, not letting up. Face fucking my wife was exactly what I needed. With each thrust I could feel my orgasm coming closer, I closed my eyes, tilting my head up into the stream but just as I reached my moment of release, Lily’s face appeared. “Fuck!” I let out as I came inside Katherine’s mouth. I looked down, somehow determined to hide thoughts I knew she couldn’t read “Swallow.” I demanded, so she did.

That night I lay with Katherine asleep in my arms for the first time in a while. I’d forgotten the sensation of her hair brushing against my chest, the warmth of her hand on my skin after a rough session. I’d forgotten how talented she was, we had gone three rounds, once in the shower, then in the bedroom and a third after the kids had gone to bed. Fuck. So why was I still hard then? Every time I closed my eyes, Lily’s face popped up, her eyes daring me to take her, I jerked off again in the bathroom before finally falling asleep.

The next morning my sleep was broken by the screams of my children, once again fighting. I growled as I rolled over, the bed empty beside me. It was only seven-thirty, but Ellie was rushing around trying to find her things while Katherine was darting out the door for work, yelling something about an early meeting and asking me to take Charlie to school. I waved her off still half-asleep.

By eight-thirty Ellie had jumped into the back of Olly’s car, disappearing without even a goodbye, and I had finished getting Charlie ready. I buckled him into the bad seat and closed the door, heading round to the drivers seat. Just as I got in my phone buzzed, as I pulled it out my pocket Lily’s name flashed on my screen. I hesitated for a moment before swiping the answer icon. Her voice leaped into my ear “Mr D? I’m really sorry, I accidentally slept in and my parents left pretty early, Ellie said Olly is already in class and can’t pick me up till noon but I have a Math test in second period” I sighed loudly, interrupting her train of thought, she paused for a moment then continued quietly “It’s OK Mr D, you’re a busy man, I’ll just wait for the bus” the hurt in her voice was clear.

I looked back at Charlie who was obliviously eating the last few slices of the toast he had for breakfast before returning my focus to Lily, I growled under my breath “be ready in ten” and with that I hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later I pulled up to her house, compliant as always, Lily stood at the curb in front of her house ready to go. “Lily!” Charlie announced as she settled in the front seat. She turned to him and made a silly face, greeting him as he returned the favour. “Got everything?” I asked her, observing her attire for the day. She chose to keep her hair down in loose curls, paired with a black headband, she had also chosen thin black tights to match which already had runs in them.

“Yes, sir!” she exclaimed eagerly.

I must have smiled like an idiot because she quickly blushed and turned away, her hair now covering her face from view. We set off towards Charlie’s school, reaching it in record time. “Wait here while I drop him off” I told her as I pulled Charlie from his booster seat and closed the door. I hated dropping Charlie off at school, there were more than a few mothers who enjoyed my presence a little too much.

I never knew just how much Katherine gossiped about our relationship to any of them, but there were certainly a few that would attempt to flirt with me given the opportunity. I needed to hurry and leave Charlie with his teacher so I could get back to Lily.

By the time Ms Green was done running her nails down my arm while overexplaining the field trip Charlie needed permission for next month, I had been here seven minutes longer than I wanted to be. Finally I reached the car, leaning back in my chair I exhaled. It was only nine o’clock in the morning and I was already feeling drained.

“Is something wrong?” Lily spoke out. Crap. As if in my rush to get back to her, I had forgotten she was here in the first place!

I sat up alert, turning the key in the ignition “I’m fine. Just one of those days I guess” I tried to smile as I glanced at her, but she didn’t seem convinced by it. “So” I began trying to drum up a conversation “why did you sleep in?”.

Lily kept her gaze on the side window, watching the world pass by and blanking me completely. For a moment I thought she was thinking up her answer, then I realised she was simply testing me. Did she want to see if I would push her again?

Whether she knew it or not, she was playing a dangerous game and more importantly, she was winning. “Lily” I said sharply “when I ask a question, I expect an answer.” She trembled at my voice, but still didn’t respond, her fists clenching on her lap. Fine, she wanted to play, time to take off the safety wheels.

I pulled the car over, just a couple blocks from the high school. Reaching my hand over to her, I roughly gripped her chin, forcing her to turn entirely towards me. Her little whimper from the jolt filling me instantly with pride. “I won’t ask again, little flower” her blushing face getting redder by the second, my gaze not letting up “why did you sleep in?”.

“I-I had a dream” she stammered, pulling her eyes down to my chest as I kept her chin facing up at me.

“A dream?” I raised my brow, what kind of dream would make a good student like Lily late? “Was it a nightmare?” my grip softening as I asked. Relief filled my heart when she shook her head swiftly to say ‘no’. I watched her for a moment, avoiding my gaze as best she could.

Then it hit me. Shit, I can’t believe I missed something so clearly written on her face, she was embarrassed about it. For a second I feared I had misinterpreted the situation entirely, playing a one-sided game of chess, hurting her for no reason.

Just as I thought of releasing my grasp, ready for the distance my arrogance would surely bring between us, my eyeline shot to her thigh. The holy tights she wore becoming ever more so as her fingernails dug into her skin. I chuckled inwardly, I wasn't mistaken at all. She was playing at her best that was for sure, clenching her thighs together in her naïve attempt to stay dry.

She was adorable. I smiled to myself and reaffirmed my grip on her chin, causing her eyes to spring up at me. If she had the kind of dream I thought she did, then it was time for checkmate “dream away little one, but if you get that seat wet. You will be punished.” And with that I released her, bringing my attention back to the task at hand. I drove her the rest of the way in silence. I should have felt content in my win, but it wasn't enough.

When we reached the gates she immediately jumped from the car, sprinting away without a word. Maybe I had scared her. No, if that were true it was only a good thing. Scaring her off with a small threat like that, she was better off running away from me before I went too far. That’s right, it was game over before it had even begun.

I watched as she ran, worried she might fall flat on her face at the pace she was running but before she turned the corner of the building, she stopped dead in her tracks. Spinning around in my direction, she might have been far away, but her face was clear as the daylight that burned it into my memory. Lily looked at me, her smile brimming from ear to ear, then she disappeared from view.

And just like that it was game over.

I had lost.

Author's note:

This is my first book and I'm dyslexic AF so please be patient with me x I will endeavour to fix any mistakes as they appear to me!

Please don't hesitate to give feedback in the comments! I want to know what you think of my storyline and the characters ^.^

Thank you for reading!
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