A blooming flower

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Chapter 4


What was I doing?

She looked so distraught earlier, I knew something had happened, but I didn’t know what, I didn't know how to fix it for her. When she looked at me in the kitchen her eyes told me she wanted me to do something, anything, but I couldn't because of Ellie. No, that's not it, Ellie’s presence shouldn’t be the thing that held me back.

It was though, and right now she wasn’t here, I’d made it so. Right now it was just the two of us, my precious flower and I.

This game we’re playing, win or lose, I needed to make a choice. I couldn’t keep playing half-heartedly, I was hurting her in the cruelest way. It was clear she wanted more than my words, I knew that and although I also knew it was wrong, I wanted to give her more as well. It was no longer a question of my intentions towards her, simply a matter of willpower over them. Now I watched as this little flower melted into my touch, her visible trauma fading from her face. I was at a crossroad. The choice I made here would predict the outcome of us both and I knew for my own sake, I needed to resist my desire for her, that was the right choice. I had told myself I would tell her that everything was going to be OK and then send her upstairs to bed, I wouldn’t touch her any more than this. Just a gentle caress of her cheek, it was so innocent, it could stay that way. Then she whispered out softly under my embrace “Thank you”. Shit. I couldn’t do it.

The way she obeyed my commands, her honest reactions, how she was shy yet so fucking brave. The sound of her voice when she moaned for me, everything about her was irresistible, I couldn’t let her go.

I found myself instinctively scolding her again for thanking me. I didn’t need her to thank me for caring about her, it was only natural, wasn't it? My hand curved around her neck effortlessly, so fragile that I dared to imagine my hand around her throat instead. Her blue eyes looked up at me, imploring me. Just how far did she want me to go before she would realise that this wasn't what she wanted? She was meant to be terrified of me, I'm not the kind man she thinks I am, I will break her.

I wondered if she knew how alluring it was, her testing my resolve like this. In the heat of the moment I closed my eyes letting my lips brush against hers. My conscience yelled at me to stop, the immorality of it should have sickened me, but that one innocent act had excited me more than all the sex I had with my own wife.

Shit. I needed to snap out of it, to pull away, before I did something worse, before I started something I couldn’t stop. I could still save her.

As I began to retreat, Lily moaned softly against me “please” her eyes clasped shut as she begged me “sir”. Fuck. My hand gripped tight on the back of her head, the other quickly wrapping around her waist. I pulled her in before I could convince myself to stop as my lips came crashing into hers, the pleasure was almost unbearable.

She tasted sweet, the strawberry balm she used leaving behind a pleasant scent for me to savour. Lily’s indecent moans spread through me like wildfire, opening her mouth swiftly as I demanded entry, my tongue dominating her entirely. It felt amazing, like time had stopped, her body pressing against mine. I was kissing my daughters best friend, in the middle of my living room while my wife was sleeping in our bedroom above us! This was wrong on so many levels, but all that was too easily forgotten as the sound of Lily filled my ears. Her arms came to my chest, her small fingers clutching at me in desperation, as I clenched my body around her, both of us yearning for more.

I heard Ellie moving around upstairs and I knew she was getting curious as to why Lily hadn’t come up yet. I had to stop this before she discovered us.

My hands caressed her cheeks as I forced an end to our embrace, running my left thumb along her succulent bottom lip, trying to regain my composure. I held her still, both hands cupping her delicate face, knowing the moment was going to end shortly and I would have to go back to playing my role as nothing more than Ellie's father.

I watched her expression carefully, trying to find the words I needed to tell her this was only for tonight, a moment of weakness that I could never let happen again. All I could think was how beautiful she looked, her lips slightly swollen from my kiss, I wanted to do it again.

Lily opened her eyes, staring up at me briefly before they fell to my chest, her hands still clinging to me, even she knew that what we had done was unforgivable. I exhaled as my arms surrounded her, her timid frame still trembling from our encounter “you did well little flower, now it’s time for bed” I whispered above her. I wanted more than anything to keep my hold on her for a while longer, to make this moment last as long as I could. Everything about this felt natural to me, yet none of it was, I needed to remember that. It was my job to make her understand, to end this, whatever it was, before it got out of hand. I opened my mouth to continue but I was interrupted.

Ellie’s voice whispered out as she came lightly jogging down the stairs to find Lily. “What’s wrong?” she asked as she entered the room to find Lily standing not even a foot from me, her face still blushing. Lily turned to face her, in that moment I was glad that my daughter wasn’t blessed with reading faces well. At least she couldn't in all their years she still couldn't read Lily’s, it screamed of what we had just done, but Ellie was oblivious.

“It’s nothing El. I was just thanking your dad for earlier” she was lying through her teeth, badly, yet Ellie was so easily convinced by her. It was the word of an honest to God innocent after all, and here I was corrupting her. Though, I thought to myself, it wasn’t completely untrue, in a way she was thanking me. I smirked to myself, it was quite the thank you.

Nevertheless, I made a mental note, I needed to reinforce my views on gratitude. As much as I loved her the appreciation she had towards my compassion, it hurt me somewhat that she didn’t think she deserved it in the first place. I also needed to ask her about what happened that had upset her, it’s rare for Lily to get so upset she would swear and I hated knowing something, or someone had hurt her. Right now wasn’t the time for any of that though, I needed to get the girls to bed so I could calm down. I’d break things off with Lily in the morning.

“Off you pop then. It’s a school day tomorrow and I won’t have either of you sleeping in” I stated ironically, smiling at them both. Ellie laughed as she turned around to leave, while Lily followed her in silence, cheeks still aflame with colour. The question of what happened in her dream last night crossed my mind briefly, as it had done throughout the day, as I watched her leave the room. Was her dream the reason she had submitted to me with such ease? I had speculated, but now I curious to know.

I hardly slept, my mind was racing through the events of the day, Lily’s face haunting me until the early hours. Knowing she was across the hall from me made it that much harder to relax, even after a freezing shower my member was crying out for her.

Why did I do it? Why didn’t I just walk away? I could have told her no when she begged me to kiss her, I could have just let her walk straight past me when she came in and ignored my instincts to comfort her, but I didn't. There was no turning back now, I’d crossed a line, I was responsible for this girl’s emotions, for her very first kiss, and soon her first heartbreak. The precious flower I had cared so much for, she would hate me soon enough. My heart shook at the thought.


“Morning Daddy!” Charlie spat out as he munched on his cereal.

“Don’t speak with food in your mouth” Katherine retorted, then she greeted me with my morning coffee, she made it a little too dark as always. She continued “you’re taking Charlie to school today, the girls have already left, and I have an impromptu meeting at nine.” She stumbled around slipping on her heels, rambling away about being home late tonight, the washing machine being broken because of something Charlie did and finally she came around to something that caught my attention as I sat down to eat. “Oh and Lily told me to ask if you’ll pick her up from school? She's told Ellie that she was going to stay behind to study at the library, of course Ellie wasn’t interested at all so she has no ride home. Is that OK?” I swiftly nodded cleaning up the mess around Charlie’s bowl, trying my best not to look happy about the request Lily had made. Katherine left after that and once I had dropped Charlie off at school, I prepped myself for a long day ahead, waiting for four-thirty to come around was going to be torture.

My work seemed full of the most tedious tasks all day, it felt like I was being punished for my sins already. The fact that I didn’t have a moments peace between tending to paperwork and calls with clients, was really a blessing in disguise though, it gave me little room to think about Lily, that was until three o’clock. I lay back in my chair, closing my laptop and stared into the room. My office was downstairs, adjacent to the lounge and with my door open I could see the exact spot where I had stood embracing Lily less than twenty-four hours ago. There was an empty pit in my stomach as I thought about how I was going to break it off with her this afternoon.

I waited impatiently for the time to pass, running the scene in my head, planning my words out carefully. I didn’t want to hurt her, not like this at least, the irony was that I was going to do so because of that very fact. Like ripping a bandage off, I just needed to do it swiftly.

Driving to the school to collect her was like driving to a funeral, the roads were mostly clear, but the pouring rain swallowed the streets in a grey must. The closer I got the more guilty I felt. I had told myself to think of Katherine, of Ellie and Charlie but it wasn't working. I can do this I gave myself a pep talk before I turned the last corner, the moment she gets in the car, it'll be over soon. The rain was still pouring down as I pulled up, an irritation washed over me when I saw Lily stood by the gate, soaking wet. She didn’t have an umbrella so she had used her blazer to protect her from the rain, her white button-up school shirt was so drenched in rainwater that you could see every detail of what lay underneath. The thought that any passer-by could see the small baby-pink lace bra that clung to her chest perfectly, pissed me off.

I forgot my plan entirely as she ran to the car for shelter, the moment she sat down I found myself distracted by her current situation “You should have waited for me in library.” I spoke wanting to sound stern, instead it came out as unease. Dammit, I thought. What if she had fallen ill from being out in the rain, she was so foolish. Lily didn’t respond, sitting in silence as she tried to warm up. I noticed her shivering uncontrollably and turned up the heat, sighing as I tried again “Lily. Why weren’t you waiting in the library like you were supposed to? Did you even go there at all?” I had regained composure now, and as expected my tone was fully understood. Lily knew answering me wasn't a choice here.

“No.” she muttered into her chest compliantly.

“So you lied this morning” I said, feeling a little disappointed in her, yet proud that she didn't resist me. Lily was a good kid, she wasn’t a liar, this was because of me. “Lily” I breathed out, digging my fingers around the steering wheel, refusing to look at her. I didn’t know what face she was making, but I knew it would tempt me no matter what is was and I needed to remain calm “this needs to stop”. My heart wrenched as I continued “I do not condone lying”.

“Are you going to punish me for it?” her voice was low and soft, but I could still hear the irritation in it.

I looked at her, she was facing the passenger window, her arms folded as she stifled her tears. Great, I made her cry, again. I sighed out through my nose “Please stop. I’m not going to punish you Lily. I am disappointed in you though, I thought you knew better than that.”

Lily sniffed again as she turned to face me, a switch had flipped on as it had done the other day “Disappointed? You’re disappointed! What was I supposed to do? This is the only way I knew how to get you alone again. I didn’t care if that meant I had to lie so I’m not sorry about it! I'm so sorry I'm not the perfectly innocent Lily that never lies or swears. Besides, all I did was tell a little lie, I didn't kiss someone and then act as if nothing happened the next day! You didn’t even send a single text the whole day to see how I was, so how would you know if I was really planning on going to the library or not?” She exhaled harshly as she continued, trying her best not look away “You want to know why I was waiting in the rain so long that I got soaked through to my underwear? It was because of you! because I thought you would come to get me, as if you cared enough to understand!” she yelled at me, pouting like a puppy. Her raging eyes softened into regret as she realised what she had blurted out, slumping back into the chair and returning her gaze to the window, whispering to herself “I want to go home.”

Crap, this wasn’t how I planned it in my head, she wasn’t supposed to think I didn’t care about her feelings at all. I wasn't going to let it end like this. “I do” my voice slipped out as I stared at her golden locks. She didn’t acknowledge my words, remaining still with her back turned to me. “I do care Lily” I continued as I strained to stop myself from leaning over and forcing her to listen “but this can’t happen. I know that I kissed you, I still want to” I was interrupted as Lily spoke out.

“Really?” she questioned to the window timidly.

“Yes” I sighed out “but that’s not the point little one”. I felt my tension release as she turned to face me, her puffy eyes begging me to stop there. “I truly do care for you Lily, but that’s why I have to stop this, before you get hurt” her eyes fell to her lap, her fist clenching as I spoke. “Please, flower. Try to understand” I whispered as I leaned over, wrapping my arm around the back of head, pulling her in to me. She resisted, pushing away from me as she looked me in the eyes, once again I could see her determination.

“I don’t care” she began “I can take it” she said stubbornly.

Seriously, this kid. I chuckled inwardly, trying to still sound stern as I continued “You're not listening to me flower” I said bringing my hand to the back of her head, our foreheads meeting as I looked her in the eyes. Did she really understand what she was saying? The temptation to test her was too much, as she gazed up at me I grinned “but seeing as you’re so confident about that”. I watched her squirm below me, the satisfaction overtook me as I saw how my words turned her on. Fuck, this felt good. “Should I punish you after all?” I whispered against her as my free hand fell to graze her thigh. She was warm, even though the cold rainwater was still resting on her skin. I gently glided my fingers up to the hem of her skirt where her hand tremored at my touch. Lily pinched her eyes shut as she removed her hand from her skirt, placing it at the edge of her seat to allow me access. “Fuck” I nuzzled my head against hers, my hand hovering at her skirt as I groaned “You’re really not going to stop me, are you?”

Her eyes sparkled innocently as she looked up at me from our embrace and shook her head softly. Such a simple notion, the word ‘no’ yet here I was, unable to say it. I moved in, gently kissing her, then I removed my hands from her body, retreating back into my seat. I spoke firmly as I started the car “Text Ellie. Tell her to collect Charlie from school and to take him to get McDonalds. Inform her I’ll be in a meeting so not to call me unless it’s an emergency”. Lily looked at me confused. I lifted my phone from the console and handed it to her “Text Ellie or you’re walking home, right now” and with that she took the phone from me, as I put the car in drive. “Seatbelt” I demanded as she began to type away.

I drove as quickly as I could, not wanting to stop for a second to realise the choice I was making. It was the wrong one, I knew it, but as I glanced over at Lily, seeing her blushing face and clenching muscles. Her anticipation was invigorating, I couldn't deny her.

We pulled up outside my house and I turned the car off as I turned to Lily to offer her one last chance to back out “Still feeling confident?” I said, expecting her to fall back into her shy girl nature and deny it. Instead, she smiled sweetly at me and got out of the car. I followed her up the driveway to the front door. When I opened it I let her walk in first, enjoying the view her particularly see-through shirt gave me. We’d been here a million times before, but this time was different, this time it was only us in the house.

As I watched her stand in the hallway, looking around as if she were checking for ghosts, I remembered the events of yesterday as I walked towards her. My hands stopped on her waist, her back to me as I leaned down beside her ear "I need you to tell me what happened yesterday” I requested tenderly as I pulled her closer.

Lily waited for a moment before answering “Liam” she mumbled to the floor.

“Liam?” I questioned “Who’s Liam?” my voice serious. Lily shook her head. “I’m not playing flower” I gently swept her hair to the side as I whispered slowly against her neck “you have till the count of three to answer the question. What happened yesterday?”.

“H-He was in the car” she whimpered and I could feel her tensing up at the memory.

I pulled her chin up to look at me over her shoulder “Did he touch you?” the answer was clear, but she still nodded in response, her eyes gazing down in shame. That bastard, I’m going to kill him. Allowing one of his friends to touch her so bluntly, and Ellie allowed it! That child was truly testing my limits, screw Katherine's approach, that girl was going to get the lecture of a lifetime, she could play slut all she liked but not with Lily. I brought my focus back onto the alluring creature before me, she had left the shame behind now, reliving it had made her angry again. I stood back, letting her turn to face me. So that was why she had sworn so unapologetically, that’s why she wanted me to touch her so badly and had thanked me for it. The puzzle pieces all fit together, she wanted me to make her feel safe again. “Would you like me to take away the memory?” I asked already knowing I would do it for her, for myself more. The thought of another mans hands on her skin, sickened me. Lily looked up, all her frustration lingering on her expression. Of course that was what she wanted, it’s what I wanted, she nodded softly.

“Office. Now.” I demanded gently and she obliged immediately. I followed closely behind her as we made our way through the house, past the kitchen and the den, we reached the living room, turning off into my office. She looked like an angel under the burnt sunlight cascading through the windows, the simple image of her standing there made me stand up. I closed the door, even knowing with Charlie’s appetite no one would be home for at least another two hours, I couldn’t be too careful.

I pulled my desk chair out and sat down, patting my knee to call her over. She stood before me unsure of what to do, of course she needed my guidance. I held out my hand, demanding again “Lily, come here” so she did “Sit” I instructed, guiding her until she straddled me. “Good girl” I smiled positioning her just right, “Now, I think ten on each would be a good place to start” she looked at be bewildered. I sighed, putting pressure on her ass cheeks to remind her why she was here “ten for your attitude earlier and ten more for all your prior indiscretions” with that, I pulled her into me, lifted the back of her skirt with one hand, bringing the other up only to slam it down harshly on her right cheek.

Lily yelped at the pain, her hands gripping my shirt as she fell further into my chest. The view she gave me was tantalising, her cheek was turning red from the spank and I could see she was wearing baby-pink lace knickers that matched her bra, still visible thanks to the rain. I wanted to rip it all off, but I continued instead, another slap to her right cheek. “Mm” Lily moaned into me.

“Want me to stop already baby?” I teased “I thought you said you could take the pain” I paraphrased as she took another hit. She continued to whimper, trying her best not to let me hear it as I continued with her punishment. The sounds she made each time turning me on more and more. When I was done with her right cheek, I swapped hands “ready little one? This time you’re going to count them out loud for me, understood?” I waited for confirmation.

Through her trembling body she fumbled out the words “Yes, sir” and I praised her with a harsh strike on her bare skin. I felt her body jolt from the shock, her voice vibrating through the air “o-one” she breathed out quietly.

“Louder little one, I can't hear you” I kissed her head as I gave her another spank.

“T-Two!” she cried out.

I kept it up. She yelled out as best she could, each number making her grind more against me. Six, seven, eight and nine all promptly exclaimed outloud as I performed them.

“T-Te-Ten” she stuttered out, shaking against me, her hot core soaking through her knickers onto my suit.

“Well done” I told her, rubbing her back as she tried to come down from her climax. It’s been so long since I felt the kind of satisfaction that Lily gave me, just the humble act of a spanking brought me an enjoyment that I hadn’t experienced in years.

“Mr D?” she spoke softly as she tried to sit up to look at me.

“Yes flower?” I asked, helping her to position herself upright on my lap as I swept her hair behind her ear.

“I’m glad I waited for you in the rain” she smiled innocently at me, her eyes full of lustful fulfilment. She was a natural. I chuckled, leaning forward to kiss her.

There was no doubting it, this girl had me wrapped around her mischievous little finger.
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