A blooming flower

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Chapter 5

Author's note:

I'm going through some health problems right now which is making it tough to get in the zone for writing. I'm sorry it took me a couple days to get this chapter done but it's a pretty good excuse as far as time management problems go. It's also my excuse as to why the timeline doesn't get too far in this chapter, I just couldn't comfortably move the time along, its still a good read though x


Mr D lifted me up with his hands under my thighs, then placed me on his desk and told me to wait while he left the room for a couple of minutes. I sat there letting it all sink in while I waited. Mr D had made me cum, sat on his lap, spanking me relentlessly. I'm turning into a masochist. An adulterous, lustful masochist. It hurt so much when he hit me. I had cried out in pain, but the pleasure I felt at the same time was indescribable.

I'd never been smacked before. Good children didn't get punished, this was a first for me. It was probably normal for Ellie. Wait, did he hit Ellie like that? No, if he did Ellie wouldn't behave how she does. If she knew how her dad could really handle her attitude, she wouldn't walk all over him. She'd be at his knees instead, begging for forgiveness. God knows I wanted to fall to his knees and beg for something else entirely.

I’m screwed. I want to be screwed. I looked down at myself, envisioning the mess of juices that lay beneath my skirt, thanks to him. Maybe Mrs D was right, I am spoilt.

I wanted to stand up and check myself, but my cheeks stung so much that I couldn’t even wiggle off the spot. Each time I tried the sensation increased. It felt so wrong sitting here like this. So wrong that it felt right. I giggled to myself, reliving my orgasm over and over in my mind while I waited. Who knew it could feel so good to be disobedient.

“Well I guess you don’t need this then” Mr D voiced from the doorway. He was holding a tub of cream in his hand as he walked over to me. He’d changed his outfit while he was gone, from a black suit into a fitted dark grey t-shirt and light, tight, sweatpants. The bulge in them drew my eyes to his crotch as I watched him cross the room. “Can you stand yet?” he asked tenderly. I shook my head blushing as he came closer. He wrapped his arms around me, lifting me off the desk and carrying me into the lounge like a princess. There he lay me down on the couch and told me to role over onto my stomach. I complied. By the time I realised what he was doing it was too late to escape.

Mr D lifted my skirt up to reveal everything, my bright red cheeks, my baby-pink knickers, and the wet stain between my legs that I desperately didn’t want him to see. The air hitting my skin felt like a burning flame. I winced at the sensation, burying my head into the cushions. “Seems this little flower enjoyed her punishment. Perhaps a little too much” he teased. I could feel my body ache in anticipation. He laughed gently, the sound filling the air above me.

His voice was quickly becoming my favourite sound. Even when he was being somewhat cruel, it was intoxicating to me. The pain eased slightly as he gave me a gentle warning “this is going to sting, OK?”. I clenched the pillow under me as the cold sensation hit my skin, moaning into the fabric when I felt the sting spread as his hands moved. He rubbed it softly over both cheeks, assuring me “just a little longer pet”. The fresh flower smell filled the air and the pain soon subsided.

I began to relax with the motion of his hands, until I suddenly felt his fingers slip between my legs. I squeezed my thighs together in surprise before Mr D instantly scolded me for it “You want to go another round flower? Open your legs.” He demanded.

I let my legs drift apart, allowing his fingers to roam freely. Mr D caressed me over the thin fabric that protected my sex from his view, rubbing my cum back onto me as he did. A muffled moan escaped me as the switch came back on. I quickly stifled more, trying to control myself.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, leaning over me till I could feel his chest brush against my back. I tried to nod into the cushion. Mr D pressed his fingers up against my entrance “use your words baby-girl” he groaned softly into my ear.

“Yes” I breathed out, holding back my urge to grind against his hand.

“Yes what?” he said pressing them further against me. The tension nearly pushing my knickers into my hole. He was torturing me.

“Yes, sir” I cried out trying not to moan more, focusing on the reality that there was only a thin cloth between his hand and me. That small piece of fabric was protecting the last piece of dignity I had in front of this man.

Mr D released the pressure as I heard him breathe softly. He moved his fingers away completely before forcing me to roll over to face him. He was sat on the edge of the couch, his body twisted above mine, his hands either side of my head as his hung above me. Every muscle of his beautiful body was working hard to entrap me under him. “Good girl” he said firmly as he stared into my eyes, silently demanding my gaze "this is an important lesson Lily. A punishment is not play time. Which means you are not permitted to cum from it unless I tell you so” he continued lifting one hand to stroke my thigh “Am I understood?”. His voice encompassed so much resolve. I wondered how he could be so calm right now. I felt the heat pool between my legs more as I listened intently.

I looked away, embarrassed by my bodies reaction to him. I replied “Yes, sir” staring through his arm at the fireplace. He dragged my chin back to face him and once again embraced my lips as passionately as he had done last night.

I wished we could stay like this forever, the pain, the pleasure; all of it in this moment felt like a dream I never wanted to wake up from. Mr D pulled away from me until he was standing next to the couch looking down at me. I was spread out before him, ripe for the taking. He just stood there taking in everything inch, like a painting. He smiled, then held out his hand for me to take, pulling me up to him.

“Let’s get you home” he said as he started walking me to the front door. I didn’t want to go home yet, it was too soon. When I tried to pull back from the doorway, Mr D turned to face me, still holding my hand in his. “What’s wrong? You don’t want to go home?” he asked, pushing my hair from my face while I refused to look up from the floor. I nodded in response unable to find the strength to say the words. I knew I had no choice in the matter, yet I still hoped I could stay a little longer and we could continue.

He sighed softly “You took your punishment well flower, I’m proud of you for that” I blushed, internally praising myself alongside his statement. “But now it’s time to go home” he continued pulling me into a gentle hug “we both know if you stayed here Ellie would question your presence when she got home. I’m supposed to be in a meeting remember?”. Mr D softly kissed my head before he pulled away to open the front door, keys in hand, gesturing me to follow him out to the car. I slid on my shoes and did so reluctantly.

We drove silently to my house, his eyes on the road the whole time. Though it didn’t feel awkward between us, I still felt sad. The moment was ending again, and I didn’t know if we’d have another. Did he feel the same way at all?

As we pulled up outside my house, Mr D turned to me. His face was serious as he spoke for the first time since leaving the house “Tell Ellie you won’t be getting rides to or from school in Olly's car anymore. You will be using a different mode of transportation...”. I glimpsed a smirk tempting his lips “due to your erratic sleeping habits” he concluded.

My erratic sleeping habits? I’d only slept in once! And besides that, I had been getting my rides to and from school via Olly most days for almost a year now. The bus route was too unpredictable and Ellie hated letting my uncle Sam drive us and he couldn't do it every day anyway. As much as I hated being in Olly's car, it had become part of my routine, I couldn’t just change that.

I opened my mouth, readying myself to argue back, but before I could his hand was gripped on my chin forcing my silence with the pressure as he spoke “This isn’t up for debate Lily. I won’t allow my daughter to continue to rent you out in the backseat like a cheap whore to that bastards friends”. He softened his grip as I stared at him wide eyed. He sighed, his voice calmer as he continued “I knew how painful those journeys are for you long before any of this little one” Mr D said leaning over to me as his hand caressed my check. I felt tears fill in my eyes as he stopped with his lips just inches from mine. His eyes earnestly gazing into mine.

“H-How” I fumbled out in a whisper, adamant I wasn't going to cry.

He smiled softly, moving to kiss my neck. Then he whispered in response against my ear “You asked me to take away the symptom and I did. Now let me take away the cause”. His face came back into view before he lifted my face up so my lips could meet his. It was just a peck, but in that kiss I felt every word he said. My tears fell away in his warmth. This was his way of telling me that he wanted to protect me, that in some way I was his.

My eyes stayed closed as his lips left mine, his thumb once again grazing over my lips. “OK” I whispered against him, opening my eyes to meet his “I’ll tell Ellie”. He grinned approvingly, then released me completely, leaning back into his seat.

“Good” he said, a hint of his serious side hidden in his tone “now get inside before you cause me anymore trouble for today. I'll see you in the morning”. I opened the door and marched towards my house, grateful that I knew my parents weren’t home, they never were. As I closed the door behind me my phone buzzed. I flipped my shoes off and checked the screen desperately wondering if it was Mr D.

There were a few messages from Ellie and some other friends from school, but none from him. It had only been a minute, I shouldn't have been so disappointed by that. Ellie had been texting nonstop since her dad had sent her to babysit Charlie. This latest one was a photo of her brother seemingly in a food coma while they waited at the bus-stop. I replied back with a heart. He looked so cute with his mouth wide open as he slept on her lap.

Charlie looked a lot like his father, they had the same hair and sharp features. I wondered if that’s what Mr D looked like while he was sleeping but I was shocked out of my daydreams a I reached my bedroom when my phone started to ring. It was Ellie.

“Hey. Next time you tell my parents you’re staying behind to study, tell them I am as well. At least then my dad won’t be able to force me to babysit. I’m blaming you for the stinking farts I’m enduring right now!”

“Lily!” I heard Charlie yell in the distance.

“Back off Charlie. Sit down!” she shouted at him then returned to complaining down the phone, after a couple minutes she asked “Did my dad at least pick you up before his meeting?”. Ellie might be somewhat self-involved most of the time, but she had her moments. She still cared about me when it mattered.

“Yeah” I said hesitantly, he had more than picked me up, but Ellie couldn’t know about any of that. “Actually that reminds me” I began intending to tell her about the rides to school before she interrupted me.

“Crap I’ve got to go, the bus is here” she quickly spoke before hanging up. I needed to text her back before I forgot to. If I didn't do it I was sure Mr D would be upset with me.

It took me half an hour, sitting on my bed, retyping my message to her until I was finally ready to send it, settling on ‘Hey El, don't wait up for me tomorrow, a neighbour has offered to take me to school. I’ll meet you by the front gate’. It was straightforward, no room for any suspicious thoughts, right? I was about to click send when I received a message from Mr D. I swiped to read that instead, my curiosity getting the better of me.

‘I forgot to mention, make sure you cream up again before you go to bed. You’ll be sore in the morning otherwise.’

I felt my cheeks heat up as I quickly typed back ‘I’m fine’. I wondered for a second if he was regretting the choice he made when he took me back to his place. Almost immediately he replied. Even in a text I could feel his dominant presence, I could virtually hear his commanding voice ‘You will cream up before bed Lily. If you don’t I will make sure you are sore tomorrow, regardless.’ Fuck. He sent another text following on ‘Trust me flower. I might have gone easy on you today, but that doesn’t mean it will hurt any less tomorrow so be a good girl and do what I say’ signed with a kiss. A kiss!

I didn’t know how to respond to him after that, mostly because that was the first time he had ever signed off with a kiss and I didn’t know how to act as if that was normal. Was I supposed to send a kiss back? He was flirting with me over a text message!

For the next two hours I worked on my homework, waiting for my parents to come home. They were both workaholics. My dad works as a bank manager and my mum’s an admin for a small legal firm. Usually I would be at Ellie’s until at least six-thirty, that way if I walked home I’d arrive only twenty-minutes before either of them. Two hours on my own in the house felt weird. It only made me miss Mr D more, especially after his text. The thought that he was probably sitting down to eat with his wife right now irritated me. What exactly was I to him, was I more than a moment of temptation? Did he want me like I wanted him? I needed to know.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my room. Undressing down to the underwear I had changed into earlier. I turned around to finally see the marks he had made on my skin. Remembering his touch made my core tighten. It didn’t hurt as I looked at my reflection.

I rubbed my hand over my skin and the burning sensation I felt earlier rose up once again, forcing me to wince at my own stupidity. This was supposedly him going easy on me and it still hurt hours later, just as he promised it would. My determination to prove I could handle the pain numbed it somewhat as I rummaged around my room till I found the soothing cream I had for razer burns. Facing away from the mirror I squeezed some onto my hand and lifted the phone up over my other shoulder, trying to pose myself seductively as I rubbed the cream into my skin.

It was so cold that I flinched, almost wanting to cry out but didn't. I couldn't if I wanted to do this. I took a few photos hoping one would turn out clear before removing my hand from my cheek, sighing in relief. If there was one thing Ellie had taught me it was how to take a sexy picture. She’d sent a few in her time, and had even asked me to take some for her. For once I appreciated the lesson.

I stood still, studying the picture, the very thought of sending it to him both excited and terrified me. What if he didn’t want it, like it even? What if he hated it and told me off for being such a slut then never spoke to me again! No, if Ellie could do it, so could I. If I wanted him to take me seriously, I needed to prove to him I could handle this. I didn’t need him to go easy on me.

I hovered over the send button, staring at the picture of me in my tightest pair of black knickers that pinched at my slender figure and a light grey bralette, my hand strategically placed beside the red mark now covered in a shiny balm. And send. I waited anxiously for his reply, stood in the middle of my room almost naked gawping at my phone, slowly realising how cold I was. Yet I was unable to move from the spot, the anticipation overwhelming my desire to be warm. Then I heard the front door opened. Shit. My parents were home!

“Lily?” I heard my mums voice call up the stairs, alongside the sound of her footsteps. I fell over myself, scrambling to get dressed before she reached my door. With seconds to spare I was dressed in a blue tank top and matching tartan pyjama trousers. “Lily” she huffed in the now open doorway, her eyes narrowing as she observed me awkwardly stood in front of her “Why didn't you didn’t answer me?" she asked scanning the room "and what were you doing in here? It's a mess".

“Nothing” I muttered, hiding my phone behind me as it buzzed in the palm of my hand. My mum stared at me unconvinced, her mouth opened about to comment back. I was saved by the sound of my dad walking through the front door.

“I want pizza for dinner, anyone else?” he yelled into the house. My mum shouted back in agreement before turning around and heading into the hallway to greet him. My door was wide open, my mums back to me as she leaned over the bannister to discuss her choice of pizza toppings. I felt my phone buzz again. I pulled it out slowly to check my messages, watching my mum out the corner of my eye. It was a message from Mr D. I hesitated before I opened it, all my fears running through my mind as to what he would say. No matter what I needed to keep a straight face.

‘That’s a good girl’ the text read and I thought for a second he could see me blushing somehow as I read the next one ‘I prefer you in pink by the way, but the blacks cute too.’

He liked it? Thank god for my slutty best friend!

The next morning I woke up to a text from Ellie, asking me if I was going to be running late again. Crap, I had forgotten to text her about the drive to school. Mr D had distracted me and by then my parents had ordered pizza. I'd binge watched TV with them till ten before I fell asleep on the couch, I don’t even remember going to bed!

I began typing back, then my phone started ringing. Ellie’s voice hit my ears sharply “Ha!” she yelled down the phone “You owe me five quid dad!”.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, responding in confusion “El?”

“Sorry Lil. Dad made a bet with me that you wouldn't pick up, he was convinced you’d slept in again. Now he owes me five pounds” she paused for a moment before smugly declaring a “Thank you”. As if they were standing around first thing in the morning betting on my sleeping habits. Clearly I was now both their favourite toy. “So, think you’ll be ready to go in half an hour?”

Dammit. I sat up now wide awake. I needed to find an excuse not to go with her, if I went back on our deal who knows how Mr D would react. Was he still standing in the room with Ellie? Regardless, he was testing me by making that bet, and if I defied his order he’d punish me for sure whether it was now or later.

“Erm, no. Sorry El, I-I haven’t had breakfast yet and I need to shower still” the phoneline was silent, then I heard a familiar voice in the background.

“Don’t worry Ellie. I’ll pick her up again if she’s running late. I don’t mind” her dad offered. El murmured in agreement.

“You here that Lily? Dad’s going to take you so be ready by eight-forty or you’ll be late for form and I’m not covering for you” she stated.

“I will” I responded swiftly, relieved that he had intervened when he did. Now I just needed to tell her at school. We said goodbye and Ellie hung up first. I quickly got ready, making sure I chose to wear knee high socks with my skirt so not to aggravate my ass. I creamed it up once more before putting on a pair of super soft silk shorts under my skirt, even they left a slight sting on contact. It still felt better than the direct contact with my skirt fabric, or my tights.

Forty-five minutes later I was dressed, sitting in the kitchen eating my cereal when Mr D text that he was outside. The bowl clanged as it hit the sink and I rushed to the front door. This was the third time I had been in the car alone with him, but I still felt nervous. This time I knew anything could happen.

I did one last check in the hallway mirror before leaving. My cheeks looked flushed as always, I’d chosen to wear a little bit of makeup today and the mascara made my eyes pop against them. I lingered on my lips for a moment, recalling the feel of his and the gentle way his thumb ran across them. I wondered if he would kiss me in the car today too.

“Good morning flower” he said cheerfully as I sat down. His hand sat on the headrest behind me as he smiled. There was something about his smile, it was different.

“G-Good morning” I stuttered trying not to look at him. I was suddenly all too aware of the fabric brushing my skin as I tried to get comfortable in the chair. His stare was luring out my senses. “Sir?” I asked blushing into my lap that was strategically covered by the schoolbag I now clung desperately to.

“Yes Lily?” he countered casually, tilting his head at me. He was enjoying this, that much was clear.

“It’s rude to stare” I mumbled trying to sound serious. I regretted it instantly as his light-hearted tone vanished, replaced by an irresistible stern one.

“It’s also rude to disobey me” he stated. I could feel his eyes narrowing over my body, landing at my hips. I felt myself squirm under his gaze. Was he going to spank me again? “You’re so desperate to be punished again that you thought it would be a good idea to challenge me?” he said, his hand falling to the back of my head, curling my hair in his fingers as he gripped it tightly.

I closed my eyes expecting the rush of pain that would come with him forcing me to face him. Instead he let go, pushing my hair behind my ear so he could see my face. I felt him lean in, his voice low and rough “Stop testing me Princess. You’re not ready”.

My eyes flung open as I turned to look at him, his expression unforgiving as his eyes drifted to my lips. I bit down . Ready for what?
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