Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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No Longer Strangers

“Are you lost?”

The woman jumped a few steps forward, startled from the voice which had appeared out of thin air. As she glanced back to place the voice with a face, she suddenly froze. The man’s gray eyes pierced right through her, causing the woman to lose her breath for a second. Her gaze roamed up to his soft curls, black as a raven’s feather and back down to his full lips. It took a moment or two before she realized she had stared on for far too long.

“Uh, yes, yes,” the woman finally stuttered, brushing a loose hair strand behind her right ear. “As a matter of fact, I am. Do you live around this area?”

“My whole life. Where are you looking to go?”

The woman peered down to the map she had brought along to help find her way through the woods.

“Does Crescent Lane sound familiar to you?”

The man smirked slightly, amused with the woman’s location.

“It’s several cabins down from where I stay, actually,” the man admitted.

The woman attempted to hold herself together as she was consumed with delight at the idea of living near the man. She contemplated as to why the man had such an intense affect on her then quickly shook the thought away. She had come to the cabin her parents had bought a couple of years ago before they passed as a celebration gift for being promoted as editor in chief. They knew the peaceful atmosphere would be beneficial for her, but little did they know, fate had a mind of its own. The last thing she needed, the woman decided, was a distraction. Even if it was appealing to the eye.

“I can be of help to you, if you’d like,” the man suggested, leading the way with an open hand stretched towards the opposite direction of where she was going.

“How do I know you’re not just some deranged man who keeps women captive and does who knows what?” she countered, slitting her eyes towards him.

The man chuckled boisterously, causing the woman to feel ashamed for having the thought cross her mind.

“You don’t, but it is getting darker and a beautiful woman such as yourself shouldn’t be walking these trails alone.”

The woman caught the word ‘beautiful’ and immediately a slight pink hue spread across her cheeks. Thankfully, the sun was beginning to set making it easier for the woman to hide her pleasure, but not enough for the man to catch her smiling before she looked down at her feet.

“Okay, but no funny business. I mean it.” The woman attempted to sound threatening and serious, but proved to be only entertainment for the man who was stifling a laugh.

The man brought his hands up, feigning surrender. He grinned broadly, causing the woman to admire his smile. Before she knew it, the man strode up to her until he was a few inches away from her chest. Holding in her breath, she gazed up at him to find he was looking at her intently. Her lips quivered with anticipation as he leaned forward, her chest rising up and down slowly. The man placed his hands on her shoulders and swiftly removed the heavy pack off her shoulders, swinging it on his own.

“You must be exhausted,” he stated, turning towards the right direction, making his way down the path.

The woman rolled her eyes in exasperation, feeling like an utter fool. Pull yourself together, she told herself. This isn’t a chick flick.

She quickened her steps to catch up to the man, slowing down once she was near him again. The cool air caused his husky scent to tease her nose, her secret place trembling slightly. The woman bit her lip, squeezing her legs tight as she made an effort to compose herself.

“So you have a cabin up here?” The man asked, curious as to why a woman such as herself was staying in the woods.

“Yes, a gift from my parents,” the woman admitted. “Sort of like a retreat when I need to unwind from all the hectic nonsense going on in my life.”

The man nodded. “What are you escaping from?”

“More like getting away from work. I was recently promoted to editor-in-chief for a magazine company.”

“Ah, a writer. Now I can understand why you would need a break. I use to work in the corporate business for quite some time, but my days became a routine and everyday I dreaded going into work. So I quit, moved up here and started a small boating company. It’s not too far from the lane we now share,” he grinned, winking afterwards.

The woman smiled genuinely, looking away. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, already feeling her body unwind. When she opened her eyes, she realized the man had fixed his gaze on her. Gaining courage, she stared back at him.

Standing still for a few more seconds, the man stated, “We’re here,” his gaze unfaltering.

She broke the stare, peering down the lane. He brushed past her gently and walked on, the woman trailing behind until the man stopped at the bottom of her cabin’s steps.

“Safe and sound, like I promised,” the man uttered, smiling widely.

The woman chuckled, nodding in agreement.

She looked up at the cabin and suddenly, she yearned to have the man’s presence inside. Both the cabin and her.

“It would only be right if I invited you in for something to drink. The least I can do for your help and keeping your word,” she chortled.

The man smirked pleasantly.

“After you,” he brushed his hands forward.

The woman walked past him, taking the steps two at a time. When she reached the door, she turned around and faced the man again, only to bump into him this time.

“Sorry,” she muttered. “The keys are in the pack.”

The man slid the pack down from his shoulders, making it easier for the woman to reach inside the pocket. She removed the keys and faced the door, unlocking it quickly. She pushed the door open and was satisfied with the decor of the cabin. A mix of modern and rustic.

“You can leave the pack on the chair over there, I’ll take care of it later.”

She made her way to the kitchen, the man following behind.

“What would you like to drink?” she questioned.

“Tea, if you have any,” the man replied.

She made her way to the sink, leaning down to remove the tea kettle from under. Her backside caught the man’s attention immediately, his manhood slowly rising from the thought of being behind, gripping tight as she attempted to escape his ruthless penetration.

The woman rose up again, removing the lid from the tea kettle. She turned on the faucet, filling it up then turned it off, placing the tea kettle on top of the gas stove. Spinning the knob to the right on high, she placed the lid back on top and moved to the right, opening up the cupboard. She removed the honey from its place and closed the door, facing the man again.

Rubbing her hands against her thighs, the woman looked down and asked,” Aren’t your family going to wonder where you are? You should let them know you’re okay.”

The man cocked his head to the side slightly, amused with how the woman was attempting to be subtle. For a moment, he continued to stay silent, causing the woman to shift from one leg to the other.

“No,” he finally stated. “It’s just me. Never been married nor had any children.”

Inwardly, the woman smiled gratefully. She already felt a connection with this man, as if she’d known him for a long time. Before she could think of an explanation, the man began to make his way towards the deck outside.

“I’m sure you can see the boating company from here,” he said.

Sliding the door open, he stepped down and walked towards the edge of the deck. The woman followed behind. As she drew closer, he pulled her gently in front of him, his touch causing the woman to squeeze her legs tight again.

“Do you see that sign with the boats logo?” The man pointed, waiting for her response.

Not being able to utter a word, the woman only nodded.

“And that is where you’ll find me most of the time. I was on my way home when I came across you. Luckily, I did...” The man broke off as his hands slowly went up, placing them softly on the woman’s shoulders. He began to massage it gently, while the woman rolled her head to the right side, exposing her neck completely.

The man’s gray eyes darkened and with no hesitation, he stiffened his tongue and glided it across her neck. The woman flinched slightly from surprise and pleasure, bringing her left hand to the back of the man’s head. Gripping his hair lightly, a sweet moan slipped from her lips, carried away by the cool breeze. The man brought his right hand up and cupped her neck softly while the other hand tore her button shirt apart, causing the woman to gasp.

He slipped his way to the middle of her chest, unclasping her nude lace bra and setting her mounds free. Her dark areoles stood at attention, bringing the man to pinch her left bud with his thumb and index finger. Around and around he went as the woman removed the man’s hand from her neck, bringing his middle finger into her mouth. Rolling her tongue around as if it was the man’s erection, she sucked back and forth, while the man hissed inward from behind.

He turned the woman around quickly to face him, her mounds jumping slightly from the movement. With ease, he unbuttoned her slim jeans and slid them down slowly, placing kisses on her open skin. The woman rolled her head back as she yearned for the man to give her more. As he slipped the jeans off and cast it to the side, he brought the woman’s leg up, placing it on the edge of the deck.

Uncovered completely, on his knees the man guided his middle finger to her secret place, rubbing it back and forth until the woman’s juices began to flow down her legs. The woman trembled above, her legs weakening more as he slid the finger in her, penetrating slowly. The deeper he went in, the harder he pushed until he allowed himself to taste her.

Slipping his tongue in, the man rolled it around and flicked it repeatedly, the woman moaning incessantly now, not being able to contain the immense pleasure being brought to her by him. He made his way to her pearl, drawing it in his mouth with one breath and stroked it with his tongue. With his right hand, the man placed it inside her secret place once again, pounding her core until she exploded right before him.

Without pausing, he slid his manhood into the woman and picked her up, placing her on the edge of the deck to sit. Continuing on, he fucked her ruthlessly, legs wide open while he massaged the woman’s pearl. She screeched in approval, repeatedly whispering yes. The man brought his hand up, shoving the fingers he had placed in her secret place into her mouth, the woman moaning from tasting herself.

The man brought her down and turned her around, pushing her back to the edge. With the head of his wood, he circled her secret place for a few seconds before plunging back in, leaning forward to grip the woman’s hair tight. Bringing her head back, with his free hand he held onto her hips and pushed back and forth in a fast rhythm.

Clap. Clap. Clap. All that could be heard as the man sweated profusely, watching the woman’s backside bounce about with no control. With a deep guttural moan, the woman’s body shook uncontrollably as she came onto the man and he allowed himself to do the same, a low growl escaping his lips.

Breathing heavily, the man slipped out and let out a long sigh. Suddenly, a high pitch could be heard from inside the house, the tea kettle signaling the water was ready.

“Care for some tea?” The man chuckled lightly.

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