Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Work of Art

“What do we have here?”

Transfixed by the painting ahead of her, the woman continued to fix her gaze forward.

“Lovely, isn’t it?” The man whispered softly, directing his eyes on the woman.

The woman cleared her throat.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to enjoy this moment alone with no distractions, please,” she replied harshly, attempting to cut the conversation short.

Rather than getting offended, the man simply smirked slightly, glancing forward at the painting. If only the woman knew, all he wanted was to hear her thoughts on the piece. He always took pleasure in other’s criticism, paying no heed to the negativity. He understood people had opinions of their own and some would not appreciate his methods, but he relished the fact that the beauty beside him was completely absorbed in his work. Little did the woman know, he was the artist behind it all.

“I know him personally,” the man interjected, disturbing the silence.

The woman glanced at the man sideways, raising an eyebrow simultaneously.

“You don’t say,” she whispered under her breath, clear enough for the man to hear.

“Yes, if you’d like I can introduce you to him tonight.”

The woman’s eyes brightened with curiosity as she pondered on meeting the artist personally. Being an art major, it was a dream to be mentored by the one and only.

“What’s in it for you?” she countered.

The man chuckled, placing both hands in his pocket. He turned towards the woman, gazing at her intently.

“Nothing, but your pleasure.”

With that, he brushed past the woman. In mid-step, he glanced back swiftly.

“Meet him where they are serving the drinks. Be there in 5.”

Before she could utter a word, he disappeared among the crowd. The woman searched about as her surroundings suddenly slowed down, as well as her breathing. She watched as two women shared an unrestrained laugh together, glasses of half-drunken champagne swinging recklessly in their hands. She observed a couple close to one another, half smirks spreading across their faces as they continued to gradually lean in for a heated kiss, oblivious to the vigilant eye of the woman’s. At once, she snapped back into reality, holding her chest tight as if she had experienced an attack. Pull yourself together, the woman thought. After all, he is only a man.

As she made her way towards the champagne being served to the guests, she received a few curious glances by a group of men scrutinizing one of the many pieces being shown tonight. She peered down nervously, tucking a strand of hair behind her right ear. Heedless of the person standing before her, she knocked into him, causing him to spill a few of his drink on her white dress. Horrified, the woman glimpsed down quickly only to find her buds had darkened from being soaked. Gazing up, she whipped her head around to see if anyone had noticed. Immediately, her eyes met those of the curious men who now had crooked smiles spread across their faces.

“I hadn’t planned on meeting like this,” the voice confessed before her.

Snapping her head to the source of the voice, she squinted in confusion as she met the eyes of the man she had spoken to earlier.

“Delighted to meet you,” he stated, reaching out his hand for a shake.

Failing to recall the circumstances which had taken place, the woman grabbed for his hand and shook it slowly, mesmerized by the game he had played. The man’s eyes took notice of her buds protruding underneath her dress. Immediately his eyes darkened with lust before altering to a look of sympathy.

“Let’s get you covered up,” he spoke softly, removing the coat from his shoulders, placing it on hers.

The woman thanked him softly, her chest growing slightly pink from the embarrassment.

“Follow me, I know a place where you can readjust yourself.”

Before she could reply, the man gently grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him. With quickness, he made his way among the crowd as it dispersed around them. He is definitely the host of this event, the woman mused as a few of the guests caught sight of the two; some with jealousy, others amused.

Suddenly, they made a sharp left and continued to stride down a narrow hall, leading to a metal door. As they grew closer, a sign was positioned above stating ‘THIS IS NOT AN EXIT.’ Just before she could bombard the man with questions, the man pressed the door open by the metal bar. Astonished, the woman realized there had been an elevator hidden behind the closed door. He reached out and pressed the button leading upwards. The doors slid open and he entered, waiting for her to do the same. The voice in her head repeatedly advised she was with a strange man, except curiosity got the best of her and won the argument at last. As the woman stepped in, the man pressed the only button there was and the doors closed before them. Slowly the elevator rose, causing the woman’s nerves to grow wild. She inhaled deeply, reminding herself she had attended the event not only to savor the man’s pieces, but to have the privilege of meeting him as well.

At last, the elevator slowed down, coming to a complete stop. The doors slid open and the woman’s mouth hung open slightly. Right ahead was a well furnished loft, the woman assuming it belonged to the artist himself. Immediately she was drawn by the blank canvas placed on one side of the room. She strode towards it, unconscious of the watchful eyes of the man.

“Be my guest,” he encouraged her. “In the meantime, I’ll find you something to replace your soaked dress.”

He strode away, leaving the woman in her own company.

She knelt down, brushing her hand against the white of the canvas. She closed her eyes as she felt her mind working feverishly. As she exhaled, she opened them and reached out for the brushes laid on the floor. She began to play with the different colors on the palette, brushing the paint onto the canvas. As time wore on, she had become unmindful of the man standing by closely, studying her method.

“I knew you would be the one to get right into it.”

Blinking her eyes rapidly, the woman leaned back, as if escaping from a trance.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” she whispered, glancing down at her piece.

“I get those frequently,” the man confessed.

Peering up, the woman met his piercing eyes.

“I came here to meet you tonight,” the woman blurted out before realizing she had mentioned it out loud.

The man chuckled in response. “Well now that you have, what else are you waiting for?”

He continued to fix his gaze until the woman broke the stare.

“Here are some warm clothes I found. Luckily they seem to be your size. I’ll give you a moment to get dressed,” he said, placing them on the floor beside her before making his way to the kitchen.

Quickly the woman undressed, attempting to unzip the dress from behind. As she huffed in frustration, she struggled to grab anything at all, causing her to groan. The man appeared once again, concern masking his face.

“Are you having trouble?” he asked.

Realizing the woman had not changed, he came to his own conclusion.

Striding towards her, the man grew closer until he was merely an inch away from her chest. Staring into her eyes, he reached his right arm out to her back and zipped her dress down, causing it to unfold slowly. His gaze never faltered as he knelt down, grabbing the clothes off the floor. Rising up, he reached out, waiting for the woman to respond. She continued to stand still.

Tossing the clothes back onto the floor, the man placed his hands under the garment on her shoulders, spreading them out before gently pulling her dress down. Stark naked the woman stood before him, her dark buds gaining his attention. His eyes roamed to her curves sinking dangerously to her wide hips before leading to her toned legs. She inhaled deeply as his piercing eyes absorbed her exposure. Leaning her head to one side, a crooked smirk appeared on the woman’s face, disturbing the man from his thoughts.

A low growl escaped through his lips as he gripped the woman’s thighs, raising his head closer to her inner thigh. She began to tremble as the thought of his tongue being placed near her secret place stirred her senses to heighten. She felt the man’s breathing slow down as he exhaled onto her skin, causing chills to run through her entire body. Swiftly, the man tightened his grip on her left thigh before raising them up and above his right shoulder. The woman’s secret place emanated a sweet, alluring smell, one that aroused his erection and caused his mouth to water instantly.

His tongue slipped out as he guided it in circles around her inner thigh, brushing her pearl ever so slowly before he dove back onto her soft skin. The woman bit her lips as she wriggled above him, a prey to the relentless pleasure she was receiving from the man. He brought his right hand under the woman, his cool touch on her warm secret place causing her to shudder.

Gently, he slipped her lips apart, rubbing his finger back and forth repeatedly, picking up the pace. The woman gripped her fingers into his hair as a shiver racked her body, her toes curling as she grind her body against his finger. Leaning forward, the man brought her pearl into his mouth, pressing hard as he flicked his tongue back and forth at a steady pace.

His fingers continued to thrust inside her, reaching her core each time he pulled back then inside again, harder. The woman’s juices flowed down her legs, as well as his neck as he remained on her pearl, sucking as quickly as he penetrated. Suddenly, her body grew rigid as she exploded, her moans becoming a shriek as she shook viciously. He dove right to her secret place, allowing her juices to fall into his mouth.

The man lifted the woman off the floor, swinging her delicate body onto his arms. Striding forward, he leaned down, gently placing the woman on the canvas she was working on. She gasped as the cool paint spread underneath her. Through hooded eyes, she fixed her eyes at the man, observing as he pulled his jeans down, along with his briefs. Tearing apart his white button shirt, she glimpsed quickly at his lean body, his toned arms, his golden rod.

She moaned lightly as she mused how he would take her in. She was taken by surprise indeed when he flipped her onto her stomach, her face splattering with paint. With his left hand, the man hooked both of the woman’s arms to her back as her lower back arched towards him. Using his right hand, he gripped her waist as he plunged into her anal, causing the woman to shout curse words repeatedly. With no mercy, the man penetrated in and out quickly, each stroke driving in harder than the last.

He forced her back onto him with every thrust, the woman breathing out heavily as her mouth hung open, her face scrunching in pain and pleasure. He lifted her up by the waist, arching her back more as he rose on his feet. Bending down slightly, he entered into her anal again, plummeting deeply, holding it for a few seconds.

The woman underneath yelped out bloody murder as he continued to fuck her from behind, swiftly. He smacked her backside repeatedly, causing red hand marks to decorate her full bottom. Leaning forward, he gripped her hair around both of his hands, the woman’s head pulling back dangerously. With each plunge, her head rolled back to him. As he grew closer to ecstasy, the woman’s juices increased as she clenched her secret place and anal simultaneously, exploding onto the man once again. Growing tighter caused the man to roll his head back as he groaned, stroking back and forth quickly as he burst in the woman.

After regaining composure of themselves, the man helped the woman onto her feet. Peering down the canvas they had screwed on, the man whispered into the air.

"Darling, you are a work of art.”

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