Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Blast From the Past

The woman’s right foot tapped incessantly as her patience grew thin. Her eyes darted to the clock behind the cashier. 10:45 am. She had less than 15 minutes to reach her workplace without being reprimanded yet again. Screw it. I definitely need my cup this morning, she thought. As she started towards the cashier, the young girl shouted out an order.

“Vanilla bean frappe with cinnamon and caramel!”

She nudged her way through the thick crowd, making her way towards the cup. As the woman grew near, from her peripheral vision, she witnessed a gentleman approaching the younger lady as well. She quickened her steps immediately. As she reached out for the drink, so did he.

“I apologize, I didn’t know we had made the same order,” the gentleman responded while placing his arm down by his side. Allow me,” he gestured with a sweeping motion. “I’m sure it’s yours.”

“Are you sure?” The woman asked, immediately feeling sorry for rushing the man when he remained polite.

Without notice, her eyes grew wide, focusing directly onto the man. His features slowly registered to her memories.

Nooo! she thought. Unwilling to believe, she blinked her eyes a few times, but his features remained the same. Is it him? Out of all places to meet again, it had to be here? Today? She groaned, causing a look of concern to pass on the man’s face.

“Are you alright?” He questioned, attempting to gaze into her eyes for any signs of distress.

“Y-yes, quite alright. Rest assured,” she stuttered as she attempted to cover her face while appearing to be nonchalant. She knew without a doubt, her cheeks were suddenly flushed with a tint of pink. She cursed her fair skin.

“Thank you for the coffee, but I must be going now. I’m late to work and my boss is most likely searching high and low for me,” she uttered quickly.

“Take my car. My driver will take you wherever you need to go. It’s the least I can do for delaying,” the man insisted.

Bloody hell, he’s rich too? Of course, she thought, mentally rolling her eyes.

Nodding her head, she followed close behind as the man exited the building, holding the door open for the woman before gesturing to the black town car waiting along the curb.

Rapping the window twice, the driver slid the windows down.

“Do me a favor and take this lovely lady to her destination. I’ll be here waiting. I have yet to get my usual,” he stated as his eyes met the woman’s, winking playfully.

Oh God. Don’t you dare do that.

She closed her eyes as she pressed her legs together, her secret place pulsing with desire.

Get a hold of yourself and quit thinking dirty.

As she opened her eyes, they immediately locked with the man ahead. He had remained silent, from what she presumed as waiting for a response. Had I said that out loud?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said,” she replied guiltily, her eyes shifting to her suddenly interesting black heels.

“Give him the address. My driver knows every crack and turn in this city. He won’t let you down,” he grinned crookedly.

Without a word, she drew closer to the car as he rushed forward before her, pulling the car door open. She nodded her head in gratitude, sliding across the leather seat. Peering up, she caught the man staring intently. Did he recognize her?

“It was a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully it won’t be our last,” he spoke out before closing the door gently. The car pulled away from the curb, slowly inching into the traffic.

Mouth agape, she continued to stare out the window, oblivious to the driver studying her reaction.

“This is the first time he’s had someone in his personal car, let alone a woman at that. You must be quite special,” he smiled through the rearview mirror.

Her chest tightened at the prospect of his words. Was there another chance, on top of the one she had allowed to slip away many years ago?

“Where to, young lady?” He asked after a thoughtful pause.

She shared the information with the driver before leaning her head back against the head cushion, sighing deeply.

Wait until my best friend gets a hold of this.

As the car pulled up to the curb, the woman flung the car door open, sliding off the leather chair. She grabbed her belongings, along with her cup and rushed towards the door of the building. She silently prayed her boss was in the conference room holding a meeting so as not to be a witness of her coming in late. Her heels clicked against the black marble floor as she scurried to the elevator door before they could squeeze shut.

Attempting to catch a breath, she inhaled slowly and leaned forward, pressing the button for the designated floor. Peering upwards, she glared at the numbers glowing from the top, wishing the compartment would move much more rapidly than usual. As the elevator slowed down to a complete stop, the doors slid open and she dashed forward, ignoring the confused glances from her peers.

Making her way to her cubicle, she noticed her computer was turned off and no messages were left on the answering machine. This meant her boss hadn’t reached out to her this morning yet. Quickly, she tossed her bag under her desk and sat down on the chair with a thud. She had successfully made it to work without being seen.

“Where the hell have you been?” came a voice behind her.

Spinning her chair around, she gazed at her best friend. Six months ago, she had been searching for a new job until her best friend told her there was an opening in the office she worked for. Luckily, Human Resource had no idea of their previous friendship before she was hired. After attending the interview, she received a call the next day with good news. They loved her and immediately wanted to fill the position. Since then, they had been inseparable. Both personal and work life.

The mere thought of the man from earlier produced a chill to spread through her, causing a tilted smile to appear across her face. The very same feeling she experienced all throughout high school.

“I know that look,” her best friend interrupted, slitting her eyes in suspicion. “I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Don’t yell, okay? I recall how thrilled you would become each time I mentioned him.”

“Him? Who the bloody hell are you talking about?” Her best friend shrieked in anticipation.

“Just relax,” she ordered, peering about to see if anyone had noticed her reaction. “Remember the guy I was in love with...”

“Do you mean to tell me you saw him?" Her best friend interjected before she could continue.

Nodding her head slowly, her best friend’s eyes widened in shock while her hands began to flail about.

“Oh my God! How did this happen? What did he say? Please tell me you had the guts to get his number this time!” Her best friend continued without pausing.

"Shut up!” The woman whispered through clenched teeth. “Everyone is staring at us.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t believe it. Go on, don’t spare any details,” her best friend ushered.

“We met at my usual coffee shop. Turns out we have the same taste. When I grabbed for my order, which he had thought was his, we accidentally bumped into one another. We didn’t have the chance to speak, but he offered me his town car to get here or else I would’ve been caught by the boss again for being late. You know last time, her speech was horrendous,” she said, her face contorting with trouble.

“That’s it? Did you at least get his information?”

“No, I told you I was in a hurry,” the woman stated simply.

Her best friend closed her eyes while her head tilted back. “You let him slip away. Again.”

“It was nothing of that sort. After all, we go to the same place for one of our favorites so chances are, I will see him.”

“Let’s hope so. How did he look like?”

“Like he hasn’t changed a bit,” the woman replied dreamily.

Her best friend responded with a warm smile. Leaning forward, she grasped the woman’s hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze.

“May fate bring you two together,” her best friend uttered, gazing at the woman with intensity.

Without another word, her best friend strode away from the woman’s cubicle. Sighing deeply, the woman turned her chair to face the computer.

“I don’t suppose you could arrive on time for once, can you?” A voice stated definitively.

The woman winced at the sound of the boss’s voice.

“I came here as quick as I could, believe me.”

The boss held up a hand, silencing the woman immediately.

“I’ve warned you a few times of your tardiness. For that, I will have no choice but to have you work on extra tasks well until tonight.”

“But I’ve already made plans. I can’t cancel,” the woman said defensively.

Her boss raised an eyebrow in contempt.

“I don’t think you’re serious about your position, miss. This isn’t a request.”

With that, her boss stormed away, leaving the woman to sulk in her chair.

The woman rubbed her eyes as exhaustion overwhelmed her entire body. The rest of the employees had left for the night, leaving her to be the only one to finish up her work. She leaned forward and folded her arms on the desk, placing her head against them.

Just five minutes, that’s all I need, she thought to herself.

Several minutes of snoozing passed by before a hand shook her awake gently by the back of her shoulder.

Stirring awake, the woman blinked her eyes a few times, stretching her arms up high. Her gaze fell onto the man’s eyes from earlier, causing her to leap from her chair and stand at attention.

“H-how did you know where I was?” She questioned, baffled by his immediate presence.

“If I remember correctly, you were always one to work well into the night and fall asleep on top of your books,” he chuckled lightly.

“That still doesn’t answer my question,” the woman retorted.

The man remained calm, staring steadily at her. “I asked my driver for the address and he reassured me this was the right place.”

Suddenly, his words from earlier registered to her and the woman studied his face, remaining silent.

“What did you mean when you said I was always one to work well into the night?” She asked carefully, piercing into his eyes once again.

“Did you think I could forget someone like you? We were practically inseparable.”

The woman let out a little gasp, covering her mouth in surprise. I was right.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She shrieked.

“You were in a rush and I didn’t mean to bump into you the way I did either. Well, it wasn’t how I had planned it,” he drifted off.

“Planned it?” She squinted her eyes at him, a look of confusion passing across her face.

He sighed deeply, walking to the nearest cubicle. Grasping the computer chair, he pushed it towards the woman. He sat across from her, gaining her full attention.

“Right before you had left town for college, my girlfriend at that time blurted out the fact that you were in love with me. At first, I was astounded, but I knew it was true. All that time we had spent together, I knew it and I did nothing. I was afraid of ruining the best friendship I’ve had since then and yet, it happened anyway. You were on your way to the airport when I received the news. By then, it was already too late. You were gone. I tried to track you down, but your parents said you wanted nothing to do with me. They told me to at least give you that after what happened between us, and so I did. Years went by, but I couldn’t continue to ignore this empty feeling I had in my chest. After you had left, that’s when it had begun so I knew I had to find you. You found me instead. I was scanning through a magazine when your name stood out in bold letters. It’s crazy, but I was certain it was you. I made a few calls in and turns out, I was correct. Your bio had mentioned your favorite place in the city. I did a stake out and got lucky the first time. That was when I finally seen you again, after all these years. Now, while I look into your eyes, I can’t let you slip away from me this time.”

He leaned forward, grasping the woman’s hand in his. She glanced down, his warm touch causing her chest to tighten at once.

“Please say something,” he urged.

“What took you so long?” she whispered as her eyes filled with tears.

The man pulled the woman in, embracing her tightly. He brushed his hand in a gentle motion, down her back while he continued to squeeze against her.

She felt right at home.

The two remained silent, basking in the moment which had brought them together. As she slowly pulled away from him, his fingers brushed her cheek, causing her to cease altogether. They stared at one another, her eyes falling onto his lips, yearning for the taste she’d always dreamed of having. Without thought, she bit her lips. A low growl escaped into the air as the man leaned forward, his hand gripping a handful of her hair. He brought her in closer until their lips locked. A soft moan eluded at once.

She craved to be near him. Rising from her chair, she spread her legs, mounting onto the man’s lap. He responded by clutching her bottom tightly, grinding his groin against her pelvis. Unbuttoning her top quickly, the woman shed it off, tossing it behind her. Her bare mounds were exposed. The man slipped his tongue out, rolling circles around her darkened bud. She hissed inwardly as her secret place pulsed rapidly, as if beckoning for the man’s member. She lifted herself, enough to slip his pants down to reveal his lengthy shaft. She moaned in approval.

The man could not hold out any longer. He plummeted his rod into her, the woman clutching his shoulder sharply. Her eyes rolled back as a rush of euphoria spread throughout her body, causing her to tremble slightly. He continued to plunge in without pausing, peering up to the woman’s face. Her mouth twitched, as if she had something to say, except no words were spoken. Just short gasps as she experienced waves of ecstasy over and over.

He held on to her firm breasts as he stroked in and out repeatedly, keeping at a steady beat. Her bottom shook fiercely as she slammed into him, his member striking her core time and time again. Without removing his shaft, he rose from the chair as she held on, her arms around his neck. He gently placed her down on her desk, spreading her legs wider by the inner thigh. She shivered from his touch.

On his knees, he faced her secret place. Glancing upwards, he grew near until he slipped his tongue out, twitching it against her pearl. She jerked in response as she gripped the edge of the desk, her legs threatening to close. His hold remained strong. He slipped downwards until his entire tongue had reached inside. A guttural moan filled the air.

Through her hooded eyes, the woman witnessed a dark figure lurking by, observing the scene ahead. This only enticed her more. She lifted one leg into the air as she pushed the man’s head against her pelvic area, screwing his tongue simultaneously. Her breasts bounced about wildly as she bit her lips, immense pleasure emanating from the two.

The man rose from his place, flipping the woman around. He lifted her left leg onto the desk. His fingers brushed to her hole as he thrusted inside, moving back and forth quickly. The woman gasped as her legs trembled, growing closer to the edge before he pulled out and smacked her bottom. She groaned in disappointment. He responded by grasping her hair from the back, pulling her head toward him. With his other hand, he shoved in forcefully. Slowly, he pulled out then slammed inside again. He did this several times before screwing her madly. He gripped the back of her neck as the other hand twisted her head to the side, whispering obscenities into her ear. She felt filthy. She loved it.

Peering into the darkness again, the dark figure had continued to stay still except this time he was stroking his rod as well. She smirked devilishly. Suddenly, a powerful wave took over her, letting out a high pitch moan. Her body stiffened before a series of shaking caused her to lurch repeatedly.

When it had finally ceased, the man walked over to his suit coat, lifting it off the floor. He made his way to the woman, setting the coat around her petite body.

“Let’s get you dressed. One of the maintenance workers had more than an eyeful of you,” he chuckled.

A tilted smirk appeared on her face. She had experienced more than she wanted to, but enjoyed every second of it.

“Was this in your plan too?” She asked, fixing her eyes on him.

An unrestrained laughter from the man filled the air.

“Not a chance,” he replied quietly, his eyes shining in humor. “Not a chance.”

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