Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Surprise Visits

She was getting restless. All day she could not remove the man from her thoughts, even when she ran her daily errands throughout the day. But nothing seemed to be enough to dissipate him from her mind. To make matters worse, she hadn’t communicated with him as much neither, making the woman yearn for his attention even more.

“Why does he drive me this insane?” she cried out, running her hands furiously through her hair.

“Perhaps I just need to soak myself in a hot bath to calm myself down,” she contemplated as she stripped off her clothes and dropped them in the hamper.

She walked over to her closet, taking down her black silk robe then slipping it on. As she tied the robe’s string around her tiny waist, the doorbell rang, breaking the silence in her apartment. She glanced at the alarm clock, taking note it was just about to be 10:30 at night.

“Who in the bloody hell would be at my door at this hour?” she pondered impatiently.

She stomped her way over to the door, the person behind the door continuously ringing the bell, the sound infuriating her even more.

“What the heck do you...” she trailed off as she looked into the eyes of the man who was haunting her very mind all day.

All she could do was stare, frozen in place with her mouth slightly parted as they stood together on the doorstep. Then it finally registered to her that she opened the door with nothing but her silk robe on, trying to wrap it tighter around her body which ended up being a mistake. He suddenly looked down at her plump breasts, her buds awakened by the cold slipping under the robe.

After a few moments of silence, she opened her mouth, ready to attack and strike him with questions, but little did she know he had a different idea in mind. He placed his forefinger on her lips, the touch sending immediate waves of sensations all throughout her body. Her body responded quickly by leaning towards him closely, ready to melt in his arms while the flames between her legs grew with each second that passed by.

He looked deeply into her eyes, his desire burning right through her and into her heart, as if trying to tell her at that moment all he wanted was her. She backed up slowly as he invited himself inside, shutting the door behind him without breaking their eye contact. When her back finally bumped onto the wall, she realized she had no where to go with his tall, lean body in front of her.

As if he knew she was trying to think of a way out of this, he slammed both arms around her shoulders so she couldn’t budge. Taken aback by his fast reflex, she let out a little yelp, causing the man to smile with satisfaction. She cursed herself for being on edge in his presence. The man always found a way to keep her on her feet and she never knew what to expect around him.

She looked at him defiantly, trying to show that he couldn’t control her but that only made him laugh out loud.

“If only she could see the way she looks right now,” he mused.

Her big brown eyes appeared more like a child and her soft features could not intimidate him whatsoever. He lightly placed his finger under her chin, her eyes quickly softening under his warm touch.

“Please...” she whispered.

He faintly stroked his fingers down her neck and reached behind her neck, grabbing a handful of her hair. Ever so slowly, he leaned down until he was only a breath away from a kiss. She bit her lip and looked at him with pleading eyes, anticipating for the contact.

“With her eyes, she could get anything out of me,” he thought over.

Finally he gave her what she was craving for, his lips to be placed on hers. Her knees weakened right then and he picked her up expertly, placing his strong arms around her so she wouldn’t fall. She wrapped her own around his neck, her muffled moans sending shivers down his spine, causing him to bite her bottom lip viciously.

As their hands roamed freely to touch wherever they pleased, her robe opened, the man feeling her buds at attention. He broke the kiss, only to place his mouth over her darkened buds, sucking on it as if his life depended on it. She whimpered as he stroked his tongue back and forth, nibbling on it as well, sending ripples of orgasm ready to flood out.

Her moans became high-pitched as her body shuddered in his arms, her love juices dripping out and sliding down her leg. He then removed his member out of his pants, ready to send her to more ecstasy. He slowly pushed himself in, her fingers gripping him tightly as her opening filled up and molded to his width.

She gasped as she felt him completely in, surprised but nonetheless certainly pleased with his equipment. He stroked back and forth until he felt like she could stand the sudden heat he was about to bring. With no notice, he took out his manhood and plunged himself back in as far back as he could causing the woman to scream at the top of her lungs.

He placed his arms under her thick thighs, gripping her bottom tightly and began to pound inside with no hesitation. All that could be heard was the clapping sound of their parts banging against each other, their breathing growing heavier by the second. She bit his shoulder in order to keep her screaming down so as not to disturb the already sleeping neighbors next door.

The pain not only drove him wild, but caused him to stroke in even harder. Deeper and deeper he went. Faster, as her secret place was being destroyed by the very man she craved for. She suddenly felt her walls closing in tighter and she welcomed the orgasm once again. Her body trembled and she let out a trail of curse words that would cause her mother to blush if she heard such vulgarity come out of her daughter’s mouth.

When he felt her movements cease, he slowly slid both of their bodies down the wall, placing her on top of his thighs. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist, dropping her head on his shoulders, her eyes slowly closing from the exhaustion threatening to take over her body. He kissed the top of her head and rubbed her back gently, careful to not move too much so as not to disturb her from going to sleep.

“Goodnight my beautiful love,” he whispered into her ears just before she let the sleep consume her.

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