Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Giving In

She couldn’t believe it. The man who she fell in love with and has had her heart for so many years was standing only a few feet away from her. If only he were to slightly turn her way, he would be able to see the woman.

She silently pleaded he wouldn’t, afraid of what his reaction may be. As she quickly began to ponder how she could escape from the situation, the man suddenly faced her and immediately his eyes met hers. She sucked in her breath, wanting to melt from his piercing gaze.

All around her everything became a blur, as if the world around them did not matter. Not when she was staring into the eyes of the love of her life. Why he still had this affect on her, she did not know. Not even she could begin to describe how strong she felt towards him.

The man slowly walked towards her. She wanted to back away, but it was as if he had a hold on her, making her stand still on the very spot of when she first seen him. Each step he took, his eye contact never faltered. Instead, they began to soften, his eyes roaming up and down her voluptuous figure, amazed at how beautiful she was aging.

Her body began to tremble, desire coursing through every nerve in her body, scolding herself as her cheeks began to show signs of it. The man chuckled to himself. Years may have passed between them, but he knew that look. She was always embarrassed when her body defied her under his scrutiny.

Finally he reached the woman. She didn’t know how to react until he engulfed her in a hug and held her tight in his arms. The scent of his cologne was enough to make her loosen herself a little. He still smelled the same, bringing back memories of their relationship when they were young adults.

She held back tighter, afraid of letting him go. Afraid she may not see him again. Afraid she wouldn’t love another man this intense if she walked away like she did years ago.

“It’s so good to see you,” he whispered huskily into her ears.

She nodded in agreement, not wanting to speak or else he would hear the crack in her voice. He pulled back and smiled.

“How have you been?”

“I’m doing just fine, I was on my way to the bookstore to pick up a new novel I’ve been interested in reading.”

“Do you mean the one where we first met?” he asked.

She blushed, remembering how they were both reaching for the same book and laughed it off. Afterwards, they had spent hours in that very store talking about every book they could think of, as if they were long lost friends. As if it just happened yesterday.

“Yes, that is the one,” she said slowly.

“Would it be too much if I tagged along with you? I can’t even remember the last time I stepped foot in there.”

She agreed and with that, they were off. While walking to the bookstore, they caught up on each other’s lives. It turned out he had gotten divorced six months ago when his ex-wife abandoned him for another man. It hurt her heart to hear him say this, but it gave her little hope that maybe there could be something more between them if he was interested at all.

When they reached their destination, he opened the door for her, watching her hips sway, causing his erection to grow suddenly. The two walked over to the aisle and she searched for the novel she spoke of earlier.

Being a petite and short woman, she wasn’t able to reach the book so she went on her toes, accentuating her body even more. He slowly walked behind her, closing the inches between them. She froze, her heartbeat quickening, causing her chest to rise rapidly as well.

He gently stroked her from her shoulder, up her arm where her fingers ended and stayed there for only a second until he removed the book off the shelf.

“Here you go,” he whispered lightly.

Her breath caught in her throat, trying to speak but no words came out. He then brushed her hair away from her neck, just waiting for his love marks to be placed on it. He licked from her neck up to her ear, nibbling on her lobes, causing the woman to whimper softly.

She backed up against him, anticipating to receive his member inside her. A low growl escaped from his chest, his grip tightening around her tiny waist. He wanted her, here and now. She wanted him, not caring if there were others watching.

He hiked up her skirt and slid her laced panties aside, removing his manhood from his pants. He then slid himself inside her opening, ever so slowly, loving how her secret place swallowed him in with no effort. She let out a breathless sigh, content with his equipment and the pleasure it brought to her at this moment.

He penetrated in and out more; deeper, faster, harder, making her fall into ecstasy over and over again. She wanted to scream with joy, amazed at how much he was pleasing her. Could she take any more of it? As if he could hear her thoughts, his left arm wrapped around her lower abdomen, inducing his member to reach inside to its full potential.

She gripped the shelf tighter, straining not to scream but letting out a stream of breathless curses. His hands roamed under her blouse, stroking her peaked buds, provoking the woman to moan into his ears.

He wanted every inch of her body. Wanted to make love to it. Wanted to taste her. Wanted more of her if that was even possible. Wanted to take complete control of her. Oh how he missed these moments of bliss with this woman. She drove him mad every time she was only a few feet away from him.

He leaned forward and seared her full lips with his kisses, inviting his tongue inside her mouth. Her knees weakened and he held her tighter, plunging himself in more with no mercy. Then did she come uncontrollably, her body quivering, his name filling the air of the bookstore.

Finally he let himself explode. The two stayed in the same position until they could breathe normally again. “So, about that book,” he stated, the woman catching the amusement in his voice. She simply shook her head and laughed, causing him to join in as well.

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