Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Locked Out

The woman cursed herself as she went through her purse and realized she had left her keys in her apartment. She placed her hands around the doorknob, shaking it back and forth in a forcible manner, knowing the act wouldn’t make a difference.

As she stood there and stomped her feet furiously on her doorstep, she had no idea her neighbor was behind her, chuckling to herself while watching in amusement. After a few seconds, she proceeded to walk towards the woman.

“Excuse me, but, are you okay?”

The woman jumped, startled from hearing the female’s voice in the silent night. She turned around, realizing with sudden horror it was the neighbor she thought was quite attractive. Her cheeks slowly turned to a soft pink hue, resulting from sheer embarrassment.

“Umm, yes. I was just...uhh...turns out I forgot my my apartment so I’m pretty much locked out...I’m such a klutz,” she laughed nervously.

The neighbor looked on, slightly smirking as she continued to stare at the woman, picking up on the energy she was emanating.

“Well if you’d like, you can come to my place until you can figure out what to do next.”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

“Yes, I’m positive. It’s very cold out tonight, I certainly wouldn’t want you to freeze out here.”

The woman contemplated the invitation for a few seconds more. After all, she had no other place to go especially with the time, being so late. There was no telling what time the maintenance would even be able to reach her as well.

“Okay, sure. I give in. Lead the way.”

The woman then began to walk behind her neighbor, as if in a trance. As they reached the door, the neighbor took her keys out of her pocket, placing it in the keyhole while opening the door. She held the door for the woman as the two entered the apartment together.

The neighbor turned on the light and with surprise, the woman looked around. The warm, earth tones and paintings on the wall complimented the room, making the air light and pleasant.

“Make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure. Water, please.”

The neighbor walked off into the kitchen, giving the woman a chance to observe her surroundings. She strode over to a bookshelf, aware of the poems by Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou to books by Zane and Terry McMillan. She smiled to herself, finding her interest in reading an attractive trait.

“Do you read yourself?”

Startled again, the woman slightly jumped, causing herself to trip. Quickly the neighbor caught her before she could make an utter fool of herself.

“I apologize, I presumed you heard me coming towards you.”

“It’s fine, really,” the woman replied, her mind somewhere else.

The neighbor’s soft touch had suddenly caused her secret place to stir awake, just begging to be pleased and devoured. She bit her bottom lip, her breathing steadily increasing. When the woman found the courage to glance at the neighbor, her gaze was met by the other woman’s brown almond eyes, studying her curiously, wondering what the woman was thinking.

Without thought, her fingers gently caressed her neighbor’s soft lips. Within a second, she suddenly backed away, aware of the act she had just done.

“I am so sorry. I...don’t know what came over me,” the woman stuttered.

“No, do not apologize. If there’s one thing I can admit to, it’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to feel your touch. And now that you have, it’s taking everything in me not to feel you as well.”

The woman gasped, astounded by the neighbor’s confession.

“Don’t stop now. Please,” the woman whimpered with need.

The neighbor slowly walked up to her, their bodies instantly in contact.

“You’ve caught my eye, and I want to have you,” the neighbor whispered in her ears, drawing back to gently caress the woman’s cheek.

She closed her eyes, basking under the other woman’s warm touch. The neighbor then placed her hands in hers.

“Come with me.”

At this point, the woman felt like she’d comply to anything the other woman demanded. The neighbor lead her towards a door, turning on the light, revealing a California bed just ready to be unkempt by the two women. She guided the woman towards the bed, gesturing her to sit. Once she did, the neighbor placed both hands on her cheeks, gazing softly into the woman’s eyes.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this,” she chuckled to herself.

Before the woman could question her about the statement she had just made, the neighbor placed her lips on hers. All thoughts escaped her mind as the woman moaned softly on her neighbor’s lips, her fingers wrapping in her twists. The neighbor gently pushed the woman down on the bed, her arms stretched on both sides of the woman’s head to keep her body upright.

The woman then began to unbutton the neighbor’s dress shirt, revealing a gray sports bra and her lean, toned stomach. Softly, she brushed her hands up and down the neighbor’s back. Her touch alone caused the neighbor to tremble above the woman. The neighbor then slipped the woman’s top over her head, her round breasts slightly hidden behind a black bra.

She slid her finger underneath the front of the woman’s chest, unclasping the bra revealing perfect brown areoles, darkened by the complete desire she was feeling towards the other woman. Without a moment’s hesitation, the neighbor engulfed her left bud into her mouth while stroking the other with her right hand.

The woman squirmed underneath her, her moans increasing in volume as she wrapped her arms tighter around the neighbor’s upper body. As her secret place began to moisten from the pleasure she was receiving, the neighbor began to make her way down, kissing every inch her lips came in contact with.

When she reached the woman’s navel, she removed the woman’s panties, throwing them to the side. She then placed her hands on her inner thigh and stretched them open, positioning her legs over her shoulder so the woman could not escape. Bite marks were left on the woman’s inner thigh as the neighbor shamelessly teased her, growing close to her secret place then maneuvering her way around it, causing the woman’s opening to clench repeatedly.

When the neighbor felt like she had tortured her enough, she gently placed her tongue on her pearl and ever so slowly, stroked her up and down, her lips enclosing it as well. Instantly the woman’s eyes rolled to the back as she tried to cease her moans, but as the neighbor slipped her way down her folds and into her opening, the woman heaved a great sigh of pleasure while digging her fingers into the neighbor’s twists.

The woman’s body gave in to all the emotions she felt towards the neighbor at the moment. Lust, desire, passion, longing for this experience not to end so soon. The neighbor craved to be near the woman so she laid behind the woman and had her close her legs. Then did the neighbor allow her index and middle finger to enter the woman’s secret place, her walls tightening as she dug deeper to find her core.

In and out the neighbor thrusted, back and forth while she kissed the woman’s back, causing the woman to arch her back even more. The woman’s breathing quickened, her chest rising and falling at a quick pace, her buds standing at attention, her secret place drowning from the juices dripping out and onto the woman’s fingers.

Suddenly, she grew still and the neighbor knew it was time. She made her way back to the woman’s opening and in time caught the juices in her mouth as the woman trembled violently, gripping the sheets as her orgasm took over her body. The neighbor continued to swallow the woman’s juices while penetrating her secret place until the woman grew still again.

When the woman gazed down, she met the eyes of her neighbor once again, except this time the neighbor had a sly grin plastered on her face. The woman chuckled to herself as the neighbor proceeded to place a gentle kiss on the woman’s pearl and the woman laid her head back down, sighing with satisfaction.

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