Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Only for the Night

The woman grew anxious as she veered her car to the left, entering the nightclub’s parking space. She studied her surroundings, uncertainty surfacing as she questioned if she had arrived to the correct address. Her eyes darted to the fuchsia neon sign shining brightly against the brick building, displaying the name. Inferno. She sighed, attempting to get a hold of herself as she inhaled deeply, breathing out slow.

Turning to the right, the woman reached over to the passenger’s seat, digging her hand into her purse while she felt around for the lipstick she needed. Drawing it out, she flipped down the sun visor, examining herself one last time before applying another coat on top. She smeared her lips together and smiled, inspecting if there were any stains on her teeth. Pleased with herself, she tossed the lipstick back into the purse and fished out her wallet before pushing the driver’s door open.

As she stepped out of the car, the woman’s cellphone suddenly rang. Huffing in annoyance, she leaned down, grasping the phone before closing the door with her free hand. Without glancing at the screen, she accepted the call.

“Hello? Did you get there safely?” a voice shrieked on the other line.

The woman rolled her eyes.

“Yes, no thanks to you,” she spat out.

“I’m sorry,” her friend whined. “I completely forgot I had to babysit my sister’s children tonight, but I’ll definitely be free for tomorrow!” she sang out.

“Don’t bother, I’m here already,” the woman replied in a monotone.

“Alone? Did I not tell you how dangerous that area can be, especially during this time?” her friend continued, as she grew concerned for the woman’s safety.

“Well it looks like I’m still alive. I can handle myself. Is that all?” She cut off her friend before she could say more.

“Uh, yeah. I was just checking on you,” her friend uttered.

“And you have. Goodnight,” the woman stated before ending the call.

She was aware she could’ve dealt with the situation in a proper manner, but being as she was upset with her friend for standing her up yet again, she had no time for her apologies. What she needed the most was to not have a care in the world for anything or anyone.

Lifting her head higher, the woman continued to stride towards the entrance of the nightclub, anticipating for tonight’s escapade. Being it was after 11, a line had begun to stretch along the wall of the brick building, causing the woman to slow down her steps. As she grew near, one of the few sturdy men guarding the door cast his eyes towards the woman. He licked his lips slowly as he scrutinized her from head to toe. The top she had chosen to wear plunged dangerously low, enough for her breasts to strain against the fabric while her cleavage was revealed as well. Furthermore, the bounce in her steps caused them to move about slightly, gaining the man’s attention immediately.

“Party of one?” He asked, causing the woman to swiftly turn her head towards him. His eyes were fixed on her chest instead, a glimmer of lust revealing itself quickly before she cleared her throat, distracting his gaze.

The man chuckled shamelessly. He shifted to his right, creating just enough space for the woman to be able to walk through.

“Oh, come on!” another woman cried out. “We’ve been standing in line for 15 minutes!”

The man glared at the woman. “Sorry, we just reached the capacity,” he shrugged.

The crowd groaned miserably while others threw insults and obscenities toward the man for allowing the woman to gain access into the nightclub immediately.

The woman responded with a crooked smile, flipping her hair before she made her way through the entrance. Thank mom for the good gene, she thought.

As she walked through the security door, the blare from the speakers and the crowd growing rowdy caused the woman to suddenly halt her steps. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light casting throughout the room. Strobe lights streaked the air as they produced dark shadows against the growing crowd, jumping wild with the beat of the music. A group of women playfully circled their hips against one another as a few men stood a few feet away, sneaking lewd glances every so often before the women could catch on to the act.

“Well, aren’t you as cute as a button,” one of the bartenders complimented behind the counter, winking simultaneously.

The woman responded with a sly smile, easing her way towards the counter.

“How’s the crowd tonight, anyone interesting?” the woman questioned, her gaze examining the guests quickly.

“To be frank, there is a man. He caught my eye as soon as he stepped in through that entrance. You’ll see him honey, a flock of women have been trying to gain his attention all night. Although I think you’ll stand a better chance,” the bartender replied with a snap of his finger.

Without a word, the bartender fixed the woman a drink and slid it towards her.

“On the house,” he stated before the woman could ask any more questions.

She nodded in gratitude, pondering as to why the men were drawn to the mere presence of her tonight. Deep down, the woman hoped it would be the same case with the mystery man.

As she strode to the dance floor with her drink held high, she studied the faces among her, attempting to find the man who the women had succumbed to. Within seconds, her eyes were captured by his from across the room. He held on to her gaze, unfaltering while a couple of women giggled beside him, taking turns on dancing with him.

Her steps continued in his direction, piercing him with her hazel eyes before she came to a complete stop. From her peripheral vision, she had perceived another lady gliding towards the mystery man. The last thing she needed was to compete with the third while the man regarded them in amusement. Turning slightly, she brought the drink to her lips and sipped casually, bouncing to the music as she remained poised.

The other lady gave the impression of being familiar with the man as she threw her arms around his neck, locking her lips with his in a sensual way. He held on to her for just a moment before taking a step back, a genuine smile surfacing immediately. They began to speak to one another in a lively manner, the lady laughing as she lightly patted his arm.

The woman rolled her eyes, peeved with how the circumstance had changed course. Without looking back, she grabbed the nearest guy and began to grind her hips against his, their bodies moving in unison.

As the night wore on, the woman couldn’t help herself as she peered at the man she had laid eyes on earlier. He had remained with the same woman as well, the two engrossed in one another entirely. The lady went up on her toes as she whispered something into the man’s ears, his eyes shining with interest as a crooked smile spread across his face. Gently placing his hand on her lower back, he guided her towards the rest room. The woman was overcome with bewilderment as she contemplated on following the couple. After a moment, she considered better judgement, delaying rather than taking action at once.

A few minutes passed before the woman grew restless. She excused herself to her dancing partner as she quickly weaved her way through the crowd, careless if she accidentally stepped on any toes. Once she had reached the end of the hall, she spotted the rest room door and pushed the door open. Studying her surroundings, she noticed two stalls placed on the left side while two sinks were situated on the opposite. Graffiti was sprayed throughout the walls, leaving no space for anything else.

The woman tilted her head as she discreetly lowered herself, enough to see the couple’s feet moving about in the first stall. Curious as she was, she silently walked near the stall, the lady’s moans softly heard behind the door. Brimming with confidence, the woman peered through the tiny opening of the stall, her eyes directly encountering the other woman’s rear.

The lady’s skirt was hiked up to her hips, fully exposing her backside. Her bottom shook as she lifted herself up and down the man’s shaft while he tightly grasped her hip, pushing against her rhythm. The lady threw her head back as a guttural moan filled the air, causing the woman’s interest to peak. Her glance came across his erection, gaping wide-eyed at the man’s girth sliding in the lady effortlessly, quickly creating the woman’s secret place to moisten. She clenched her knees together as she felt her body tremble from arousal, desperately longing to be his woman, if only for the night.

The woman sighed deeply, just enough for the man to hear from the other side. Without notice, his eyes met hers through the slit of the door, producing a gasp to escape. Her hands shot up as she swiftly covered her mouth. She knew the damage had been done, but what happened next caught her off-guard as well. The man’s gaze remained on hers, blessing her with a wink before he closed his eyes from the immense pleasure he was receiving and giving.

Silently, the woman pushed the next stall open and clasped the door shut once she was in. Extending her right leg, she quietly placed the lid of the toilet down, sitting on top afterwards. As she leaned back slightly, she closed her eyes and envisioned the man inside her secret place. Forcing himself on her. Slapping her backside repeatedly as he continued to thrust mercilessly in her hole. Spreading her legs apart, she guided her hand down her skirt and towards her secret place, inching in slowly. As if they were one, the two women moaned simultaneously, increasing in volume as their core was hit again and again.

Screeching in ecstasy, the lady cursed under her breath as she came on the man’s shaft, smacking against her as he continued to plunge in deeper. With one last violent shake, the lady grew still and sighed in great bliss. She removed herself from the man, pulling her skirt down as she locked lips with the man. They shared a quick dialogue, muffled by the music before the stall door swung open. Her heels clicked against the cement floor, growing further until the rest room door opened then closed behind her.

The woman bit her bottom lip as she steadily inhaled. She was aware the man had remained in the next stall, musing on why he hadn’t left with the lady. Before she could place her legs down, her stall door swung open and there he was, standing straight ahead. His eyes darted to the triangle, instantly filling with greed.

“Don’t,” his voice boomed, interrupting her movement.

He had noticed her legs coming together. He reached out his arm, gently placing both hands on each knee, stretching them further. The woman whimpered from his touch, her secret place clenching uncontrollably as it yearned for him. As if he could read her, his gaze fell to her hole. He leaned in closer before he inhaled her scent deeply, groaning as he licked his lips in anticipation. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he pulled her in and dove to her secret place, immediately causing the woman to tremble.

She screwed his tongue as he made his way to her core, curving upwards. Exhaling lightly, the woman wriggled underneath, her fingers digging into his hair. She forced his tongue in deeper, craving for all of him. Before she knew it, he lifted her off the toilet seat and pinned her against the wall. Gripping her bottom with both hands, he thrust his manhood into her hole.

“All night you’ve been watching me, undressing me with your eyes and screwing me on the dance floor. Tell me, is this how you want it?” The man whispered huskily into her ear.

“Just fuck me already,” the woman moaned as she made the demand.

Without a doubt, he did. Raising his left arm, he grasped the woman’s neck, squeezing it as his other hand pulled her hair to the side. The woman’s chest rose up and down quickly as she was stimulated by his aggression. He did what he was told, penetrating in her hole, harder than the last. Stroking his manhood quickly, she shrieked as she creamed on him, heaving from the electrifying euphoria. His lips met hers as they kissed intensely, the woman moaning in pleasure. Suddenly, her body became still before a shiver passed through her, causing her body to jerk. She held on tight to the man, growing weaker as the high of the ecstasy swallowed her whole.

The man placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, before setting her on the toilet seat. Transfixed by his presence, the woman peered at the man dreamily, causing the man to smile.

“I should be getting back before she starts to worry,” he confessed.

The woman nodded, unable to speak yet. The man reached for her hand, bringing them to his lips. He planted a soft kiss just before he winked again and stood up straight.

“It was a pleasure,” he spoke, turning towards the door, pushing it open. The woman had one last glimpse of him before he disappeared.

She closed her eyes and sighed in contentment.

Only for the night, she whispered.

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