Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Three Can Play

“What about her?”

The man nodded inconspicuously towards one woman sitting at a table, among her female friends. He watched as her head leaned back, a smile surfacing across her face before a boisterous laugh escaped through her lips.

His friend scoffed and turned away.

“Too available,” he stated, dismissing the man’s suggestion.

As if the universe answered their silent prayer, another woman slipped through the terrace door. Simultaneously, the two men gazed towards her, quickly capturing their attention. She stood out from the rest, her long dark waves cascading down her back while her striking ivory colored skin caught one’s eye. With a quick once-over, one would expect she wasn’t from the area, meaning she was not fully aware of the men’s escapades. The two men glanced at one another, a devilish smile slowly spreading from cheek to cheek. Silently they agreed she was the one and rose up from their chairs, making their way towards the woman.

Without inspecting her surroundings, the woman sat down at an empty table. She placed her bag down beside her, rummaging through her belongings until she removed a book before setting the bag on the floor. She opened the novel and immediately became engrossed in it, failing to notice one of the men approaching her table from the opposite side.

“Will anyone else be joining you this evening?” The man quizzed, as if he was ready to recite the specials of the menu.

“No, just me,” the woman replied, disregarding the man as she continued to read the novel.

“What a shame,” he stated softly, causing the woman to turn her gaze up towards him.

She was taken aback by the man as he was slightly younger, but his cold, grey eyes captivated her at once. His demeanor alone radiated an intensity that provoked her breathing to slow down. She glanced back down, but not before the man caught her eyes glint with amusement.

“Ah, there you are,” his friend appeared behind the woman’s chair. “Of course, you’d be in the company of an eyeful.”

His friend shifted to the left side of the woman. Being the daring person he was, he grasped her hand gently and brought it to his lips, placing a soft kiss on top.

The woman exasperated under her breath, knowing all too well she wouldn’t be able to enjoy her novel in the presence of the two men.

“So what’s the catch?” she demanded boldly, tilting her head upwards.

She was startled to see he had similar features as the man.

His friend feigned bewilderment as he fanned his hands on his chest.

“Whatever could she mean?” He mockingly asked the man.

The men chuckled sincerely, causing the woman to unwind considerably.

“What brings you here tonight?” The man asked. He leaned towards her, as if the next words she uttered would be a secret kept between the three.

“Honestly, I’m meeting a few acquaintances of mine. We’re attending a book club hosted by one of the women who is staying here.”

How much of a dork can I be, she thought as she mentally smacked her head repeatedly with an open hand.

How much more innocent can she be, crossed the mens’ minds as they admired her lack of corruption.

“By what means do we get invited to this event?” His friend prodded.

The woman chuckled in delight. “You don’t,” she declared with certainty.

With that, she rose from the chairs.

“Gentlemen,” she nodded before proceeding to make her way towards the terrace door.

The two men glanced at one another, awestruck and confused. The woman had played them and they hadn’t realized it until then. The man’s mind began to work rapidly as he sought out another plan to capture this woman. She had indeed caught him and he yearned to do the same as well. His friend stood still, too stunned with a half smirk spread across his face, pleased with the woman’s toying. The two men concluded they had met their match.

“Shall we?” The man asked, swiftly brushing his hand forward to indicate their next step.

His friend squinted his eyes, as if in deep thought. “Such fun we will have,” he smiled broadly before making his way towards the terrace door as well.

The woman smiled to herself, pleased with how she had taken care of the ordeal out on the terrace. The two men were certainly dashing and judging by their appearance, wealthy as well, but she had come for one thing only and that was to ease her mind from men completely. After her terrible relationship with her ex, she had sworn off any man for about a year, to remain focused on her and her needs. So far, her plan had succeeded. Yet, her mind drifted to the two men, her secret place defying her as it stirred awake, craving for something. Or someone.

She sighed deeply as she reached her door. Searching through her bag, she removed the card and swiped it through the slot, the red signal turning green to enter. She chuckled to herself as she recalled how she fibbed about meeting other women to attend a book club. She knew it would be credible, being she was reading when they had approached her at the table. She turned the knob and pushed the door open, letting it close behind her.

“Right there,” the man pointed to the camera, pausing the recording.

His friend smiled, a smug look on his face.

“And here she thought she had us.”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Drying her hair off with a towel, the woman gazed at the clock on her nightstand. 9:30 PM.

Who could be at my door at this hour? she contemplated, knowing she wasn’t expecting any company.

Knock! Knock! Knock! The tapping on the door grew louder and incessantly.

“Coming!” the woman shouted, making her way to the door.

As she turned the knob on the door, she swiftly opened it and stood still.

“We meet again,” the friend stated, his eyebrows raised mockingly.

The man stood beside him, his eyes gleaming with interest as he glanced up and down. The woman scolded herself for opening the door half-naked with only a towel around her slim body.

“How...” she stuttered out, before the man interrupted.

“Benefits of being the sole owners of this building,” he emphasized, fixing his light eyes on hers.

The woman raised an eyebrow, nodding slowly.

“Touché,” she replied defeatedly.

Without another word, she stepped aside and slid the door open wider, enough for the men to walk through. As they made their way in, she let the door close behind them.

“Like what you’ve done with the place,” the friend complimented, scanning the apartment.

The man strode towards the phone set on the coffee table.

Dialing quickly, he waited for the front desk to answer the call.

“Yes, please send up a bottle of Cristal to 603,” he demanded before setting the phone back in its place.

“If you’ll excuse me,” the woman pronounced before dismissing herself. She made her way to her bedroom.

The friend punched the man on the arm excitedly.

“It never fails. I’ll be waiting on the balcony,” he stated before walking to the doors leading out.

The man shook his head, a smirk surfacing on his face. Before turning to meet his friend, he glanced towards the bedroom door and suddenly became frozen in place. He watched as the woman slipped a pair of black laced panties through her toned legs, rising them smoothly over her backside.

Not knowing she was being observed, she turned to her side, her full breasts perched perfectly on her chest. Her brown buds had shrunken from the cold, standing out more against her ivory-colored skin. Suddenly, she turned towards him, their eyes meeting instantly. Rather than covering herself, the woman stood still and allowed the man to study her physical features, her gaze never faltering.

A swift knock at the door caused the man to look away momentarily. When he gazed back at the bedroom door, the woman had disappeared further into the room, unable to see her any longer.

He cursed under his breath as he strode to the front door. Turning the knob to the left, he opened it and came to face one of the concierges working the night shift. Without a word, he disregarded the bewildered employee and reached for the bucket of ice and champagne. He knew by tonight, word would get around of his whereabouts and if that became true, he would know who began the gossip. He thanked the employee, tipped her a 20 then let the front door close as he walked to the balcony.

His friend stood near the edge, scrutinizing the busy city life below.

“You think she’ll be ready?” He asked the man, continuing to have his back towards him.

“Ready for what?” the woman questioned with curiosity.

The two men jumped slightly, surprised by her sudden appearance. They turned to face her, but remained silent as they observed her closely. She had chosen a deep blue nightgown which fell to her ankles, light enough to keep her cool during the warm night. Her dark waves flowed down her back, her chest bare and open. The man thought back to when she revealed herself shamelessly, causing his member to pulse with desire.

“I see the champagne has arrived,” she broke the silence. “Do you mind?” She nodded towards the friend, indicating she would like to be served.

“Of course not,” he smiled genuinely, grabbing a glass to pour the champagne.

“So, I take it you two are brothers?” The woman asked, intrigued with knowing more about the two men.

The men chuckled heartily.

“No, we’re not,” the man finally responded. “We get that all the time because of our similar features, but we’ve known each other since our elementary school years. Since then, we’ve continued to stay in one another’s life and became partners as well. Who better to trust than your own best friend?”

His friend passed out glasses filled with champagne to the man and the woman, raising his in the air.

“What shall we toast to?” The friend asked.

“May we never regret this,” the first man spoke, gazing at the woman intently.

His friend glanced at her as well, causing her to be gratified for tonight’s significant turnabout.

Tossing her head back, the woman drank the glass of champagne within several seconds. The two men weren’t sure whether to be impressed or concerned until she smiled broadly.

“Am I the only one drinking or what?” she challenged.

Looking at one another, the two men shrugged and tossed their heads back as well, drinking the champagne quickly as she did.

As the night went on, the three spent it laughing, gradually feeling giddy from the alcohol in their system. The woman then excused herself as she made her way to the bathroom.

She opened the door and closed it, turning on the light as well. She looked at herself in the mirror and was amused to see she had remained to appear decent. With one hand, she grasped her hair to the back and with her free hand, turned on the faucet. Cupping her hands underneath, she splashed cold water on her face, attempting to alleviate her dizziness.

“You should take two of these,” the man offered as he reached over and placed a bottle of aspirin beside her.

The woman jumped slightly, oblivious to his presence until now. Rather than admonishing him for sneaking up on her, she thanked him softly and unscrewed the cap, shaking two pills out of the bottle. Placing them in her mouth, she leaned forward and bent down under the faucet to drink the cool water.

Turning off the faucet, she dried her hands on a towel and faced the man. Silently they gazed at one another. Slowly, the man reached towards the woman, digging his fingers in her hair at the back of her head, softly brushing his thumb on her cheek. She leaned toward his touch, closing her eyes and sighed deeply. When she opened them, he had closed the gap between them, her face near his chest. From where she was standing, she could see the imprint of his manhood protruding, begging to be let out.

Without thought, the woman extended her hand, unbuttoning his pants swiftly before bending down to slide them down to his ankles. As she slipped his briefs down as well, his erection stood out. Immediately she was impressed by the man’s girth and length.

Drawing closer, she stuck out her tongue and began to pass it around in circles on his head. The man’s head fell back as he moaned softly, grabbing a handful of her hair. She spread her mouth wider as she proceeded to plunge in further , moving back and forth, picking up the pace. A low growl escaped from his throat, his grip tightening in her hair. Slowly, he thrust in deeper, causing the woman to slurp noisily, driving the man insane. He continued to screw her mouth, quickly now as she moaned in pleasure, stimulated by the man’s aggression.

She glanced up towards the man and he pierced at her, his grey eyes darkening from the rush of rapture. Extending further, he forced his member down her throat and paced back and forth quickly, the girth making it difficult for the woman to breathe.

Suddenly, the woman felt a finger brush up and down her moist secret place, causing her to tighten her walls. The finger then plunged inside, penetrating in and out forcefully. Her legs began to shake from the immense euphoria slowly taking control over her body. She thrust back and was met with another member inside her, knowing his friend had entered her as well.

The woman became hysterical as his friend’s member spread her walls wider, pounding in stiffly as if punishing her for a crime she hadn’t committed. Without slipping away, the friend grabbed the woman and flipped her around, facing him. Before she could say a word, she felt the man’s erection slide in through her anal slowly, causing her to flinch slightly.

She hissed inward, leaning forward while biting the friend’s shoulder, attempting to block out the pain. As the man thrust back and forth slowly, the pain dissipated and in place, pleasure took over as she felt both of the men penetrate in and out at the same rhythm. Her body grew weak as a strong wave of ecstasy passed through her, her juices flowing out of both holes.

The man reached forward and fondled the woman’s breasts while his friend leaned in closer, placing small bite marks around her neck area. Her body trembled violently as she felt another orgasm pass over. As his friend shoved in deeper, his grip tightened around her hips and he brought her body up and down, causing the man behind her to stroke in firmly as well. The woman’s legs tightened once again and the two men exploded inside her, huffing in pleasure as she shook above them.

When she grew still, the friend placed his hands under her bottom and propped her up, both members slipping out from each hole. Brushing past the man, his friend strode towards the bedroom and placed the woman on the bed gently, slipping the comforter over her shivering body. From a distance, the woman could hear the bath running, presuming it was for her. As she continued to keep her eyes closed, one thought crossed her mind.

No regrets.

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