Guilty Mind: Short Story Collection of Erotica

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Plane Affair

As the phone continued to vibrate in the woman’s coat pocket, she rolled her eyes in annoyance. Removing the phone out, she peered down quickly at the contact name, huffing in exasperation. She contemplated on letting the call go to voicemail then after a second thought, accepted it, knowing if she didn’t, the calls would continue until she answered.

“Hey, honey!” she greeted with feign enthusiasm.

“I already miss you. Did you get to your flight on time?” Her husband asked, his voice laced with concern.

“Yes, I’m here now. We’re about to take off in a couple of minutes. As a matter of fact,” the woman hurriedly stated, “the flight attendant is rushing me off the phone now so I must go. I’ll call you as soon as I reach the hotel.”

“Oh, okay,” her husband replied dejectedly. “Make sure you do. I love you.”

“You too,” the woman uttered before ending the call quickly. She searched for the settings on her phone, selecting airplane mode and tossed the phone into her bag. Sighing heavily, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

She had been married to her husband for 10 years and slowly, things were taking a turn for the worse. The two had met during their sophomore year in high school and continued on with their relationship until they reached their junior year during college. They had separated on account of “trying new things” and “seeing other people” for a change, but after about a year of doing so, they had crossed one another’s paths again. Ever since then, they remained together.

As of lately, the woman had begun to feel as though their marriage had become dull. The spark of fire which was between the two couple was slowly burning out, causing the woman to fear what would become of them if it worn out quickly. The woman’s manager had asked if she was willing to travel to plan an event for a client who was eager to spend a large amount of money for a party she was hosting. She readily took on the offer, thrilled with the idea of getting away from her tedious marriage.

Just then, a commotion near the exit door distracted the woman from her thoughts. She glanced towards the back, wondering what the situation could be. It appeared to be a man who was running late, speaking to the flight attendant in a lively manner, almost certain he was persuading her to let him in. At last, the flight attendant backed down and obliged, leading the man to his seat. Surprisingly, it was the empty seat to the right of her. Adjusting herself, she nudged to the left so the man could sit down comfortably.

“I always found flying to be a pain in the ass,” he uttered out loud.

The woman gazed up at the man hesitatingly.

He was scrutinizing her intently, waiting for her response. Her eyes roamed to his strong jawline, his misty green eyes capturing her attention. Attempting to produce a sentence, her mouth hung open slightly, causing the man to smirk to the side. The act alone aroused the woman. She bit her lip, confused with the mixed feelings taking over her mind.

“This is actually my first time flying,” the woman managed to mutter.

“I see. Are you enjoying it so far?” He questioned with genuine interest.

The woman smiled in response, glancing down. “Yes, I am. Just the thought of being somewhere else rather than what I’m used to back home is intriguing.”

“A new adventure never hurts. It’s always pleasing to travel to new places and meeting different people.”

At this, the man grew quiet causing the woman to peer towards him. She realized he was staring fixedly at her, as if he had meant her. She fidgeted in her seat as her secret place grew heatedly with pleasure.

“I take it you travel often?” She queried, seeking to change the subject.

“In my line of my business, it’s required, but I don’t mind. Most people dream of traveling their whole lives, but never get the chance to. Either because of their career, their children, financial issues, even their marriage.”

The man looked at her when he said this, as if knowing what her true purpose was for being on the flight. The woman quivered slightly, her breathing slowing down. This strange man, she thought, was causing her to sense emotions she hadn’t felt in quite a while. Guiltily, she pondered if it was because her husband hadn’t been taking care of her properly, or in other words, her secret place.

“I do hope you enjoy your time. Who knows, you may not get this chance again,” the man expressed with finality.

He rose from his chair.

“Excuse me,” he spoke before making his way down the aisle, towards the rest room.

The woman inhaled deeply, rubbing her hands against her thighs. What is the matter with you? she thought to herself in frustration. You are a grown woman, a married one at that. Why risk breaking your vows with a stranger you just met? She shook her head, glancing towards the window. She looked at her reflection, her cheeks spread with a pink hue. Horrified, she wondered if she had been blushing the whole time she had been speaking to the man. She covered her face in embarrassment.

“No, no, no,” she murmured out loud.

“Are you feeling sick?”

Startled, the woman gasped, covering her mouth quickly.

“I’m sorry,” the man apologized. “I thought you had heard me sitting beside you.”

“No, it’s okay,” the woman reassured him, reaching out to pat his hand in reflex without much thought. “Just sort of daydreaming,” she confessed, laughing half-heartedly.

The man raised his eyebrows in interest as he noticed the woman had placed her hand on his without realizing she had done so. He had also noticed the wedding ring wrapped around her ring finger the moment he had sat next to her. Smiling to himself, he was certain she was growing comfortable in his presence. Her beauty not only attracted him to the woman, but her timidness had caught his attention the moment he had sat down. It was as if the woman’s aura had drawn him right to her. With a quick glance, he knew from the beginning it had been some time another man had stroke up a conversation with her. He also knew he had to have her, if just once, before never seeing her again.

The two continued to speak to one another, switching subjects one right after the other as if they couldn’t stop. As evening approached, most of the others who were flying had either engrossed themselves in listening to music through their headphones or fallen asleep soundly.

The woman had taken off her seatbelt earlier during the flight, leaning more towards the man so she could speak to him comfortably. Now she had her head resting lightly on his shoulders, her eyes preparing to fall into a deep slumber. The man had his hands above hers, softly brushing his thumb back and forth. The woman sighed contently. She shifted once again, this time her face nudging upwards towards his neck.

Her warm breath aroused the man, his free hand clenching the arm rest tightly. He closed his eyes, contemplating whether to advance on the woman. Shrugging the thought away, he brought his hands to the back of her neck, lightly stroking his right thumb on her bare skin. She moaned faintly while her eyes were closed, her breathing pattern changing slowly. He guided his hand over her left ears, his thumb massaging it softly then began to stroke her hair in a gentle manner.

The woman slowly opened her eyes, her gaze meeting his. He pierced into hers deeply, as if silently sharing his thoughts of how he wanted her at this moment. In response, the woman reached up, her left thumb softly caressing his lips. With no hesitation, he leaned closer until their lips met, the woman lightly exhaling from the sensual act.

The kiss deepened as he intertwined his right hand into her hair, bringing the woman in closer. She moaned in complete arousal, paying no heed to the rest who were sound asleep. He changed direction, leading his right hand down towards her secret place, the woman’s body by now trembling at the thought of his touch.

With ease, he slipped his hand under the waistline of her pencil skirt, growing closer to what he yearned for. Pushing her panties to the side, he guided his middle finger to her pearl, stroking it in circles. The woman buried her head towards the nape of his neck, attempting to silence her moans.

He hastened his movement, the woman writhing against his finger to gain more pleasure. Suddenly, he plunged downwards, thrusting his middle and ring finger in her secret place. Quickly he penetrated back and forth, the woman gasping inward and out from his touch repeatedly striking her core. She spread her legs wider, craving for more as he stroke in and out in a fast pace, his warm breath huffing near her ears. He slipped out his tongue and began a trail from her ears, down to her neck and finally to her chest. The buttons left opened on her blouse revealed a plump set of mounds, which caught his attention immediately.

Interrupting his penetration, the man leaned his head in closer and pushed aside her blouse and bra, uncovering her mounds tinged with pink from ecstasy. Wrapping his hand around one roughly, he began to fondle it before bringing the bud into his mouth. The woman leaned her head back and pulled him in closer, her eyelids falling and rising from the intense stimulation. Making his way down to her secret place again, he thrust his fingers back inside and continued what he started, the woman’s legs quivering uncontrollably.

The man’s erection pulsed with a strong desire to escape and enter the woman’s secret place. He reached over and grabbed the woman by her hips, wrapping her legs around his waist. Hoisting her up along with him, he made his way to the middle of the aisle and strode down towards the rest room quickly. With luck, the flight attendants weren’t near, for if they were, they would have been shocked from what they would witness. Two couples against one another, a breast fully out while fingers were plunging continuously into the woman’s hole.

Finally reaching the door, he slid the door open and slammed it shut behind him, making sure to lock the door as well. He placed the woman against the wall, her feet pushing on the other wall to keep her balance. Spreading her legs wider, the man unzipped his pants, letting it fall to his ankles. With no delay, he drove his member forward, her secret place wrapping around him tightly. The man hissed inward from the sudden pleasure, causing him to cease for a second, reveling in it. The woman took control then, bouncing upwards while swiftly tightening around his member.

The man nudged in closer and gripped the woman’s bottom firmly, bringing himself back to plunge in harder when she brought herself down on him. The woman’s moans became more high pitched as she couldn’t hold back any longer, her fingers grabbing his neck and holding on tight.

Suddenly, her body grew rigid as she fell into an orgasm, letting it take over completely. The man growled as her secret place quickly became soaked, causing him to explode along with her. After a few seconds, the woman brought her legs down, the man helping her as she did so. Gazing upwards, she met his eyes and attempted to hold back a smile then failed when he leaned in for a heated kiss.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Hello? Is everything alright in there?” one of the flight attendants questioned with concern.

The man cleared his thought.

“Yes!” He shouted. “We’ll be right out, excuse us for the disturbance,” he attempted to apologize while laughing.

The woman giggled beside him, her head lightly falling onto his chest.

“A trip to be remembered,” he whispered into her ears.

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