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Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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Nicolas Dankworth, son of Ryder Dankworth is now in charge of one of the world's largest gangs. With his father stepping aside and moving along. It's now up to Nicolas to find his sister and revenge his mother's name. Filled with anger and pain. He has to overcome his own monster inside himself. We all thought Ryder was a badass, but his son is a whole new story. Plunge into Nicolas's dark and hateful world. Has he tries to swim back to the surface, away from his darkness. Hold on to your seats, this is going to be a bumpy ride. If you haven’t read the first book “Ryder” you should read that before you read this story. Warning!!! Dark and twisted romance ahead. If you like drama you are in the right place. If not and you're looking for a sweet, loving fairy tale. MOVE ALONG...

Erotica / Thriller
M.K. Rissen
4.9 46 reviews
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Seven years later...

Her loud moans kept my hands around her throat. Holding her just in place long enough to get mine. I wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled just enough to see her face. I pulled out of her and covered her back in my seed. “Leave.” The girl whose name I didn’t get looked back at me. I pulled out a smoke. “Be gone before I get back.” I walked into the bathroom. She didn’t even say a word. I rolled my eyes and started a shower.

I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. Lost in my own world where the air was thin. I punched the mirror. Glass shattered all around me, but the only cut was on my hand. Whatever I said and left the bathroom. Moving to New York was a good choice. I took over the gang and moved Ethan’s father to Jason’s position. Jason was sent to California to handle things there. Things were bad seven years ago, but today I’m a whole new man with no soul. Ethan and Dwayne are my two right-hand men. My closest friends and loyal to a fault. Both would die for me.

My father came out of his coma. He was, how do I say this. Not the same man as he once was. He was my father and had no memory loss. He just wasn’t the fighter he once was. I waited until my father was able to get out of bed. Before we all told him what had gone down, but it was almost as if he already knew. He was quiet all the time and he never once asked for my mother. I had never seen my father cry in all my years, but when we told him about my mother and sister he cried. Now the man has become shut off and all he cares about is finding Anna. He has stepped down and has left the country. He only checks in once in a while. I believe he has given up and just lives. I hate the son of a bitch. When he first left I almost took him down. Ethan and Jason were the ones to stop me. He has been gone for almost five years. Jason is the only one who keeps in touch and tries to report to me, but I never want to hear it.

Even though most of my members believe Anna is dead. I keep my mind believing otherwise. We have been given many different leads over the years, and we check them all, but they all lead us to dead ends. I spend my days inside my own head. I run this gang harder than it has ever been run. Our sales are up and more people have tried to join us. I have more money than I will ever know what to do with it, and our enemies want to be us. The media has given my gang a name. The Dark knights. It makes me laugh to think we have to have a name. Too bad the law is in my pocket. No one can stop me. Having the police on my payroll pays off. The city can’t pay them what they need, but I can. Who do you think stands guard when we’re at the shipping docks? I’m unstoppable and untraceable.

I’m also a killer with no soul. I don’t give second chances and the only way out is death. I just don’t give a shit. I dress in my suit and head out to my office. “It’s about time.” I heard Ethen say as I walked in.

“Are you in charge of me? No, so you’ll wait until I show up.”

“Why am I friends with you?” I just shook my head.

“Beats the shit out of me. How were the yards last night?”

“Good, everything showed and the Saints were paid. Everything went smoothly.”

“Good, have the shipments went out?”

“Yes, everything got transferred to the jets this morning,” Dwayne reported.

“Good another smooth day,” I said as I took a seat.

“Jason called this morning. They are coming.” I looked up at Ethan. “Him, his wife, and Aurora.”

“Why? I don’t need to see them.”

“He has something he wants to talk to you about, and he just wants to see you.” I just shook my head. I cared about my family, meaning the members that have been here the longest. New members have to prove themselves before I can trust them. That was never a question, but Jason has done everything he can to try and treat me like a son. I have one father and he is nothing but a coward. Jason is the only one that stays in touch with Ryder. I’m sure all Jason wants to do is talk about him.

“When do they arrive?”

“Tonight.” I nodded my head.

“Set up a dinner party. We will greet them in a good Fashion.” Ethan and Dwayne nodded their heads at me. It’s been a few years since they have seen us. Might as well make their first night here a good one. I liked dinner parties with my gang. The most trusted were welcomed.

“Who do you want on your side tonight?” Ethan asks.

“Get me some new ones.”

“Michelle is not going to be happy about that.”

“Do I look like I give a fuck what she thinks?” Ethan just shook his head. “If she acts up I’ll deal with her.”

“It’s your fault she acts up.” Ethan wasn’t lying. I had no emotional attachment to Michelle, but she has always been my go-to and she doesn’t disappoint me. I just don’t care about her as she does me. I should have cut her off a long time ago. I’m also very honest with her about how I feel. I’m the last person on earth to fall for. I have no heart or love to give in return. I need to cut her off, but every time I make up my mind to do so. She pulls her shit and I’m right back in bed with her. She is an amazing fuck, and that’s hard to turn down.

Ethan didn’t disappoint. He had invited a few women to join us tonight and they were all ready to entertain my men. There had to be at least twenty or more members here tonight. Dwayne and two other men have gone to pick Jason and his family up. I stood by the fireplace in the living room with a drink in my hand and two bitches trying to get my attention at my sides. They were beautiful enough, and I knew I would have both of them in my bed tonight. “Nicolas.” I sighed as I heard Michelle’s voice. I turned to see her standing there with her arms crossed. “Can I have a word with you?” I nodded at her and set my drink down. I walked over to her. She took my arm and tried to pull me away from prying eyes.

“Why do you want?” I asked her holding my ground.

“Let’s leave this party. I can give you a private party.” I removed her arm from mine.

“I have guest, now is not the time.” I could see the anger flood her face.

“So you are just going to parade those hoes in front of my face?” I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the hallway.

“Let’s get something straight for the hundredth time. I don’t belong to you. I’ll do whatever the fuck I want and you’ll do good to behave yourself or I’ll stop being so fucking tolerant of you. Your walking on the edge Michelle” I warned her and she looked at me for a moment.

“Do you want to punish me, Nicolas?” She said as she bit her lip. I sucked my teeth and looked down at her. She knew what to say to cause my dick to twitch. Fucking bitch, I said to myself. She moved closer to me and her hand reached out and grabbed my dick. “Come on baby, I’ll let you tie me down and you can fuck me like you hate me.” I reached out and grabbed her by the throat. I pushed her against the wall and held her there. I just looked into her eyes.

“Wait in my room for me. I have a few things I need to take care of and then I’ll be there.” She smiled up at me and took off. I just shook my head. Three bitches tonight. Michelle was good to do what I asked of her in the bedroom. I knew she would welcome the other two girls. Tonight would be a long one. I walked back out to the living room. Ethan met up with me.

“So did you deal with her?” I rolled my eyes and didn’t say anything. “You’re playing with fire, man.” I ignored him and walked back over to the other two women waiting on me. Dwayne came walking in the Jason and his wife Brianna. I didn’t see Aurora at first. She was the only one I would be happy to see. She is like a sister to me. Finally, Aurora walked in and I had to take a step back. I didn’t even know it was possible for her to become even hotter than she was the last time I saw her. Fuck, she was beautiful. I removed myself from these women and walked over to them.

“Welcome,” I said and Brianna hugged me. Jason shook my hand, but my eyes were on hers. She smiled at me and I swear my heart skipped a beat.

“Hello, Nick.” The only other person on earth I allowed to call me that.

“Aurora, it’s good to see you,” I said smiling and she came to my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head. Like a puzzle piece. She fit me perfectly.

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