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It’s been days since I got the call from Anna. We tried to trace the call, but it was a burner phone that she probably didn’t even have anymore. I was beyond frustrated. My father wasn’t being much help. He still held onto the fact that she would call again. Ryder hasn’t told us who his inside man is. He wants that left a secret to protect this man. It makes me wonder sometimes if we don’t have a trader amongst us. It’s possible because there are so many new members that came to us after everything went down and Anna was taken. But I’ve got Ethan and Dwayne on it. Everyone I know being watched. All I cared about was the fact that she called and was wondering why she called was driving me crazy. Was she reaching out for help? Or was she just looking for answers?

I haven’t spoken with Aurora since I sent her to the safe house. I know she is okay as I get updates from her father, Jason. We move the women to a new home every two months. Just to make sure they are safe. We have been in a safe house as my father has simply taken over ranks. Even though I’m in charge. It’s just natural for him as he started our gang. Anything my father does still has to be run by me first, but my father is the one who taught me how to be a leader. That much I trust in him. Now I have two women in my life that I must protect and I love them both in two different ways and it’s driving me crazy.

Five months later...

“I’m telling you it’s them. They are back in the United States.” My father snapped. I stood there next to him with my arms crossed. Anna never tried to call back. We have all been at a standstill. No new progress has been made. Anna needed to reach out again. Aurora, on the other hand, wasn’t doing what I asked of her. I have had one conversation with her in the last five months and it didn’t go over well. She is very pissed off and wants to be with me. I know she understands the danger, but she just doesn’t want to accept it. It’s hard to keep her ass to follow rules. She has always been that way. Now she won’t talk to me.

“Why won’t your man just let us know where they are?” I asked, my father still hasn’t shared who is working on the inside. He claims it’s a very sensitive situation. They can’t be in contact often. My father will take no chances at anyone finding out who’s on the inside. I understand, but he won’t even share it with me. So far we haven’t found anyone amongst us who could be working with the enemy.

Izzy aka Anna’s POV,

“Get another burner phone and call him again. I don’t know why you hung up the last time?” Sebastian said while eating his toast. We were alone at a restaurant and could freely talk.

“I got nervous, what if he is in on it and wants me dead as well?” Sebastian just watched me. “What?” He smiled.

“Nothing I just love you and I would never let anyone hurt you. I don’t care if it’s this family or that family. They will have to kill me to get to you.” He reached out and touched my hand. Believing his sincerity was easy. I knew he was telling me the truth. Even if everything was to fall all around me. His love is the one thing that would remain built around me. “Baby, you know you want to call him back. So just do it. You’re never going to move on. If you don’t know his side of the story.”

“What if my uncle finds out?”

“Well, if he is the man he claims to be. Then you don’t have anything to worry about.” I just sighed and agreed to get another burner phone. I sat in the car next to Sebastian. The phone started to ring.

“Anna?” I heard his voice on the other side.


“Please Anna don’t hang up.”

“I won’t but I don’t have a ton of time. I need answers.”

“Can I see you?” That sent fear in my heart.

“No, at least not now.”

“Tell me, Nick, do you know what Ryder has done to me?”

“What are you talking about?” I looked at Sebastian. I had the phone on speaker so he could hear everything.

“Do you know that he had me kidnapped?”

“Anna, that’s a lie.” My head started to go in all sorts of directions. Confusion set up home in my mind.

“If that’s true, then how come no one has come for me?”

“You think we haven’t tried? Every time we get close. You are moved away. Anna, our father has tried to find you.” Fear set in.

“He wants me dead Nick.”

“Who wants you dead?”


“That’s not true. You were taken that night and dad and mom were shot. People are dead from that night. Our mother is gone.” The phone fell from my hands. I could hear Nick calling out to me. Sebastian grabbed the phone and hung up the call. He got out of the car and destroyed the phone. He got back inside and took off. The world was going in slow motion. As Sebastian drove us to some park and stopped the car. He didn’t anything and I knew he was giving me a moment. Then I felt him touch me. I didn’t move as tears started to run down my cheeks. Sebastian got out of the car and opened my door. He pulled me into his arms.


“What’s going on Sebastian?”

“I don’t know Izzy, but we need to do some research to make sure he is telling the truth.”

“Why would he lie about something like that?” Sebastian looked just as confused as I did. “My mother has been dead all this time. Please Sebastian I need to know if that’s true or not.” My heart broke at that moment and I lost it. I cried uncontrollably in Sebastian’s arms. “I need you to take me away.”


“From my uncle, from my brother. I need to be away from everyone.”

“Baby, I’ll give you anything you want but understand this. If I take you away from your uncle. There will be a hit out on my head. You are everything to him. Number one rule.” I just took a deep breath. It was true and if I disappeared. My uncle will stop at nothing to find me.

“I know this is asking a lot, but I’m tired of being someone’s possession. I need to know the truth and I’m never going to find it being here.”

“Then we run.” I just sighed.

Nicolas’s POV,

“Nick!” I heard her yell across the entire house. What the fuck? I said to myself as my father just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“Women.” He said shaking his head. You have got to be kidding me. I’m going to kill Jason. I headed out of the office and found Jason and Aurora standing in the living room. She looked pissed off. Jason just stood there with an annoyed look on his face.

“What the fuck?” I shouted.

“I’m sorry but she threatens to show herself in public if I didn’t bring her to you. You know how she is.” Jason said looking defeated. I walked over and grabbed her by the arm and took her into another room.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you have a death wish?” Her eyes narrowed on mine and I knew it was about to be on.

“Fuck you, Nick!” She yelled out. I just sighed. “You can’t just tell me you love me and then send me away for months with barely any contact.”

“Don’t you know I’m only doing this for your own good? I’m fucking trying to keep you alive!”

“I’m a big girl Nick. I can’t take care of myself.” This fucking woman was pissing me off.

“I’m still your leader,” she cut me off.

“Don’t push your leadership on me Nicolas Dankworth. You own me in a different way and I won’t put up with your bullshit.” Her words did something to me. I don’t know what came over me, but I pushed her against the wall and my lips claimed hers. I missed her so fucking much and when she said I owed her. My dick twitch and I had to shut her pretty little mouth up. “Nick?” She breathed out. I didn’t give her a chance to say anything else as I scooped her ass up and took her to my bedroom. I slammed the door behind me and placed her back on the floor. She didn’t say a word as she removed her clothes in front of me. Keeping her eyes on mine. Fuck, this was hot.

I peeled the clothes from my body. Moving closer to her as she back up to the bed. Her arms embraced me as I wrapped my arms around her. My lips and tongue touching her flesh around her neck and shoulders. Her moans only pushing me on. Making me want her that much more. “This is not over.” She whispered into my ear.

“I didn’t think that it was, but for now I need to be deep inside of you. So behave yourself or I’ll make you remember who really owns this ass.” I said as I smack her ass hard and tossed her into my bed.

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