Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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“Nick, please I don’t want to fight with you. I’m staying your not sending me back.”

“Why must you be such a pain in the ass?”

“Because you love me.” I just sighed.

“What part of staying safe don’t you understand?”

“The part where you don’t want me near you.” I just looked over at her. My sheet was barely covering her naked sexy body. She was only making me hard again.

“Why do you think I don’t want you near me?” I asked while I pulled her closer to me and started to kiss her neck.

“I think you’re afraid of your own feelings.” She was right. I am afraid of how I feel. I lose people I care about. Only this tiny little creature in my arms. Meant something to me that I never wanted. She is everything I have pushed against but at the same time. She is all I want. I will kill for her. I only want to be near her. I would fight her on this, but in the end, she will win.

“I have told you how I feel. What more do you want?”

“I just want you.” I took hold of her face and kissed her lips.

“You have me,” I whispered out.

“Then let me stay.” I kissed her again as I rolled my eyes. She moved her body on top of mine and started to kiss down my chest. I placed my arms behind my head and just watched her. She would kiss and then look at me. My eyes stayed on hers as she moved down. Kissing and teasing me. Her lips started to kiss lightly above my cock as it came to life even more. “Do you want me?” She asked as she took ahold of my cock and traced her lips with the tip. All I could do was nod at her and lick my lips. She started to lick the base of my shaft. I bit down on my lip when she took my sack in her hands. I felt the tightness of her mouth as she took me deep inside. I closed my eyes as the ecstasy she was giving took over.

My hands went into her hair as I guided her. Doing my best not to be too rough. Her gagging noises only turned me in even more. I watched as a tear spilled down her face. She never took her hands off of me. She never once stopped me from guiding her. I was falling more and more for her. I pushed her down in me harder as I came down her throat. I watched as she moved her body up and she straddled me.

Izzy’s aka Anna’s POV,

I stared down at the tiny little test in my hands. A test that was about to determine my entire life. Was I really pregnant? No one knew how crappy I have been feeling. No one knew I had missed my period. Not even Sebastian. This wasn’t the time for a baby. Sebastian completely proved himself to me. When we ran in the middle of the day. My uncle stopped having guards follow me. When Sebastian went with me everywhere. Sebastian is one of my uncle’s most trusted men. Sebastian is also a trained assassin. I never needed anyone other them him to protect me.

He decided to take me to lunch, but that’s not what had happened. Somehow behind my back, Sebastian had packed the car and we ran. We ended up in the state of Washington. Nestled in a small cabin hidden in the woods by a river. We were off the grid. We had no power and no way to the outside world. We have been gone now for two months. We leave the cabin and not once a month for food and supplies. Last time we were there. I secretly grabbed a test. “Izzy, baby? Are you okay in there?” Sebastian asked as he knocked on the bathroom door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. He stood there looking nervous.

“No, I’m not okay.”

“What’s wrong?” His eyes looked scared. I handed the test over to him. He looked at it for a long time as I stood there waiting for him to be upset. There was no way we could stay in our cabin with a new baby. “How long?” I bit my lip. He was mad.

“I should be about three months along.” Then he surprised me. I was lifted into his arms. What? I said to myself.

“Are you happy?” I asked as he smiled down at me.

“Why wouldn’t I be? The woman I love is carrying my child. Of course, I’m happy.” The confusion played all over my face.

“But, we’re on the run. This is the worse time for a baby. We haven’t even married yet.” Sebastian bent down and kissed me.

“You can’t always predict these things. We have a baby coming and we just need to be happy about that.”

“We can’t stay here.”

“And why not?”

“Sebastian, we don’t even have electricity.” He laughed.

“You think the baby cares if he can watch tv or not?” I rolled my eyes.

“That’s not what I meant. What about heat or...” He cut me off.

“If it’s cold he will be in the living room with the fireplace.”

“Why do you keep saying him?” I asked while smiling. Sebastian pulled me even closer to him.

“Trust me, it’s a boy.” I just smiled and shook my head. His lips found mine and we ended up naked in the hallway. “I love you, Izzy or Anna. Whatever your name is, and I will protect my family at all cost.” I rolled over and kissed him.

“I know you will. I think I want you to bring my brother to me.” Sebastian eyes me for a moment.

“Do you understand how hard that’s going to be? I don’t want anyone knowing where we are. Or even getting anywhere close to you. Especially now.” I knew Sebastian was just worried. We talked a little longer about why I wanted to see Nick. Sebastian got me to agree to wait until the baby was born. Once I had my child. We would decide when to see Nick. For now, we needed to stay hidden and I was sure my uncle was losing his shit.

Three months later...

Nicolas’s POV,

All of us were on edge when my father let us know his man on the inside told him that Anna was missing. Not just missing as she has been, but that she has run away from the people who have her. No one has any idea where she is and it’s been over five months. Now was our chance to find her without those people.

The thing was I had found her. Only Ethan and Dwayne knew. We had a plan to go to her, but I didn’t want to tell Aurora. I didn’t want anyone to know until I had the chance to talk to her. Coming home and learning the truth had to be her choice. I knew this now. I just sighed when I realized my girl was never going to leave it and I was going to have to bring her. I didn’t know what situation Anna was in at the moment, but I knew she was with a man. Probably, someone, she trusted to watch over her. Aurora might turn out to be a good thing in helping me to get close to Anna. They were always so close. I had to have a secret meeting with my boys and Aurora. No one else could know what was going on. The last thing I wanted was to scare my sister away. If my father knew. He could mess this all up and cause her to run again. She already thinks he did this to her. No, I needed to do this on my own.

“How come you didn’t tell me you found her?” Aurora asked looking a little upset. I just sighed and she understood right away and took a seat next to me. Placing her small hand into mine. Aurora can be a pain but she knows when to back off. We all discussed a plan and let Aurora know just how important it was for her to be with us. If anything Aurora would approach Anna first. Or at least reach out so she knew we were coming.

I answered to no one. Including my father. He had stepped down and I was who was in charge. All the members knew this, but they also had the ultimate respect for my father. No one needed to know where we were going, but it was going to be hard getting around my father. I walked down the hall towards my father’s office. That’s when I hear the voices and someone’s little giggles. I cocked my head and the office door was cracked. When I peeked in there was my father with some brunette draped over him. He was smiling and she was giggling. I opened the door and both sets of eyes landed on me. “What have we here?” I said crossing my arms. The woman just smiled at me. While my father, if I didn’t know any better. Almost looked horrified.

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