Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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Ryder looked around the room as if he was looking for a way out. “Well?” I asked. The woman was looking up at Ryder. Still, Ryder said nothing. “If you wanted to keep her a secret then why bring her here to my home?”

“I didn’t.” He stopped talking.

“This is ridiculous.” The woman spoke up. She moved towards me and put her hand out. “My name is Natasha and I’m your father’s friend.” She gave me a soft smile. I reached out and shook her hand.

“How long have you known my father?”

“About a year. He is a good man.” I nodded my head with a smile. Ryder stood there as she returned to his arms. I knew this woman was more than just a friend. I never thought my father would have more than just sex in his life again, but at the same time, I couldn’t expect the man to be alone forever.

“We need to talk alone when you have a moment.” I nodded my head at them and left the room. This would be a conversation for a different time. My father met me in the hall.

“Look Nicolas I.”

“We can talk about that later. I’m going to escort Aurora back to the safe house. I believe I’ll be gone just a couple of days.”

“No problem, any of the boys going with you?”

“Ethan and Dwayne.” Ryder nodded his head at me.

“I really would like to talk to you about Natasha. Do you think we can do that before you go?”

“Sure dad.” Ryder smiled at me.

“You don’t seem upset about her?”

“Why would I be. I mean you’re not dead. Your still a man with needs. If you care about her. I wouldn’t hold it against you.”

“Thanks, Nicolas.” He said and walked back to his office. I headed back to Aurora and had everyone get their things together. We were about to go to my sister and I wasn’t so sure how she was going to react.

Izzy’s aka Anna’s POV,

I walked out onto the porch to see my man chopping wood, shirtless. The air was thick and hot. I walked out wearing nothing more than a small sundress. I was overly hot and I had sweat dripping down my face. I set the cold pitcher of lemonade down on the table and just watched Sebastian. He made my heart skip beats still and all I could think about was naughty thoughts about him. Over the last month, all I wanted was sex, and I don’t mean simple sex. I wanted the man to rip my clothes off and show me who is boss.

We have had sex all over this cabin and even out here in the woods. It doesn’t take much to get me going and I don’t think Sebastian is complaining. I walked closer to the porch steps and that’s when Sebastian noticed me. He stopped what he was doing just to wipe the sweat from his face. He gave me a smile and headed towards me. “You want something to drink?” I asked him as he came very close to me.

“You look beautiful.” He said in his deep voice. I blushed. Over the last few months. We have been going to town more often. I’m seeing the local doctor and Sebastian has been ordering baby things that we have to go and pick up. I’ve also developed a snow cone addiction that I seem to crave daily. I get one every time we go to town. I turned to grab the lemonade, but before I could grab it. Sebastian took a hold of me. He pulled me back into his arms. “Let’s go to the river.” I only nodded at him as I knew what he was after. Having sex in the water was a favorite of mine. With the hot weather, it was the only thing that cooled me off.

We walked quietly to the water’s edge. Sebastian started to remove his pants. He stood there completely naked and walked into the water. “Are you going to join me?” I pulled my sundress up over my head. I had no panties or bra on. My stomach was showing and Sebastian thought it was beautiful, as he told me all the time. I walked out into the water with him and he pulled me into his arms. His lips found mine and his fingers started to trace around my mound. I closed my eyes as it only took very little to make me putty in his hands. I was always so worked up.

I’ll never forget the day in the kitchen. Sebastian knew I was in the mood and the man had come up from behind me. He pushed me down on the countertop. His hand had found its way between my legs and with only his fingers. He brought me to ecstasy twice. It was amazing and only made me crave him more.

“Do you want salad tonight?” I asked Sebastian has he started a fire. The days were warm, but the night fell with the cold. I was finishing up dinner while Sebastian closed up the house.

“That’s fine.” He said sounding a little distracted.

“Is everything okay?” He looked over at me.

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“You look lost in thought.” He smiled and looked back at the fireplace.

“I think we should leave.” I stopped what I was doing.

“Leave? Why? Is something wrong?” I started to get nervous. Sebastian stood up and walked over to me.

“Don’t get upset. I’ve just been thinking a lot lately. Now that you are starting to show. It’s becoming more and more real for me. I just don’t want us to be found and things go horribly wrong. Especially with our baby. I’m just a little worried about being in one place too long.” I never thought about it like that.

“Where would we go?”

“I need a few days to figure that out, but I think your right. The baby needs things that we can’t have here and if anyone is on to us. Moving now would be smart.” There wasn’t anything I would protest with Sebastian when it came to protecting us.

“If you think us moving is smart. Then I’ll back you up.” He smiled at me and pulled me into his arms. He kissed the top of my head.

“Where’s my dinner woman, I’m hungry?” He laughed when I shot him a look.

“Go pull the chicken and meet me in the living room,” I said rolling my eyes. His worry made me a little worried. Sebastian fell asleep way before me. I laid in bed staring out the window. All sorts of thoughts were running around in my head. I still had so many questions, but somehow they seemed so insignificant now that my baby was coming. I truly felt as though I could live the rest of my life with Sebastian and never get the truth. It was all so much and I just wanted to spend my life with Sebastian and our children. I knew my mother was gone. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to know the rest. I did miss my brother and even though It sounds crazy to me. I did miss my parents. Ryder was always my hero. He was my father no matter what. I never in a million years would have thought that he hated me and wanted me tortured and killed. It took a long time for me to believe that story, and now my own brother was saying it was lies.

It makes me sad that my family won’t get to be a part of my baby’s lives. I just didn’t know what family. It was like I only cared about my brother. It’s funny how both my families come from lives of crime. Even Sebastian is a criminal. My baby’s own father. He is willing to live that life for me but in the end. It’s the only type of life I know. I ran my hands over my stomach. Sebastian turned in his sleep. I just sighed, I don’t think I was ever going to truly be at peace until I knew the truth. Even if I didn’t feel like I wanted it, and I think the only truth I’m going to believe is going to have to come from Ryder’s mouth. Sebastian will never let me near him. I could talk until I’m blue in the face. It won’t happen.

The next morning after breakfast. Sebastian left to head to town. He needed to reach out to some friends he trusted. I didn’t feel like making the trip into town. Instead, I found a good book and laid out on the porch swing. You ever have that feeling as though you are being watched? I started to feel that way. I sat up a little and took a look around. The only problem was I was surrounded by dents woods. Trees were all I could see. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Sebastian felt like it was time to go. So maybe I was just a little on edge. That’s when I heard her voice. “Anna, please don’t be scared.” There standing alone at the tree line was Aurora. My best friend. At first, all I wanted to do was run into her arms. I had missed her so much, but the realization hit me like bricks. There was no way she was alone.

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