Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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Aurora’s POV,

I walked back down to the first floor where the dinner party was going on. I found Nick lost in conversation standing by the fireplace. While these two girls were throwing themselves at him. I couldn’t blame them. I had a crush on Nick since I was a little girl, but I don’t think he has ever noticed me. I ended up finishing school and had decided to join the gang and help with all the computer technology. I was going to get a normal job and try to have a normal life, but this was what I was born into and I would make way more money with the family than I would at some office.

My father has trained me how to shoot and fight since I was a young girl. I definitely knew how to handle myself. I also respected myself and not to mention the fact that my mother has treated me like a prized possession all my life. I knew of my mother’s ways when she was younger and keeping me far from the boys was a chore she chooses to place on me. my mother and father made sure to send me to an all-girls school. The only problem with that was those girls were worse than the girls from a public school.

I’m not trying to say that I was a slut or anything, but sending me to that school didn’t help. I ended up losing my virginity my second year there and let me tell you it was an experience I didn’t care for. I laid on my back. He climbed on top of me and about two minutes later it was over. That was the first and last time I had done that. I ended up realizing that I didn’t want that type of life and threw myself into my studies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be a prude. I have gone on some dates, but none of them made me feel alive. None of them gave me butterflies or made me feel like I wanted to throw myself at them. I’ve been attracted to men before, but even then they would do something to turn me off.

Nick was a different kind of turn-on. Something told me deep down inside that this man would show me what sex truly was. Only Nick was unattainable. I knew all the rumors about him having a black heart and using women has he pleased. I wasn’t going to just be a notch on his bedpost. I grab myself a glass of wine and joined my father’s side. The one thing I learned fast was that the men involved with this family were all incredible looking. I mean even Nick’s closest men were hot. Ethan was amazing looking but he had too cocky of an attitude. Not really with me, but he thinks he is God’s gift to women. His other man Dwayne was good-looking too, but he was way too quiet for me.

My heart hurt as I kept my eyes on Nick. He wasn’t always this hard. Nick used to be the one with all the feelings. You always heard people telling Nick to toughen up. He cried easily and got his feeling hurt a lot, but Nick had such a sweetheart. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to try and make you feel better. Nick was the type of guy to cry at sappy movies. Those were the things that made me have a crush on him. Now, most people feared him. Nick turned into this dark and cold man. A man with no feelings and a dangerous mind. The loss of his mother and sister, and then what went down with his father changed him.

The last time I spent any time with him was almost seven years ago. Right when everything had happened. He was still kind to me, but I could see the changes starting. My father knew how Nick felt about me and thought my coming out with them might help Nick some. I wasn’t sure what I could do for him, but it didn’t hurt to try. We have all been on the hunt for Anna, but I felt in my heart that more than likening she was dead. None of anything had made since. Even though we all knew the truth about who Anna was. It still didn’t make sense that they would want her. Why? Draco was dead and she had no attachments to anyone else in his gang, but we do as Nick wants. He was our king, our boss, our leader, and our family. Until he gives up. We will all follow him.

“Nick, would you like to help me with something?” The two girls looked at me like I had something gross on my face. I ignored them. Nick nodded at me and made the girls move off of him. I walked towards the kitchen that leads to the back door. The house was full of smoke and I really needed some fresh air. Nick followed me outside and closed the door behind us. I took a seat and just looked at him. “You look good,” I said and he took a seat next to me.

“You are the one that looks good Aurora. It’s been a long time.”

“I know and I’m sorry for that. I have been very busy.”

“Yes, I heard. I’m proud of you. I’m also glad you chose to stay with us.”

“You know I meant to talk to you about that. My pay, you pay me more than I think you should.”

“You think I give you too much money?”

“I do.”

“But I pay you what I think is fair.”

“Do you now?” He just nodded at me.

“I won’t take money from you Aurora, so don’t even ask.” I knew that subject was over.

“How are you doing? I’m surprised you still let me call you Nick.” I watched him suck his teeth.

“You are the only one I allow to do so. That won’t change. I’m okay things have been going smoothly. I can’t complain.”

“Yes, but how are you. Not the job, you.”

“I told you I’m okay.” I could see him getting upset and I didn’t want to push him. Not that I thought he would ever hurt me, but I still didn’t want to push him.

“Okay, calm your panties.” I almost laughed at the face he made when I said that. “Maybe while I’m here we can spend some time together? I miss you, Nick.”

“I have missed you too. I don’t see why we can’t.”

“Maybe we can hang out and watch some movies and pig out on junk food?” He cracked a smile and laughed a little more.

“Are you trying to get me to watch some sentimental romance bullshit?”

“Maybe if you’re lucky.”

“Lucky? I don’t call that lucky. I might be able to work some things out and spend some time with you.” I smiled at him.

“You know you want to hang out with me. I’m a blast to be with.”

“I don’t doubt that Aurora.” The way he said that sent a chill of excitement through my body and I had no idea where that came from. “You truly tuned out to be a beautiful woman.” I cocked my head at him.

“Are you flirting with me?” Nick sat up and moved closer to me.

“And what if I was?” He said so close to my face. I could have moved an inch and our lips would have met.

“Stop it, Nick,” I said knowing he was playing with me.

“And if I don’t?” I kept my eyes on his. He stood up and backed up just a little.

“I’m not the girl for you Nick.” He didn’t say anything. He only looked at me for a moment. It was almost like he didn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth. I knew Nicolas, you knew who he used to be. I had to learn this new man that stood in front of me. I knew all the rumors. I knew what a playboy he had become. Only I didn’t know he would try and come on to me. Not that I wasn’t curious, but I wasn’t going to be just a notch on his bedpost. I couldn’t let him use me. I was here to help him. Here to try and bring some of the old Nicolas back. Only I think I’m going to be in over my head with him. Sex dripped off this man and his attitude only made him more attractive to the weak woman he brought to his bed.

“I’m sorry Aurora. I was only playing.” I eyed him for a moment wondering if this was a game to him.

“Don’t you have a few women waiting on you?”

“Does that bother you?”

“Not really, but when it falls off. Can I call you Nikki?”

“You think you’re funny now?” He asked crossing his arms. I had to look away while I giggled some. “You can always join if you want to.”

“Gross Nick, I don’t mess with hoes.” Nicolas tilted his head a little and licked his teeth.

“How do you know their hoes?” That time I tilted my head at him and gave him a very Sarcastic look. He smiled and shook his head. “Hoes give the best head.” I rolled my eyes.

“You only know that because you only fuck with hoes. You should try a real woman. Maybe that would change your mind.”

“Is that an offer?”

“I think you have had too much to drink.”

“I don’t drink much Aurora. I’m completely clear-headed, princess.”

“Princess? That’s new.”

“It’s what you are. You should try being a little more open-minded. Maybe you could remove the stick from your ass.” My mouth fell open as I watched his ass walk back inside. Nicolas was a new man. A man whose ass I wanted to kick. This was going to be hard trying to be here for him. This was only going to go one of two ways. Either I was going to fuck him up. Or I was going to fuck his brains out. One way or the other I was screwed.

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