Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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Anna’s POV,

“My toes are huge.”

“Did you just say your toes are huge?” I heard Sebastian yell out from the kitchen.


“Babe, I’m sure your toes are just fine.”

“Nope, they are huge and only going to get bigger.” I could hear some slight laughter. “Don’t laugh at me. You’re going to leave my big toed ass.” I said as a tear fell from my eye. This is how most days have been going. I seem to cry over everything and I hated it. Sebastian stuck his head in and then he just smiled at me.

“I’ll never leave your big toed butt. How about I give your feet a good rub while you eat your ice cream.” My eyes lit up.

“Did Nick bring ice cream?” Sebastian laughed as he came into the room with a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream. He handed over the bowl and then sat between my legs and started to rub my huge feet. After the third bite of ice cream. I looked at Sebastian and started to cry. He shook his head at me.

“Why are you crying?”

“Because you are so sweet to me.” He just smiled and kissed my toes. I scrunched my nose at him. “And I love my ice cream and my brother,” I said with a mouth full.

“Aurora came with him this morning and also brought you some dresses.” I hated it when they had to come out here early in the mornings. Sebastian would never wake me and I would miss their visit. Sebastian was just looking at me as I took the last bite of my ice cream. “Are you feeling better?” I nodded at him as he took the bowl and set it down. Then he started to rub my legs and I laid back and closed my eyes. His hands were moving closer and closer to my inner thighs. I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face, I knew what he was up to. Closer and closer as his fingers started to touch the cotton panties that covered my sex. Little moans escaped my mouth as he was now focusing on removing my panties. Still, I kept my eyes shut and no words came from my mouth. I lifted just enough for him to remove them. His hands traveled up my thighs as he spread them apart. Then his hands went under my ass as he pulled me forward. “Now I’m really going to make you feel good.”

As he spoke those words I felt his head move between my thighs until his sweet tongue found my already wet core. I gripped the couch praying the guards were outside. My mouth fell into an O shape as I moaned out his name. His fingers were gripping the flesh on my legs. My hands were now on his head as I pushed him down. I’ve become a little rough with Sebastian ever since I got pregnant. It’s like I can’t get him deep enough or I lay there teetering on the edge while I beg him to be harder on me. I can hear the sloping noises coming from him as I know I’m getting wetter. “Damnit.” He breaths out as I know this turns him on. He sits up with his face glistening in the light and lust has filled his eyes. He licks his lips as he pulls me closer to him. I watch as he pulls his shirt off and starts to undo his pants. This man is a god and he is all mine.

Before I can even finish my thoughts. He grabs me hard and slams his cock deep inside of me. I’m now lost and have become his submissive. Screaming out his name with each thrust. He grips my thighs hard and it only pushes me over the edge. I can feel my side running down my legs as Sebastian tosses his head back and let’s put a hard growing noise and then falls back on his knees. I lay there with a smile on my face and a small giggle escapes my lips. He gently places kisses on my legs as he starts to clean me up. “This just won’t do.” He says and he picks me up and takes me up to our bedroom, naked no less. He sets me down and goes to start me a bath.

“I love you.” He stops and looks at me.

“I love you too baby.” Then he winks at me and my heart grows.

Nicolas’s POV,

I watch the guards walk the property from my office window. It’s been almost a week since Michelle showed up here claiming to be carrying my child. Aurora hasn’t left my bed but she barely says anything to me. Michelle on the other hand has been using Aurora ever since she got here. Aurora won’t listen when I try and tell her what Michelle is up to.

I hear my office door open and I turn to see Ethan come walking in. “You got a minute?” I nodded at him. “I was talking with a friend and you don’t have to wait until that baby is born to find out if it’s yours or not.” I snapped my head at him.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I hissed out.

“I’m not completely sure, but there are tests that can be done now to tell you if it’s yours or not.”

“Get is an appointment now.” I snapped and Ethan nodded his head and started to head out of the room. Ryder came crashing in before Ethan could leave.

“Where is she, Nicolas?” I looked at my father like he was nuts.

“What? Who?”

“Anna.” He snapped. I looked at Ethan and then back to my father.

“How the hell did you know?” I snapped. He took a deep breath.

“Is she safe?” I just looked at him. “My man on the inside has just gotten ahold of me. Anna has run off and now her uncle is moving in on us. They think we have taken her and are hiding her. Tell me what you have done?”

“Relax father, they won’t find her.”

“Nick, how can you be so stupid as to go in alone after her?”

“She left them on her own. I found her after she took off.” My father stood there and you could tell the wheels in his head were turning.

“Where is she?”

“No way, look this is going to be hard for you to hear but she is very scared of you. She is also very pregnant.” Ryder’s eyes got huge. Then he shook his head.

“I need to know that where you have her is safe.” I snickered.

“Trust me no one is going to find her. Not even you. She has been lead to believe that you had her taken and hurt, and I don’t just mean beat up. She has been through hell. You can’t just show yourself to her.”

“She is my daughter. I would never hurt her.” Ryder snapped.

“I know dad, but you have to give her time. If it wasn’t for the brainwashing she has been given. She would be here with us.” I could see the pain in his eyes.

“Is she okay?” He asked softly.

“She is more than okay. She is healthy and beautiful. She looks just like mom.” Ryder closed his eyes. Ethan stepped out of the room. I walked over to my father. “We need to give her time. She will remember how good you were to her and she will know you had nothing to do with hurting her.”

“You think so? I miss her so much.” I reached out and touched his shoulder.

“I promise to tell her how you feel.”

“They are looking for her. You need to keep her safe. We also need to up our security. They believe we have her.” All of this was becoming just too much. Anna and Michelle, and then Aurora. The women in my life we’re driving me crazy. I could only deal with one at a time and I was about to take Michelle out. Ryder and I started to head out of my office when the scream of the alarms started to go off. “Fuck.” I heard my father yell out.

“How the fuck did they find us already?” I hissed out.

“These people are good,” Ryder said.

“I have to get to Aurora,” I said as the sound of gunshots started to go off. Both Ryder and I pulled our guns. I started to run out as my father grabbed me. I looked at him. “Aurora,” I said.

“She knows what to do if this happens. You will get yourself killed.”

“Fuck.” I yelled. “Come on, you watch my back, and ill watch yours.” Ryder nodded at me and we started to head out. As soon as we took a step out of the office. We felt the bombs go off and then the house started to fall.

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