Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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“And second of all, no I am not.” I crossed my arms.

“Are you sure about that? I mean you have been having mood swings.” Aurora’s face was becoming red and Anna just sat there with a huge grin on her face. “What’s that smile for?”

“No reason,” Anna said and moved closer to Sebastian, but kept that smile on her face. Sebastian only looked at Anna. Aurora stood up and grabbed my arm and made me follow her to the hallway.

“Why would you say something like that in front of everyone?”

“Look Aurora if you are just tell me.”

“If I was don’t you think I would tell you? I wouldn’t keep something like that from you.”

“Then why have you been acting all crazy the last couple of days?”

“What are you even talking about? You mean me wanted to be near you?”

“Well yeah, like more than normal. I have work to do and you get mad every time I leave you.” Aurora just shook her head.

“I can’t help that I’m in love with you, and maybe you are a little right. I see how much Anna and Sebastian love each other and with their new baby. It just makes me want to be close to you.” I moved her closer to me and kissed her lips.

“We will be having our own love story baby. I promise you.”

“I’m sorry if I have been being too clingy, but I’m not pregnant.” I took a deep breath. There’s no one in The whole world that I would want to be the mother of my children besides Aurora. I just wasn’t ready for them now. I wanted to do her right and marry her first. Show her that I can give her the world. Then and only then, do I want to see her grow my baby’s inside of her. I moved closer to her and pressed my lips to hers. “If you are not careful, I won’t let you work today either.” She said with a smile on her lips.

“Maybe I’m okay with that.” She wrapped her arms around me and I took her to our bedroom.

“I say we need to go in and attack soon.” My father was on his phone with his inside man. Time was passing by and we were all getting restless. My father’s inside man had informed us they were moving in close and I didn’t want an attack on this house. Not with everyone inside that I cared about. We had decided it was time and we had forty men going in. We had to travel away from home and ended up moving the woman and children into a small safe house. With having only limited security. I needed to make sure they were safe so it was weighing heavily on my mind.

My sister Anna, was having a hard time with Sebastian leaving her. I understood only because he hasn’t ever left her, but he was now one of us and knew things when it came to Cane and his men. We needed him. Aurora of course was mad but she didn’t keep the argument up to long before she was in my arms until we finally left. I needed for this to be over.

The flight wasn’t long and everyone was pretty much quiet the whole trip. I knew this was all weighing heavily on their minds. These people are good and Sebastian has given us plenty of warnings. Come to find out they have a safe house just outside of Houston Texas. It’s not a safe house anymore and we will be hitting them at 3 am. Once we arrived in Houston. We all meet up at a secret hotel get everything in order and head for sleep. Only I can’t sleep. My mind is going a million miles and all I can do is pray this goes in our favor.

The alarm goes off and I feel like shit. I’ve been asleep for maybe two hours. We all meet in the basement of the hotel. Dressed in all black, guns are being loaded and locked. Bombs are being moved around. Face paint is being placed on. Eight black vans are being loaded with men and weapons. My father, Ryder Dankworth sitting to my left. Ethan and Sebastian to my right. My woman’s father and my father’s best friend Jason, behind us. All men important to me in some way shape or form. We all stayed quiet as we approached the safe house sitting in the middle of nowhere. We stop as the first van takes out any and all security at the front gate. This had to be done properly as we had to make sure this security couldn’t raise awareness to the house security. If they are able to alert anyone. The whole plan is ruined and we have to run. We wait until the call that all is cleared.

Success, my father and I get the clear and we park the vans and now head out on foot. My body is covered in guns and grenades. This is a no one left alive mission. My men are placing bombs all around the property as a last resort. Once we have gone inside and killed everyone. We get out fast and set the bombs. The only glitch in our plans is to capture Cane and bring him with us. I was against this, but it’s the plan.

As soon as we hit the inside of the house. My men get into action. Alarms start to go off and we move fast. Bullets are flying everywhere and I have never seen so many men fighting back. Going in and out of rooms shooting and blood going everywhere. Bright lights are flashed making it harder to seen anyone. No one has found Cane yet. Orders are to call when someone has found him. We make our way up the stairs. He has to be here somewhere and I know he knows we’re here. We come around the corner with my guns drawn. There are four men in the hallway leading someone away. “DON’T MOVE!” I hollered out. The men all stop and turn to face us. The one in the middle was an older man. In a silk robe and my stomach turned as I knew this man was Cane. Guns were pointed at us but they were outnumbered.

Then one of his guards turned the gun on Cane and I knew this was my father’s, inside man. The other two guards dropped their guns like the cowards they are, but as they tried to run. We shot them in the heads and they dropped. The call was made that Came was caught. Bombs were going off all around us as we fled the property. “Cane rides with me.” My father yelled as Cane’s head was covered and shoved into our van. I knew my father would be the one to deal with Cane after everything he has put our family through.

Cane layer on the floor of the van and wasn’t saying shit. Ethan and I were checking in with our men. We came in forty and we’re leaving with under thirty. “Where is Sebastian?” I called out as a sinking feeling hit my heart.

“Nicolas we have to move!” My father hollered. I pulled the mask off my head and started to yell out. God please, I said to myself. She has already suffered enough. I looked at my father and took off to the other vans. Screaming Sebastian’s name. Instantly my thoughts went to my sister before we left.

“Promise me, Nick? Promise me you will bring him home?” I kissed her head and held her.

“I promise you Sebastian will be safe. He is strong and knows what he is doing. You have nothing to worry about. He is a soldier and he loves you.” I watched as she smiled at me and walked over to Sebastian who was kissing his daughter goodbye. I knew Sebastian would be good. Sebastian pulled his little family into his arms. I smiled to myself and told myself and prayed for our safe return.

Now I found myself running around looking for him. I came to the first van. The men said no. The second van was the same. The house was falling apart in fire and dust. There wasn’t going to be anything left. I could feel my world falling apart with it. “Nicolas get your ass in the van. We have to go now!” Ethan yelled at me.

“No, Ethan. I promised her. I have to find him!” That’s when I felt hands on my body and I was being pulled into the van. I was fighting with everything I had. Until I heard the door slam and the vans took off.

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