Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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Anna’s POV,

Is stepped towards my uncle not feeling any remorse at the moment. I needed to hear it from his mouth. “Is it true?” I asked as anger dropped from my lips.

“Depends Izzy, what have they told you.” I knew my father’s anger was running wild. Nick stood near the door with his arms crossed.

“They told me it was all you. You had that man rape me over and over for a year. You had my mother killed. You did all that just to pull me from them and have me for yourself. Tell me it was true!” I ended up screaming out. Cane coughed and spit blood to the floor. He looked at me with a smile on his disgusting face.

“Your mother was a bitch whore that my brother was obsessed with. She deserved to die. Draco gave your mother everything just as I have done for you, and you turned out to be just as worthless as your mother.” All I saw was anger.

“Why? You treated me with love?”

“Yes, I did, because your family and you let me. I took you from them because you belonged to us.”

“But you had me hurt?”

“I needed you to believe they were against you, but your just a lost cause like your mother. Can never be trusted.” Ryder came up behind me and punched Cane in his face. Blood hit the floor and Canes head flew back. “Just kill me already you son of a bitch!” Cane hollered out. I could feel my hands shaking. I turned in a flash and grabbed a knife off the table and jumped on Cane has I stabbed him over and over until I felt hands lift me off of him and hold me back. Tears poured down my face and blood covered my hands and body.

“You’ll never hurt me or my family again. I hope you see my mother in hell and she fucks your world!” I screamed out. The room fell quiet and all I heard was my father telling the men to clean everything up. It was over and Cane was now dead. Along with all his men. Nick pulled me in front of him and grabbed the sides of my face.

“Anna, look at me.” I did as he asked. “Are you okay?” I nodded without saying a word.

“Can we live our lives now?” I asked in almost a whisper. Nick smiled at me.

“Yes, it’s all over now.”


Nicolas’s POV,

“Good morning wife,” I say as my beautiful woman turns over in the bed and looks at me. Her curly blond hair is a mess all over her face. She is naked wrapped in a sheet. The look of sex and desire was written all over her face.

“Good morning husband.” She says with a giggle.

“How did you sleep?”

“Amazing after you put me to sleep last night.”

“I had to make sure our honeymoon night was a good one.”

“Mmmm and it was.” She said while I watched her stretch her body out. She is so beautiful. I bit my lip wanting to claim her body over and over.

The next month after Cane died was a bit of a rough one. Thinking things were going to get better only showed them not to be. Anna struggled with what had happened and ended up needed therapy, but just as I thought she got over it and moved on. My sister is a strong woman. I will always give her that. The night she married Sebastian was a huge celebration and when things calmed down that night. I ask Aurora to marry me by the moonlight off the ocean. With Anna and Sebastian moved out into a place of their own and Anna pregnant with her second child. Aurora and I married by the ocean behind the main house. We flew that night to Rio.

My father Ryder has remained home with his family. He has completely stepped down but still helps when he can. My father hasn’t let anyone close to him after my mother. We all thought for a while that he had but she needed up disappearing and my father explained that he just didn’t have room in his heart for another. Instead, he has become one of the best grandfathers I know and spend his time with his granddaughter. He is excited to meet Anna’s next daughter. I swear she is pumping out girls on purpose. The last thing I heard was she wanted a large family and I think Sebastian is secretly looking to get a vasectomy. I laugh at that one willing to pay and see my sister’s reaction to that.

All in all things with the Business and family have been running smoothly since the world now knows who runs shit. We are a force to be reckoned with. With family values that we take pride in. The only thing missing is my sweet mother. It still hurts to know she is not here to witness how we all are growing but I know she watches over us. I know she loved us with all she had and had given all the fight she could. I just hope she is proud.

“Nick?” I rolled back over as Aurora came freshly showered out of the bathroom.

“Yes, baby?” I said getting ready to make my way to the shower myself.

“I have a Last-minute present to give you.”

“Oh yeah, and what is it?” She handed me a small little gift bag.

“I wanted to give this to you at our reception, but I decided to wait and do this just between us.” I started to open the bag and took a seat on the edge of the bed. There was a ton of tissue paper and I started to pull it all out. Something hard hit the floor. I reached down and pulled the little test up off the ground. I looked at it and then at Aurora who looked a little scared. It told me she was carrying our baby. My eyes lit up and I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms.

“Is this real?” I asked her and she nodded at me. “I love you, my Queen,” I said as I crashed my lips to hers. “How long have you known?”

“A little over a month. It was so hard to keep it a secret, but you and I are the only ones that know. Your not upset?”

“No way, I’m excited.” I kissed her again and picked her ass up and took her back to the bed. I didn’t know how or why I deserved the precious things in my life. I didn’t think of myself as a good man. I wasn’t given a choice on how I was going to live, but I would give up a damn thing and now my life was just getting better. Aurora and I spent the next week enjoying ourselves before it was time to head back home. The last couple of nights were mostly spent in our room that faced the ocean with just a small walk to the shore. Aurora and I just wanted to be with each other. I knew she was just as excited to get home and tell everyone our good news as I was.

The flight home was a long one and Aurora spent most of it asleep. I spent most of my time just watching her and being thankful for my blessed gifts in life. I don’t think I have even been as happy as I am at this moment. The only thing I can think of is how much I will protect them with my life. If anyone so much as tries to even think of hurting them. I will tear their worlds apart.

The SUVs are waiting for us as our plane pulls in. Aurora and I climb inside and headed home to our loved ones. It’s late and we are sure no one will even be awake. Aurora has set up a huge family breakfast so that we can share our news with them. Has I thought, the house was dark and Aurora and I quietly made our way to our bedroom. The next morning the kitchen was alive with too much noise and if it wasn’t for Aurora might have gotten up and shot everyone. “Come on husband, they are waiting for us.”

“Just give me five more minutes,” I said rolling over and pulling the blankets up over my head.

“Fine, then I’m going to tell them all without you.”


“What was that?”

“I’m coming wife.”

“That’s what I thought. You have five minutes.” I grunted as I moved from the comfort of my own bed, and hit the shower. I made my way down to the kitchen and everyone was there laughing and smiling. I was so happy things in our world were nice and quiet.

“Finally, sleepyhead.” I hear my sister say.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said as I made my way over for the coffee that smelled amazing. Aurora moved next to me and kissed me.

“Can I tell them?” She asked quietly. I wink at her a nodded my head. This woman turns around and yells.

“I’m pregnant!” For crying out loud. All I could do was shake my head.

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