Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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One year later...

Our twin boys decided to come on a stormy night. We were having Hurricane warnings when their stubborn asses decided now was the time. Roads were blocked and people were stuck in their homes. It was taking emergency assistance hours to reach anybody. Luckily we have a storm cellar in our basement but that didn’t help needing a doctor, and our personal doctor didn’t live in the home. I just knew we were screwed. Aurora, being the strong woman that she was. Was doing her best to keep it together.

Right before the storm hit. Anna, Sebastian, and the kids made it to the main house with us. Now we were all stuck and my babies were coming. I was going to drive her to the hospital myself but everyone stopped me letting me know that if the ambulance couldn’t get us what made me think I could get to them? I felt powerless and that did nothing but piss me off.

“Here comes another one.” She cried out. My sister was doing her best to play doctor. She has been through this twice and she was our best bet at the moment. Anna pulled me aside.

“I know I can’t get them out of her, but they will need medical assistance. Something I can’t do.”

“I don’t know what to do Anna?” She took a deep breath as Aurora was hit with pain again. Each one of her cries was like little knives to my heart. As the night went on the Hurricane grew stronger. Anna had set up two beds for the babies with a heater close to them. Aurora was now laid in a bed trying her best not to push but they were coming whether we liked it or not.

Dalton was the first to come into the world. He was screaming his little head off. I took him and did my best to clean him up as my second son Logan came quietly. He was good and we were all doing our best to care for them. I couldn’t believe the love that filled my heart as soon as I saw them. About an hour after the boys were here. Ethan and our personal doctor came walking into the Cellar. Ethan had taken it upon himself to go to the doctor’s home and bring him here. I’ll always be grateful for him. Two strong healthy boys were gifted to me that night.

I didn’t know what fatherhood was going to be like and even though Aurora threatened to divorce me on a daily basis. I still loved her with everything I had in me. She became an amazing mom. Watching her and my sister with the children made my heart grow in size. My father, Ryder was in bless. His life was his grandchildren.

Twenty-two years later...

My father made it into his late seventies. When he finally passed away. He lived a good life and the night before he passed. He was happy, happy that he was going to be with my mother. Our family has grown over the years. My sister Anna has three daughters. Abigail, Chloe, and her youngest Jules. Aurora and I only had the twins. My boys are now twenty-two years old and Dalton will be the one to take my place. He is a natural-born leader. His brother Logan, well if he has his way. Doesn’t want to be a part of our Business. No matter what he chooses he will always be a part of the family. But he is headed off to college in California.

Ethan had finally found a woman he fell in love with about eleven years ago. What he didn’t know was she was one of his one-night stands who piped upon us one day with a ten-year-old girl she was claiming belonged to him. Come to find out it was true and at first, Ethan was angry he didn’t know his kid for the first ten years of her life, but as time went on and he did everything for the two of them that he could. He fell in love with Wendy. At first, Wendy wasn’t having it and boy did she piss Ethan off. We all loved it. Everyone loved Wendy and the fact that she kept Ethan on his toes. Serves him right if you ask me. Their daughter, Charity is the only child they have together. The new leaders were of age now and my son was going to rule them all.

“Dad... dad?”

“What in the hell do you want?”

“We have a damn meeting this morning.”

“I know you’re not cussing around me.”

“Sorry ma, but dad is late again.”

“How the hell are you up so damn early...”

“ language.”

“For crying out loud.” My son starts to laugh.

“I’m glad my butt isn’t the only one she gets after.” I roll my eyes.

“It’s her ass...”

“That’s it I’m up.” Aurora flings the covers off her and heads for the shower.

“Damn it, woman, I have a meeting.”

“Well, you can start with washing your mouth out.” She hollers from behind the bathroom door. I look at my son who just stands there with a smudged look on his face.

“What are you looking at? Why don’t you go find your little girlfriend.”

“Hey shut up, that’s supposed to be a secret.” I rolled my eyes again. “Where’s your brother?”

“ probably off with his nose in a book.”

“I swear that kid,” I said shaking my head. “Tell everyone I’ll be there in twenty minutes,” I said and marched my way into the bathroom.

“So what’s going on?” I asked as I enter my office and face my most trusted men.

“Actually nothing,” Ethan speaks up. I sit in my office knowing the days are counting down and I will retire passing all this over to my kids. I watch as we all engage in conversations that will soon end with new beginnings. I take a deep breath grateful that we have all made it this far and have family’s of our own now to watch grow up. I hope for my son’s sake that their lives aren’t too hard, but growing up in this life they will have their own enemies to overcome and I pray they have been taught well and will rise above anything thrown at them. I’m looking forward to stepping down and enjoying the rest of my life with my wife and hopefully my own grandchildren someday.

For now, I let my son Dalton run things to see if it’s his time or not. I wouldn’t be far from him when I step down. I’ll always be around to help him whenever he needs me, but I think my son is a natural leader and will do amazing things. I believe that with his brother as well. Just in a different way. Both my boys are good strong men. I smile to myself as I watch them all talk and work things out together. I spin my chair around to look out at the ocean. Still grateful and feeling blessed. Not today but one day. It will be their time and my sun will set. For now, I just sit back and enjoy what life has given me.


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