Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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It’s been over seven years and the pictures we had of this girl. Did look like what she might look like today. Still, it wasn’t a for sure hit, but we had to check it out. The pictures were taken in London. We left the next morning. Aurora has decided to come with us. We haven’t had a chance to talk. Since we kissed and it’s almost like she has been avoiding me. She told me she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for me. Maybe she is regretting the kiss. She has placed herself in the back of the jet. With her nose in a book. I’ve wanted to go and sit with her, but I don’t want to push it.

I decided until we knew for sure about Anna. That only a few of us would go to London. If it’s her I will call more men in. What fucks with me is the fact that the photos were taken in a public place. That shows me she is free to do as she pleases. If it’s her of course. Why wouldn’t she run? Or at least contact us? I’m confused and I really don’t know what we’re walking into. Ethan, Dwayne, Jason, and two other men of mine plus Aurora. Our the only ones going.

“Did you do something to piss off my daughter?” Jason leans over and asks.

“I don’t think so.”

“You know she would kill me if I ever said something, but she had a huge crush on you when you guys were kids.” I just smiled at him and glanced over at Aurora. She was sound asleep and we still had hours to go. She didn’t look comfortable. I walked over to her and picked her up into my arms. She mumbled something I couldn’t make out and then her arms wrapped around my neck. I turned and everyone was looking at me with smiles on their faces. I rolled my eyes and took her into the private cabin. I laid her down on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

“Stay with me.” I heard her soft voice say. I sighed and crawled into the bed next to her. She rolled over and laid her head on my chest. Within seconds she was back to lightly snoring. My fingers were running through her hair. My mind was running full speed. I was nervous about the possibility of finding my sister, but also nervous about what we would find out about her. The other thing that had me in a ball of nerves was the woman in my arms. Women have never been a problem for me. I knew how to handle a woman. Only Aurora wasn’t just some girl I was fucking with. This one had me questioning everything constantly. I knew without a doubt that I had some type of feelings for her. I just didn’t know how to place them. Or even want to do about them. She told me that she didn’t feel that way about me, but that kiss told me something different. I guess this would be something for me to worry about after I find my sister.

I woke up to the jet hitting some turbulence. The cabin was now dark. Only a few lights were on to light your way. Aurora was still asleep in my arms. I was trying to figure out how to move out of this bed without waking her up. I shifted a little and then she moved her head to look up at me. Even in the little light that we had. Her face was beautiful while she smiled up at me. I couldn’t help myself as I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She didn’t stop me or move away from me. She only deepened the kiss. Then she moved herself up onto me and I wrapped my arms around her. She stopped only for a moment to catch her breath. My fingers were now on her skin of her hips. I traced the line along with her pants. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” She said in a whisperer. I moved my head and kissed her again. Our tongues danced together and all I wanted was to flip her over and take full advantage of her. She sat herself up and was fully straddling me. My hands still on her hips. I watched as she reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. I stay quiet waiting for her next move. Her large breast bounced, tucked perfectly into her bra. Fuck, she is amazing looking. I knew she could feel my hard cock stuck in my pants looking for a way out. I only wished to know just how wet she was. I knew we both wanted each other. She bent back down and met my lips with hers.

“What are you doing princess?”

“Whatever I want.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” As soon as those words left her mouth. I flipped her over and started to kiss down her chest. She giggled just a little and I loved the sound of it. I lifted her bra up and took hold of one of her breasts. Aurora wasn’t lacking in the breast department. As I licked her hard nipple she let out a moan. It drove me wild and I couldn’t wait to taste her. I moved down to her leggings and pulled them down to her ankles. I kept them there to prevent her from moving around too much. I was about to devour her and I didn’t want her to move. I went back to that beautiful mound of hers. I looked up and she was biting her lower lip.

I licked my lips as I push my tongue between her wet lips. I found that sweet little bud of hers. She was quiet and I was the only one who could hear her moans and calls. My hands griped into her flesh as I couldn’t get enough of her taste. I knew she was close as her thighs started to get tighter around my head. Her hands held my head in place as her juices covered my chin. I stood up and started to remove my pants and shirt. She got on her knees and moved closer to me. I watched as she sat down on the bed in front of me. She pulled my boxers down and took a hold of me. She looked up at me through her long lashes and then she winked at me as her beautiful mouth went around my cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She sucked my cock like a pro. Pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Her mouth made a popping noise as I pulled out of her mouth. I grabbed my pants and pulled a condom out. She laid back on the bed and finished removing her clothes. I stood there just for a moment looking at her beautiful body.

Aurora didn’t have the typical small-shaped body that I was used to. She had curves in all the right places and skin to grip on to perfectly. I was infatuated with her and she was perfect. I crawled back onto the bed. Making sure to kiss and lick her skin as I moved my way back up to her lips. Her nails dig into my flesh as I pushed deep inside of her. Her pussy gripped my cock as I plunged in and out of her. Fuck, she felt so good that if I wasn’t careful I’d bust all inside of her immediately. She rocked her hips with every thrust I gave her. “I’ve wanted you so badly.” She whispered out. It only drove me over the edge.

I grabbed her feet and pulled her legs up to my shoulders. I held them in place as I hit her harder with my hips. She was doing everything she could to stay quiet. Even I was growling out. I pulled out of her. “Get on your knees for me princess.” She immediately obeyed me. I slammed into her again. I leaned forward and took a handful of her hair. I pulled just a little as I smack her ass a few times and it only fueled her fire. More wetness surrounded my cock. “So you like it rough?”

“Yes.” I bent forward and in her ear, I growled.

“Good.” I slammed into her harder as my hand went around her throat. “No one else will touch you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Nick, I’m all yours.” Harder and harder I slammed into her until she yelled out and I lost it. We both laid next to each other trying to catch our breath. We were both quiet. I waited to feel that normal feeling I get just after I’ve had a woman. You know the one where your ready to be away from them? Only that wasn’t the feeling I was feeling at that moment. All I wanted to do was pull her into my arms and then fuck her some more, but then again she surprised me. She got up and put her clothes back on. She looked at me and then left the cabin. What the fuck just happened?

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