Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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Anna’s POV,

“Let’s make this clear I will only marry you on one condition.” Sebastian smiled at me.

“And what’s that Izzy?” He bit his lip looking down at me.

“You promise to dominate me like this all the time.”

I said giggling.

“You already said yes. I don’t have to promise you anything.” I put my bottom lip out at him. He smiled and bent down and he bit my lip. “You will always know that you belong to me. Trust me, you won’t question it.” I smiled and our lips met.

“Why do you always have to bring them up?” I snapped at my uncle Cane. “You know I will never return to them. All they are is liars and they will kill me. I belong here with my real family.”

“I know Darlan. I just want to make sure.” I sighed I did miss my family, but I can’t trust them. I have hidden out all these years and never once have my mother or father came looking for me. I guess I truly was just a thorn in the sides of my fake parents. My fake family. The family that betrayed me. I couldn’t believe the things I had learned about them, and to find out they killed my father and took me from him. Still to this day blows my mind. My real uncle takes care of me and my family here loves me. the fear of them finding me is too strong.

“I have a wedding to plan uncle.” He nodded at me.

“Go be with your girls. I’m so happy you and Sebastian are so happy.” I smiled and kissed my uncle’s cheek. “Have a good day Izzy.”

“Thank you,” I yelled out as I took off to the living room. I felt someone grab my waist and pull me into a closet. His lips devoured mine and he pushed me up against the wall. “You know we don’t have to hide like this anymore?” I said in between kisses.

“It’s still fun baby girl.” His lips kissed all down my neck. The wetness was building between my legs.

“Sebastian.” I hissed out. “ Lori and Eve are waiting for me.”

“I don’t care baby.” He started to lift my skirt.

“Sebastian you’re driving me crazy.”

“Good, because I fucking want you and I’m going to have you.” Fuck me, I said to myself. He pulled my panties to the side and drove deep into me. His hand covered my mouth to muffle my moans. I gripped onto the wall the best I could while he brought me to ecstasy. “Fuck...” he hissed out.

“Sebastian, don’t stop...” He started to pound me harder. I just knew if anyone walked by they would hear us. My hands went around his neck. “More baby, keep fucking me.” Sebastian’s head flew back and he released a deep growl. The sweat pooled down his face.

“I fucking love you so much.” He whispered into my ear. I giggled and pushed at him.

“Now you have made me late,” I said with a smile. His hands still gripped my ass. He tilted my head up and kissed me again.

“I don’t give a shit. When I want you. I’ll take you. You are mine.” I couldn’t help but smile. I met Sebastian when I first got here with my uncle. Since the night my parents had me kidnapped and I was raped and tortured for over a year. I was saved by my real family. My uncle and his men finally found me. My life has been mostly depressed. A deep depression that I fell into when I found out the truth about my mother and my pretend father Ryder Dankworth. Sebastian became my light at the end of the tunnel.

Sebastian is older than me by ten years and has worked with my uncle for years. It started out as simple and innocent flirting. I was the one who started it. My uncle constantly left Sebastian to watch over me and care for me. He made me feel safe and not afraid of Ryder ever finding me. When I finally gave in and made a move. Sebastian did everything he could to not let it happen. He was Afraid that my uncle would never approve. Or would have him killed. Honestly, I was worried about the same thing. But my attraction to him was just too strong. Three years ago was in it started between us.

I never did anything too drastic, but I also made sure he knew how I felt about him, and with that accent of his. I was always putty at his feet. The night he gave into me was the hottest night I have ever experience. I’ll never forget that stormy night when the power went out and we were the only ones in the house. Not something that ever happened. I got scared immediately. Sebastian moved closer to me. I can’t remember a time when I was ever scared, but fear took over all my strength the night I was pulled from my own bed. Fear lives inside me constantly. It’s crippling and something that I have to live with now.

Sebastian pulled me into his arms and the fear started to go away. He is my rock and I knew he had to be mine. “There’s nothing to be scared of baby girl. It’s just a power outage and your not alone.” He whispered to me. Lightning struck and the next thing I knew. I was in his lap. “If I didn’t know any better Izzy I would say you planned this.”

“Do you want me to move?” I asked him. I knew for a fact that he was struggling with this. Whether he liked it or not I could feel his arousal. I knew he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. He was breathing hard and he said nothing as he just watched me in the dark. “Do you want me, Sebastian?”

“Yes Izzy, I want you more than you will ever know.”

“Then fucking just take me already.” That was all it took. His lips finally crashed into mine. He was everything I had hoped for and more. He took me all night long and when the sun finally rose. I was tangled in him and we both opened our eyes and just smiled. Then the fare hit us and we took off. For the first year. We did everything we could to hide it. I have to admit it was very fun hiding from everyone. The places and predicaments we got ourselves into were nothing but a rush. Sebastian’s favorite hiding place was in the closet. Things always got very heated in there and even after everybody knew the truth he still likes to pull me into the closet.

It was my uncle who actually caught us in the act. We both thought for sure that day was going to be Sebastian‘s last. Sebastian was the one who calmed me down and told me we had to face him and tell him how they both felt. He is so brave and I knew he knew it was going to be bad. Once we dressed and he calmed me down. We went in search of my uncle. Surprisingly, my uncle was happy for the two of us.

The only thing that annoyed my uncle was now that everybody knew about me and Sebastian. It was hard to keep us apart and Sebastian still had to work. I giggle to myself to think about the times when the men were having meetings and I was in Sebastian’s lap making it hard for him to focus. After about four times of this happening. I wasn’t allowed in the meeting room any more. Now it’s been three years and I’m going to be his wife.

“Go on baby girl and do your girl things.” He said and smacked my ass as I let the closet.

“You have to be kidding me?” I heard Lori say. I turned and Lori and Eve stood down the hall with their arms crossed.

“What?” I asked trying to look innocent.

“Awwww I think it’s cute,” Eve said.

“Shut up.” Lori snapped. I started to laugh. “Don’t you laugh. You kept us waiting while you’re in the closet being dirty.” Just then Sebastian walks out of the closet with a smile on his face.

“Ladies.” He says and walks away. Jerk, I say to myself.

“Really?” Lori snaps. Again I can’t help but laugh.

“Come on,” I say as I walk past them. I turned the corner and bump into Grant. My uncle’s next in command and most trusted man. A man that has always given me the creeps. He never says too much but I have always felt like he looked at me like I was his dessert. My uncle knows how I feel about him and has always told me not to worry about him, but I know something is not right with him. “I’m sorry Grant. I didn’t know you were there.”

“It’s not a problem Izzy.” He says and gives me his creepy smile. I nod at him and head for the door. He just stands there and watches me as we leave.

“Why is Grant so weird?” Lori says. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“He is cute in his own way,” Eve says and we both turn and look at her. “What? He is.”

“Why are you so gross,” Lori asks. “I’m rethinking this friendship. Just saying.” I shake my head and we climbed into Lori’s car and took off.

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